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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by dianhsuhe, Feb 4, 2007.

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    Nothing wrong with having a closed event. It should have been stated as such from the beginning to avoid confusion IMO. As far as I'm concerned it's a moot point in that I wouldn't be able to fly out to Hawaii in any case, but tonight is the first that we're hearing that it's a closed event.

    By Kara-Ho students, do you mean any former student of Prof. Chow or current student of GM Kuoha, or only the ones that trained after he came up with the name Kara-Ho in the fifties?
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    This is the first part of the post I made in the events section:

    Dear friends,

    This event has been in the making for the past 2 years with Grandmaster Kuoha and the board of directors and is for Kara-Ho Kempo students and instructors alike. If any of you are past or present Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo Karate members, you can contact me for more information about this event if you are interested. If your memberships have expired and you wish to attend this event you must first activate your membership, then contact me at: or Grandmaster’s Aide at and we will contact your past instructor to see if we can activate your membership.

    This states students and instructors and even goes into detail about one needing to be an active member and for those that are unsure of their membership, this explains how/who to contact to activate it.

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    Guess we all just read it too fast. Sorry for the confusion.
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    Gm Kuoha,

    We all have the highest respect for you.

    There is a feeling that I am a trouble maker. Not true, I have a strange way of ferreting out the truth and I am deligent to say the least. I feel that now your event will be better and with all the issues that I saw on the horizon I felt the way I was going about it would clear the air.

    I truly hope your event is a success, it would be a shame to have spent 2 years and it not go off good.

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    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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    Mainly because everyone writes that it is an event that is in honor of Prof. Chow-- which is what you keep saying, but it seems more to be an event in honor of Kara-Ho and what GM Kuoha has done. trust me even if this were open to everyone i would not be there because in the past year i have flown more than my wallet can handle and if i could've i would of been in Ca. to see the generations of people honoring a great teacher.
    In Peace,
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    Well, what makes more sense-

    Having a dinner and seminars in San Francisco on a random day in Feb.


    Paying respect to Professor IN Hawaii, doing old-school training the way Professor used to, having a Luau with Dr Perry, on an important day and giving the man a better burial place/ head-stone at the cost of us the Kara-Ho students and no-one else?

    It seems to me that we are paying respects to the man that gave us our art in the Aloha spirit of Kara-Ho.

    I am not concerned with "which memorial you would have chosen if you had the money", the more the merrier as far as honoring Professor Chow goes, he deserved MUCH more than he ever got while still alive. It is funny though how soo many people are scrambling to pay respects to a man who most had forgotten about when he was still alive. They may attend a seminar, buy a t-shirt and DVD and that is fine but where is the "substance"?

    Our organization alone sent money to Patsy Chow after Professor died. Grandmaster Kuoha arranged to have his sister visit patsy every week and buy her essential living items. When Professor died he had almost $4k in coins under his mattress and when patsy was asked where the money came from she said, "Samuel".

    THAT is honoring the Professor, not a dinner party held "roughly" 20 years after he died, at a location of no real signifigance to Professor.

    Just my opinions-
  8. RevIV

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    i am not taking away anything that your organization and what GM Kuoha did. It shows the character of your GM to send money to help his teachers family. Just noticing the major differences between the two events honoring Prof. Chow. One was a Unity of the generations as i saw it, the other is the exclusion of generations except for yours. It is obvious how you feel and all your points are valid, these are just my opinions.
    In Peace
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    Yes, it is a nice thing for the Kara-Ho group and I hope that many are able to take advantage of the whole package. It is nice to hear that the Professor was able to squirrel away some money for a rainy day.

    GM Sam is the correct person to have received the GM ship no doubt about it. The magazine article I have seen confirms it. It answers some questions and and also brings up some. But they have been addressed and laid to rest by the GM IMHO.

    I hope you realize that many are not going to be able to make it to the Memorial even if you opened it to the world. You might think about that for a moment. The idea of it being a closed party is good and bad depending on ones view.
    With all the relatives that are there some might like to attend. If there was a certain price per head and not a freebee, cut off date a couple of weeks before, it would also lower the attendance.

    Of all the people that were at the Chow Memorial only a small handful came to show respect that were outside of the groups that put it on. Vernon Kam and his Family, my son and myself were another group. Not much of a turn out by those not immediatly involved. The vast majority of people will not come to the Memorial even if they are invited IMHO...

    Regards, Gary
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    Honoring the Professa

    James (dianshue),

    It sounds like you are saying that the unity event in Feb had no meaning.
    Were you or any Karaho representatives there???

    Does it matter where or when a group can honor the Professa?? It looks like to me that your group is the only ones scrambling to put on an event 20 years later as you said.
    Why is it that now you decide to advertise after hearing about someone else honoring the Professa?

    Master Chun is trying to bring unity to Kenpo/Kempo so that everyone can share what the Professa taught them and show how they developed into there own characters. The plaque that is being placed in the Nuuanu YMCA Hawaii is to show that the Professa was indeed a special man and lists all those that came out to honor him from every branch that came from his teachings. This may be a simple thing to you but it had allot of meaning to all that took part in the event.

    Not everyone has made a business/empire out of Martial Arts or went to Hollywood so to speak. Some have kept to the traditions passed down by their teacher.
    If you had a student that was spreading your art in a simple way with a few students at a time and another one that had say 6,000 students and worldwide locations and both of them honored you in their own way sincerely from their heart would you not respect both of their efforts?

    What I would love to see is for all of the Professa’s students from every era that are still around to get together and just get over all this nonsense and share the great memories of the Professa.

  11. dianhsuhe

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    I apologize for my post indicating that your memorial was less signifigant. I reacted to attacks against us and posted in anger.

    We are not "scrambling" this has been in the works for 2 years, we posted the info. so that any past students would have the info. as we get closer to the event.

    It was not my intention for the post to end up like that, and my post represents my view only not that of Kara-Ho Kempo.

    P.S. Johnny- You know I have gone out of my way in the past to be friendly and respectful to you and your org.
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    Professor Chow

    Okay, now for the controversies why we didn't attend the tribute in SF last month. The main reason is that we have had our own tribute in the works for the past 2 years with Dr. Perry and we decided that if students would pay to go to SF, then they should spend that money for the Hawaii one in September. Despite what many believe many of us cannot afford 2 trips in a year unless someone else is paying for it. So we have taken that money and used it to donate it to Professor Chow's grave site and head stone and to make the trip to Hawaii. It's unfortunate that we could not make it, but we had to put our prioriities and this Hawaii tribute was first and foremost event before we learned of the SF one. Hope this helps and makes any sense to everyone.
    GM Kuoha
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    "Not everyone has made a business/empire out of Martial Arts or went to Hollywood so to speak. Some have kept to the traditions passed down by their teacher.
    If you had a student that was spreading your art in a simple way with a few students at a time and another one that had say 6,000 students and worldwide locations and both of them honored you in their own way sincerely from their heart would you not respect both of their efforts?"

    You're not referring these statements to me are you? The empire/business and the Hollywood and not keeping the traditions?
    And yes, I have to agree with you. It doesn't matter whether one or one hundred thousand students decided to pay honor and respect to someone as long as both had the same intentions, the respect of all should reflect their efforts. It is like giving, if you can afford only $1 while another can afford to give $1,000, but if both are giving from the heart, then the efforts of both are indeed respected.
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    GM Kuoha

    While you are still posting I'd like to ask you a question about some thing you mentioned in your 1st edition book on the Fundamentals.

    Your source for herbs and vitamins, the Sunrider co. Is that source still avaliable?

    I would like to take this moment to compliment you on the book I have recently purchased at Amazon. It is a 1st edition, I like the fact that you are into the exercising and stretching along with the other factors for they all are needed to be good at this skill, one without the other leads to injury.

    Very good book, I am surprised I have taken so long to purchase it...

    Gary A. Brewer
  15. gmkuoha

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    Yes, it is still available as it is one of the strongest herbal companies out there and by my own evaluation it is the best. If you want to get some of these, you can contact my wife and she could tell you how to get them. Her e-mail address is: and her name is Dana.
  16. gmkuoha

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    Thank you for your kind words. If you like the book, just wait till the DVD comes will go haywire with the info it will contain. It will also have inserts of Professor Chow speaking and also a video of Dr. Perry talking also. It is going to be awesome and was supposed to be out this past January but with the 20th kinda set us back some, for as you know things like this costs a ton of money. Hopefully be out the end of the year. If you ever want to know something on a personal level, you can contact me through my aide, Sensei John at and request that the message comes to me.
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    Thanks James,

    I can understand your frustration, these forums are getting pretty ugly. Sometimes the printed word is harder to understand what the person is really trying to say. I personally would rather talk in person than waste time typing.

    Stay Positive and continue sharing regardless of what people say.

  18. GSJKCK

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    The invitations to all the Masters / GrandMasters included free flight, room and board. I can understand that students would not want to make two trips, but I remember in a past event, you attended with yourself and at the most two other people.
    There were other representatives at this event that came by themselves with no students.
    I'm sure many people would have loved to hear more about your time with the Professa. There were some great times shared about the Professa by those that spoke at the event.

    The statement I made was not aimed at anyone.

    What I was trying to say was not everyone has the means to put on a big event in Hawaii. I think it is great that you can do what your doing for the Professa. I certainly don't know anything about you or your organization to make a statement on where your income comes from. As your student said the more people honoring the Professa the better.

    The fact that some people make Martial Arts a business is ok if that is their character; as long as they can keep the teaching true. Alot of schools out there are making money off the arts and the students are the ones paying for it when they find out what reality is.

    When I mentioned traditions in teaching, that goes right along with the commercial school that has to water down the art to keep students and pay the bills.
    GM Chun Sr. always said I'm proud to just have 5 guys to show and let them spread the art. In the early 90's his class was only $5 dollars a week. The tradition he passed down was to develop and condition yourself with what was being taught to bring out your character in the kenpo/kempo and always stick to what is simple and effective.

    I hope your event in Hawaii goes well

  19. BGile

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    Hi GM Kuoha,

    Thank you for the personal e-mail address. I will follow it up. My son Robert is a student and personal friend of Sensei Champ, he does Shiatsu and Accupuncture, very much into the Chinese medicine and meridian concepts.

    I'll forward this to him, he is always looking for the best herbs for his own use and for friends.

    Thanks again for your information. I'll be looking forward to your DVD, I am sure it will be very good.

    Regards, Gary A. Brewer
  20. BGile

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    Anymore information regarding this event?


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