Practicing Karate in obscure places.

Discussion in 'Karate' started by Evil Betty, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. Evil Betty

    Evil Betty Birdy, birdy birdy

    Do you guys ever practice your karate in very non-dojo type environments, like out in the woods while wearing regular shoes or boots?
  2. TheCount

    TheCount Happiness is a mindset

  3. Omnipotent

    Omnipotent New Member

    Yes, Most times it's at random but for a short amount of time. FUN STUFF!!
  4. gojuman

    gojuman Valued Member

    Sure. We teach at a community center that does not have schedualing available more than one night a week. So therefore we must practice and teach outside.
    Living in Florida near the beach provides other interesting oportunities. We will have class on the beach and even in the ocean.
    A dojo is anywhere that you decide to work your Karate. Building, garage, park, beach. There is no difference.
  5. Jujitm

    Jujitm New Member

    I always practice in my backgarden which is on a steepish slope so it helps work my stances. I also practice in the field 'bout 2-3mins from my home whenever I need time alone or when I practice with my mate its quite a nice place to train aslong as you like the view of the entire city and mud/grass stains
  6. hawkfish

    hawkfish Shodan - Shotokan Karate

    Yes, I often practice in my backyard wearing gym shoes.
  7. Sam

    Sam Absent-ish member

    i often practise in my back garden (much to the amusement of the neighbours kids) its got a lovely long brick wall thats perfect for practicing naifanchi (for those who aint familiar a kata that is performed in a straight line) on painful sometimes but effective :)

  8. Evil Betty

    Evil Betty Birdy, birdy birdy

    I usually just practice at my dojo and at home. I tried doing some kata at a park once while wearing boots. Took a bit of getting used to, but it was worth it. I'd like to add some obstacles in the future, like rocks, sticks, stairs, etc. I'm gonna try practicing on ice as well next winter.
  9. jonmonk

    jonmonk New Member

    Yeah, absolutely. We practiced in the forest, on the beach. Sometimes when the weather is good we go out onto the golf course next to the leisure centre where we train and practice there (after the golfers have gone home obviously!).
  10. TheCount

    TheCount Happiness is a mindset

    If I had someone living near me who had the time I would maybe spar and stuff in woods nearby or whatnot but I don't heh
  11. jonmonk

    jonmonk New Member

    Perhaps you can find someone here. Where do you live?
  12. MaS_OyaMa

    MaS_OyaMa New Member

    How I train~~~

    My Uncle, who's S/N on here is "Shuri", introduced me to Martial Arts when I was really young... maybe 5-6. And I've trained off and on since then. I didn't start my heavy Martial Arts training till 3 years ago though. We've always found weird locations to train- like one time we had a Kabudo match in the woods with Sais, Bos, Bokkens, you name it. We always find time to Spar though, even with our busy schedule- but it's well worth it.

    If you have the time, grab a friend who's in Martial Arts and cross-train with him. Not only will it do him some good, but you as well. The more you teach, the more you learn.
  13. Shuri

    Shuri Valued Member


    Weird place for me is work...
    I work on construction and whenever i learn a new Kata or just need to review i sometimes go up in the 2nd story of a house no one is working in and do Kata during lunch.

    Its weird, but with my schedule i have to take what i can get.. I will do kata's, push-ups, and use the door jams for pull-ups. Every now in then a framer will catch me and give me this odd look, but i dont really care. I do what i do when i want to do it and im not ashamed of it. There are weirder things people do in public other than Karate.

    Other places i like: The woods, the park, swimming pools, the beach.
    I went to the beach a few months back and did Anaku kata on the shore during dawn. It was very nice.
  14. Philosopher59

    Philosopher59 Valued Member

    I practice in a parking lot and a park near my house. I've practice kata on the beach before and it was incredible. I'd like to practice kata outside in the rain the next time we have real heavy down pour...not sure why.
  15. faster than you

    faster than you Valued Member

    it's a physical law of the universe that practicing martial arts in places like enchanted woods, old budhist monastaries, dan inosanto's garage, in front of bruce lee's grave will give one great power.
  16. MaS_OyaMa

    MaS_OyaMa New Member

    Oh yes! Practicing in the rain is quite amazing as well. = )
  17. Anth

    Anth Daft. Supporter

    Just dont try practicing with any weapons (especially sai or katana) in a thunderstorm ;)

    Yes, I have tried it :D
  18. MaS_OyaMa

    MaS_OyaMa New Member

    I've practice with my bo before... in the rain. (Mind you it's wooden) and my mom was scared I was going to get shocked by lightning! Lol
  19. Mufty

    Mufty New Member

    Yep been training out side for centuries.

    Mostly the forest, and the beach, in the sea punching heavy waves, trying to keep my ballance.

    The most bizzar was when I had to use the tube to go to work in London, on the rare occassions that the carrisge was not to crowded Id practice my sanchin dachi. I also teach outside on the grass at the Leisure centre when possible, and I have my own outdoor decking dojo, for those private sessions, and for the newbee black belt shodans to practice on mid winter in the cold, rain, snow and when its frosty, builds spirit in them. Im building an indoor area now in me garden, its nearly finished run out a money though.

    Have fun
  20. chrispy

    chrispy The Hunter

    i practise in the pool and my backyard as well

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