PRIDE middleweight GP Results *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'MMA' started by Yukimushu, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. Yukimushu

    Yukimushu MMA addict

    Here they are :D

    Vanderlei Silva defeats Hidehiko Yoshida by split decision.
    Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua defeats Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson by KO, RD 1.
    Kazushi Sakuraba defeats Youn Dong Sik by TKO, RD 1.
    Rogerio 'Minotoro' Nogueira defeats Dan Henderson by armbar, RD 1.
    Alistair Overeem defeats Vitor Belfort by guillotine choke, RD 1.
    Igor Vovchanchyn defeats Yuki Kondo by unanimous decision.
    Ricardo Arona defeats Dean Lister by unanimous decision.
    Kazuhiro Nakamura defeats Kevin Randleman by unanimous decision.
  2. How did the fight go? Any clips?
  3. Goju

    Goju Yellow Belt

    Yuki!!! I almost saw the results man!!!!!

    Spoiler Tags Plzzzzzz!!!!!


    Going to watch it tonight.
  4. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    Spoiler added to title - although "Results" was a bit of a clue :D
  5. Goju

    Goju Yellow Belt

    I have to shut my eyes whenever I open theis thread :) but the part of the title which says "results" was cut off when I saw "Pride Middleweight GP" on the Latest Threads bar.
  6. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    That's why you should use the 100% width style :D
  7. Goju

    Goju Yellow Belt

    I just changed it and I can still only see up to "GP" when this title appears in the Latest Thread box.

    Ah well, the important thing is I didnt see the results to the fights, which start in an hour and a half over here.

    Better get going soon :eek:
  8. faster than you

    faster than you Valued Member

    vitor! :cry: :bang:
  9. Yukimushu

    Yukimushu MMA addict

    Yup! it's a shame; especially losing the way he did - he only had 30 seconds until the end of the first round as well.

    Quinton Jackson got tooled as well; he looked helpless against the knee's; Shogun is a member of Chute box, so no doubt Wanderlei Silva helped train him for this fight teaching Shogun alot of Jacksons weaknesses.
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  10. crovax612

    crovax612 Valued Member

    Yeah....not a huge fan of his, but I was pulling for him to win for a possible Wandy rematch. Plus, he's been on a losing streak :(.Maybe he underestimated Overeems grappling skills? He's probably pretty good considering he's in ABu Dhabi (and got there by winning most of his matches via guillotine).

    I hope Arona doesn't get eliminated. Him and Wandy have been poised to tangle for quite awhile. And the Quinton loss once again disrupts the LHW rankings (as if chuck wasn't bad enough).

    And what if Shogun makes it to the finals? WIll him and Silva really go at it or will it be like most BJJ tournaments where the younger participent forfeits the match to the senior in the same team?
  11. :cry: Someone tell me how well Yoshida did against Silva!!!

  12. kungfufighter

    kungfufighter Banned Banned

    I cannot beleive that Vitor Lost!! OMG *SIGHHHH he came back form a BS loss form tito and gets submit by overeem.
  13. faster than you

    faster than you Valued Member

    i'm flying down to brazil to personally beat some sense into vitor. afterwards we will train in the remotest depths of the amazon to train with silva and minotauro. we will train stand-up with the craziest of monkies and wrestle the constricting-est of boas.
  14. kungfufighter

    kungfufighter Banned Banned

    um beat some sense into him???? HMMM, you might wanna be careful there, cuz he might be giving the beating :)
  15. Ikken Hisatsu

    Ikken Hisatsu New Member

    the rampage vs shogun fight was kind of sad to watch... wandy has exposed rampages weakness, for that whole fight shogun was going for the clinch- and he just kept getting it. and rampage couldnt do anything about it. in fact he didnt seem to be doing much of anything except acting as a punching bag. you would imagine after two brutal hidings via the clinch from wandy, he MIGHT try to work on that when his next fight is one of Wandys buddies. rampage might have found god but god sure isnt helping him much atm.

    and rampage seriously needs a new cornerman. when your opponent can hear him screaming "THROW THE RIGHT" you probably shouldn't- he might just be expecting it.
  16. Linguo

    Linguo Valued Member

    I think Yoshida did quite well against Silva, and possibly could have taken the judge's decision if Silva hadn't worked as hard as he did in the final round. Yoshida worked some pretty good ground and pound and went for quite a few submissions. His striking still needs work. He blocked to many of Silva's strikes with his face and thighs.
  17. Yukimushu

    Yukimushu MMA addict

    It sure was a tough fight; but in the end i think the descision went to the right person; Silva seemed to be on attack more.

    Non the less, Silva better be careful of Yoshida in the future! he's come on a fair bit since they last fought.
  18. Goju

    Goju Yellow Belt

    No ko's, but some good subs and groundfighting, can't complain.

    So, who fights who in round two of the GP? or has that not been announced?
  19. Linguo

    Linguo Valued Member

    I agreed with the decision as well. I think Silva won that fight, but mostly because of the final round. Up until that point, I was leaning towards Yoshida. I think Yoshida in Rd 1 was very strong. He scored some takedowns on Silva, managed to maintain top position, worked a decent GNP game from Silva's guard, and Silva looked weary after Rd 1. I think Silva realized that he can't win in the clinch against Yoshida.

    However, I think Yoshida's Round 2 stalling worked more for Silva than Yoshida. Silva definitely looked refreshed after that 2nd round. After Yoshida ate all those punches and kicks in Rd 3, I felt Silva had won it, unless Yoshida managed to tap him. Those last minutes were great though, with it going back and forth between the two.
  20. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    That was a really good fight, actually. Hats off to Yoshida, the guy's the only middleweight to go the distance with Silva twice
    Shogun's a future champion, while Jackson seems to be on a serious decline. Maybe he should fight a couple of lower level guys to get back on track
    Sak's the man!
    Man, Team Quest's having a really bad month. With both L'il Nog and Arona winning their fights, the two BTT teammates have to fight in the next round. They've said they won't "fight, but will throw down," so we could be in for a world class grappling match in the second round.
    Well at least I didn't put any money down :woo: I hate to say it, but I think Vitor's washed up
    Good to know Igor can go the distance with a solid opponent at his new weight. I'm still pulling for an Igor/ Silva final
    Interesting. I was expecting Randleroid to give Nakamura a submission win
    It sounds like a really good event, can't wait to watch the rest of it :)
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