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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by minamo9, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Hey guys. Another week into kickboxing, i'm finally able to keep my head up and land some hard low kicks. However, i encounter the following issues:

    1. When someone gets up really close and starts alternating with hooks and jabs it is really hard for me to see the punches, resulting in me losing control (as in, not knowing what to do, not as in going monkey style) Moving away does not help as they close the gap within a second again. Any tips on this?.

    2. When someone jabs me and then hooks me i'm not fast enough (or i dont block correctly) so the hook lands. Considering the amount of heavyweights in our team, the blows dont land lightly, resulting in me being dizzy. My qeustion: How can i switch from front gaurd to a side block fast, covering the complete head? Basically i just throw my elbow up now to protect the vulnerable area, but these guys know how to punch, so when it lands near the back of my head i still get dizzy.
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    Don't panic. Keep your guard up and tight, looking just over it.

    Try doing jabs and hooks alot in attack and defend drills. It's not something that will come over night, the reflex takes some time to train.

    Speed will come with practice and experience. Once you learn to look for what the opponent is throwing you'll be able to get it up faster.

    It sounds like you know what you need to be doing, you're just having issues with timing. Just keep nailing attack and defend drills, with some light sparring. Get your partner to slow it down so you can nail the technique and reflex before applying speed.

    You will get there if you persist. :D
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    Thanks alot for the input. Good to hear i'm not screwing up as bad as i think. I hope i manage to see the punches soon enough 0.0
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    Try to touch both hands together and hide your head behind it. This way your opponent can only punch from the right side of your right arm, or the left side of your left arm. He won't be able to punch between your arms. This will make the fight a bit simplier (you only have to worry about 2 areas instead of 3 areas). Now for every punches that come from the

    - right side of your right arm, you use right comb hair (crazy monkey) to deflect and wrap it.
    - left side of your left arm, you use left comb hair (crazy monkey) to deflect and wrap it.

    You will end with "double over hooks" on both of his arms. Whatever that you want to do after that will be up to to your goal. At least you don't have to worry about his punches at that moment.

    Try to keep your arms "inside" of your opponent's arms, and also keep your arms "on top" of your opponent's arms is always to your advantage.
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    So, two trainings finished again, and things start to get slightly better. I noticed it is easier to dodge and counter if i stay light on my feet, even after i got hit. I also get less exhausted when i dont put pressure on muscles i'm not using at that specific moment.

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