pressure point massaging: any tools/devices?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jroe52, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. jroe52

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    in my lineage of wing chun i've been taught some pressure point massages that really help. however with sore hands/tendons it makes it near impossible to massage my wrists, hands, shoulders etc without causing further pain.

    any devices/tools for massaging pressure points that are not gimmics?

    often i slap instead, which helps but doesnt seem to help my hands as much as the massage (circular massage, for 9 breaths)
  2. righty

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    How do you normally massage or what would you like to use?

    A nice hard tennis ball works wonders. Just rest your weight on it and move around until you get the right area. There are specific devices out there for this but a tennis ball will do the job just as good inmost cases.

    For massages areas of your hands and or arms where you would normally use your fingers just get a pen or something similar with a rounded cap and use that. I've got a sharpie pen in front of me that looks like it'll do the job well.
  3. jroe52

    jroe52 Valued Member

    hmm i'd like to find something a bit more sophisticated but good ideas!

    rub, with your thumb in a circular motion:
    back of wrist, wrist, between thumb/finger, forearm, tricepish area, back of shoulder/neck

    -9 breath cycles
  4. righty

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  5. AnxietyCoachJoh

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    pressure point massaging: any tools/devices

    There is so many massaging device out there right now.. you should search it use google search engine you can find many devices that is suitable for you... Good luck
  6. ROBER-E

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    get some good dit da jow it helps alot with hand conditioning and keeps them from getting hurt.
  7. ROBER-E

    ROBER-E Valued Member

    u can rub it on sore bones,muscles and tendons too

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