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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by shoryuken63, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. shoryuken63

    shoryuken63 New Member

    I was wondering how i can find instructors willing to teach and train me more of a one on one basis rather than 20+ students a session. I want focus on my training than having the instructor walk up and down the lines and dividing his attention.
  2. Sam

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    Find out what clubs are in your area that you fancy get into contact and see what type of instruction they are prepared to offer. Suss out if you are happy with the style and go from there.

    What I will say though is that being able to pressure test what you are learning against different shapes and sizes of people is an invaluable, and in my opinion, mandatory part of your training. Maybe its worth finding a club you like then asking the instructor if he will give a private lesson a week in addition to the classes that way you get the best of both worlds.

    Just a thought.
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    As for the private instruction. It's a waste of time unless you mix it with a club environment where you get to train with loads of different people. Not all of the techniques work on everybody in reality. The theory is always good but life, even in a club will throw up a few surprises. That's valuable experience you simply cannot afford to do without.

    Just my opinion of course. :) Welcome to MAP. Want some beans :confused:
  4. Gong_Sau_Rick

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    Private instruction is only good as a supplement to group training.
  5. donb

    donb restless spirit

    you need the group to compare how you're doing skill wise or get you motivated and to spar to see if what you learn actually works
  6. Sam

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  7. aikiwolfie

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  8. narcsarge

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    Most schools I know of will, for a price, offer you private instruction. As has already been said, train with a group is a wonderful experience. Different sizes, attitudes, backgrounds, all make your training well rounded. The days of one Master/ one student, are all but gone! Join a good school and then, speak to an instructor that you like and see about individual instruction. You will find that different instructors have different areas of expertise. Individual instruction from any or all of them will only add to your group training.
  9. aikiwolfie

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  11. Taffyleigh

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    Shoryuken, where are you from? What style of martial art are you interested in. Like everybody else said, 1-2-1 training is ok as an extra but you can't beat the group classes for atmosphere and encouragement. Saying, that i am available to teach self defence techniques for the right price, could do with a new car.
  12. Taffyleigh

    Taffyleigh Valued Member

    Seriously, my instructor does 1 -2 -1 teaching, and also does small group training once a month which i would think is better. We have a 3 hour session and only about 8 students and have a really good hard session swapping training partners about every 30 minute so you get used to training with different sizes/builds These classes are a lot more intense than the regular weekly classes.
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  14. Freeform

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    Can't really add anything from what's been said apart from:

    Is there any specific reason you want private training? i.e A disability, phobia, training times being a problem?
  15. RobP

    RobP Valued Member

    Maybe find a school where they don't teach in lines? Private training is ok for some things but it's really better to be training in a group - you get to work with different people and can do a far wider range of work. Presuming that is you find a shcool that doesn't just teach kata in lines...


  16. shoryuken63

    shoryuken63 New Member

    hey all thanks for the replies. to answer the questions i was interested in private instruction cuz i was tired of not receiving enough attention to help me fix problems with my forms, stances, etc. plus i wanted more control over the tempo of the sessions (it always seems like the stuff i wanna work on we blow through and the stuff that i am not having as many problems with we spend forever on). But i will look into finding a class that will also offer private instruction.
  17. TKDgal

    TKDgal New Member

    If you tell us where are you from maybe we can help you with some recommendations or useful info ;)

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