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Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by Judderman, Nov 7, 2004.

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    My memory goes back to a discussions by and between George Dillman and Earl Montague. Mr. Dillman holds quite a heavy stock in the use of pressure points, I believe his theories are based on several strikes are required to open up simplistic KO's. One in particular was to strike two on the arm to "open" the one in the neck, causing a KO. Mr. Montague pointed out that a KO was possible without the need of the "opening" techniques as a KO was achieved by compressing the carotid sinus.

    Certainly KO's are possible without pressure points, but I have used certain ones to gain compliance quicker when grappling.

    This is all well and good in training, even against a resistant opponent, but what about transfering them into a real fight? How well do they hold up, if at all?
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    I'll go back to this comment from MAPer (and excellent Hapkido instructor and acpuncturist) Chris LaCava (Chris for CT):

    Pressure points are to fighting as gravy is to mashed potatoes. Gravy's a pretty shoddy meal by itself and most folks can't survive on it. Potatoes on the other hand are substantial and can typically stand alone. However, add gravy to mashed potatoes and you've got something pretty tasty. Just don't lose sight of the fact that gravy is for flavor and potatoes keep you alive.

    - Matt
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    mmmmm ... bangers & mash...
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    Are you saying that you have used them to get compliance during training or in a real altercation?

    I had the impression you work as a jail gaurd or prison guard. Is that correct? Have you attempted this sort of thing on the job?
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    Yes. Not only attempted, but also managed it on occassions.

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