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    Since Roman times and before, mankind has always had a lust for mortal combat, maybe the reason why ‘No Holds Barred’ fighting competitions such as UFC haven’t captured the public imagination the way boxing has is that it appears to be commercialized. Boasting about having ‘no rules’ is clearly transparent, of course there are rules!

    Taekwondo is different. It is closer to boxing, it is for real. Taekwondo techniques are scientifically proven and are under constant research in the universities of South Korea. The precise speed at each moment, body balance, positioning, angles of the body are all regulated and rigorously practiced until they become automated. Unless witnessed, it is difficult to appreciate the beauty and art of the movements.

    Evolved from the ancient Korean art of Taekyon, modern Taekwondo is arguably Korea’s greatest gift to the world. The World Taekwondo Federation, based in South Korea, regulates Taekwondo. It is well known for being a lethal form of self-defense, applicable in all situations. It is said that a Taekwondo practitioner can meet an opponent any time and any place, and he/she uses his whole body as a weapon. The whole body is used to fend off attackers. Once the basic Taekwondo formula has been learned, the practitioner can utilize it for use in street situations, by harnessing the power of his/her body. In today’s dangerous world, a knowledge of self-defense is vital, just to survive, and protect your loved ones. The beauty of Taekwondo is that a seven stone woman can easily beat off a sixteen stone man with total confidence. She is given the choice whether to restrain, disable or even kill the aggressor. Size has absolutely nothing to do with it. Taekwondo evens the odds, and gives, otherwise vulnerable people, the total confidence and power to deal with any sort of attacker.

    As training in Taekwondo progresses, the student begins to realize how everything fits in. The mist clears, and secrets which were otherwise hidden, reveal themselves. The student understands what it takes to defeat any opponent. It is not unknown for Taekwondo practitioners to be able to end a fight within seconds. When facing a Taekwondo practitioner, the opponent will not even know they’ve been hit (Taekwondo theory of speed and power) until they are lying on the ground, like a discarded piece of garbage. This may seem harsh, but the reality is that rapists and murderers are rife, and sometimes in order to protect your life, such action is vital. The student will learn how to double their power using the tools at their disposal, their own body. The mental conditioning learned serves well in all other aspects of life. Dealing with bereavement, losses and the trials of life become easier.

    Taekwondo’s code forbids unfair assaults or unnecessary use of force. The practice of Taekwondo gives an individual an empowered metal attitude and modesty. It is true to say that the virtues of modesty and generosity are fundamentally based on self-confidence, and self-confidence also makes people generous in their attitudes towards weaker people.

    Taekwondo is an excellent method of cardiovascular fitness. Within a month of training, you will sleep better. Your body will become more efficient at disposing waste, and the blood will circulate better through the body, preventing the development of coronary heart disease in the future. Blood vessels and arteries will become more supple, blood pressure will fall, and a general feeling of well-being will result. Many people who start Taekwondo, even in their thirties and forties speak of a feeling of energy in their day to day lives, how their working day becomes more productive, resulting in career development, promotions at work and new ideas being formed in their heads. Packing up and taking a new job, taking risks, professional and personal, become less daunting if the mind is unclouded and the outlook is positive.

    Women can benefit tremendously from training. The body becomes more toned, and excess fat on the hips and legs is burned away from the special Taekwondo exercises. Weight loss is guaranteed, and a flat, toned abdominal region will result. Taekwondo exercises can develop a firm, solid stomach. For women who have given birth, Taekwondo is the way to regain your figure, tightening you body again, and strengthening the pelvic muscles, which are weakened through child-birth. Taekwondo is a total body workout from head to today. Fads such as Tae Bo are based on Taekwondo (Billy Blanks is a keen Taekwondo student), the exercises are all found within the art. Muscle tension and release exercises, they have to be experienced!

    Taekwondo is a great way to get fit and build confidence in children. Taekwondo sets kids on the right path from an early age. Children who start Taekwondo, tend to remain physically fit into adulthood, and have less chance of becoming ill. Once they realize how Taekwondo is benefiting them, they will do nothing to jeopardize their training (junk food, smoking, drugs, alcohol, etc). They will learn to respect their bodies and people around them, becoming more generous human beings.

    People require solace in today’s fast paced world, hence the popularity in self-help, motivational theories and self-development. People are turning to Eastern philosophies in search of peace of mind, happiness and inner warmth. Taekwondo can provide that, it can provide strength of mind, body and spirit, and alleviate the stresses and pressures of modern life.

    London will host the next Olympics, 2012, as we know, Taekwondo is the only martial art recognised by the International Olympic Committee, so we will see a greater coverage of Taekwondo in the media in the next few years. So, overall, there is a favourable situation to the practice of Taekwondo in Britain.

    People want to go out to find new friends, meet new people. There is no better way to do this than to join a club, where you will meet like minded people. People who care about their own health will be capable of caring for others, and friends like that are invaluable. Apart from just training, people can chat before classes, have fun training with their new friends, encourage each other to go that step further, to push themselves, congratulate them on successful execution of techniques, console them if they ever hit a plateau, and be there for each other, even staying after class to assist in stretching, techniques, etc. Taekwondo is a very social sport, and team-building is actively encouraged.

    There have been many technological advances in Taekwondo. Numerous CDs and DVDs are now available, so that techniques practiced in class can be revised at home. Although a black belt instructor is vital, home study via computer or internet can greatly assist and make the learning process much faster. You will be bitten by the Taekwondo bug!

    If still undecided about whether to take positive steps to radically transform your life, consider this quote:

    “Choosing a goal may cause only a slight change in your life’s direction at first. It’s like one of those huge freighters at sea: If the captain shifts course by just a few degrees, it won’t be noticeable immediately. But in several hours or days, this change in direction will bring the ship to a completely different destination.”

    Ahsan Mustafa
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    I love taekwondo...
    Taekwondo is one of the most atractive martial arts for me.
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    You say "Taekwondo is the only martial art recognised by the International Olympic Committee." But what about wrestling, judo, fencing and boxing? They are all martial arts, and ones recognised by the IOC.
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    Indeed. And can we please stop with the lethal weapon stuff? Let me guess, you probably believe a TKD black belt has to register themselves as a lethal weapon with the authorities right? By the way, I love your little anatomy and physiology section there. Arteries becoming more supple? You've got to be kidding me. You're making this up as you go aren't you? Just what the world needs more silly TKD propaganda. At least you didn't get onto the kicking soldiers off horseback line.
    By the way, how do you call TKD an "art of war"? It's a civilian martial art, it was never used on any battlefield in pre 20th century Korea (and before you rush to tell me Korean soldiers practice it now, we all know it is more about national pride than anything else, not to mention the fact that firearms are te primary tool of war nowadays....
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    You're entirely correct, in your first paragraph at least Benkei. :)

    The original TKD was indeed a military art, though developed in the "modern" Korean army of the 1950s. IMO at least :)

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    I'm not a huge fan of TKD, but for the purposes of this article that is not actually a problem. Everyone enjoys upping their particular favorites and I suppose TKD practitioners are not exceptions. Where I have a problem is the same old misrepresentation of History that constantly plagues these MA articles and my biggest complaint is right in the first line. Anyone who thinks the average guy in History has some unsatisfied lust for blood needs to have their head examined. Historically people have engaged in bloody conflicts because the alternative of dying-out as an individual or a nation was a lot more scarey.

    Wanna talk about lust for blood? Sure, you'll find it in Governmental bodies, and arena audiences. But, if people have a lust for blood its only because the blood they enjoy seeing spilt is someone else's. Wanna talk about some friendly competition slap-boxing in a ring with four judges and a ref? No problem; lets talk. But will ya pull-ease check your romantic ideas of Historical warfare at the door.

    Best Wishes,

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    Tae Kwon Do is a great martial art...I started when I was 12 and now I'm already black belter!:)

  8. Moi

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    Sorry but the first two paragraphs are nonsense as is the beginning of the third
  9. Bruce W Sims

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    Well, of course they are, but how many times have we been over this ground and the same crackpot garbage keeps coming back like proverbial "bad penny". I'm afraid thats one of the downsides to forums on the INTERNET. Sometimes its about Fact and sometimes its about Faith....and sometimes its about people who can't----or don't want to--- tell the difference. There are still folks who believe that forces in the Three Kingdoms Period used TAEKWONDO to knock people off their horses or to break horse legs. And there are people who want to believe this and do not want to be confronted with facts.

    S S; D D.

    Best Wishes,

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    Sorry, but the first two paragraphs are total BS. Also, quit with the cringe worthy 'lethal weapon' boll*cks.
    "When facing a Taekwondo practitioner, the opponent will not even know they’ve been hit (Taekwondo theory of speed and power) until they are lying on the ground." - What about the ITF poster boy Pierre Guinette, who was effortlessly beaten in his K1 outings. And, can you point out some examples of TKD 'practitioners' in full contact settings winning? Since, "It is well known for being a lethal form of self-defense, applicable in all situations."
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    Sadly a great number of Taekwondo practitioners display delusions of ass-kicking grandeur. Most of what passes for "modern day" Taekwondo is a load of garbage beyond a point fighting setting. Such a shame a lot of people training don't actually realise this.
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    Modern day tae kwon do is practically useless on the street. I'm a 3rd dan in TKD and only do it for cardio and to have something to do. I'd no more rely on it for self-defense than I would say I'm Bruce Lee.
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    Everyone needs to stop constantly downgrading tae kwon do, like every martial art it is far from perfect but also has many advantages. TKD literally translates to The art of the hand and foot and is principle designed, by the Korean Army, to utilise the whole body as a weapon. Many martial arts do not stress the fact the legs are far more useful in a combat situation not nesescarily for speed but simply for the sheer power one can deliver from say a tornado kick to the head easily capable of turning the tide of battle.:hat:
  14. Hannibal

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    Everyone needs to stop necromancing threads with useless garbage too...
  15. klaasb

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    Tell it to the North Koreans, they might abandon their nuclear program ... ;)

    Taekwondo has proved itself has a good way for the Koreans to drill their soldiers and keep them physically fit. They don't use it to teach their soldiers how to fight on the battle field.

    Taekwondo is a great martial sports, millions of people all over the world have fun playing taekwondo and reap the benefits, both physically and mentally. Taekwondo games are fun to look at, it is a great spectator sport with a lot of action.
    All very good reasons to take up Taekwondo. If you enjoy doing Taekwondo, don't let anyone keep you from doing it. Just don't pretend that Taekwondo is something it is not.
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    Taek Won Do, an amazing artial mart and a way of living a good protected life.
  17. Mazulu

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    I like the whole article about TaeKwondo; even if it was optimistic. But you get out of it what you put into it, right?
  18. Toki_Nakayama

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    Taekwondo has been battle tested in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan for recent global conflict. Just like Army Combatives and MCMAP has. And in the war zone you do use Hand to Hand at some point for certain situations. Like Detaining Unruly Prisoners of War, Crowd Control. Rules of engagement fluctuate so you can't just shoot at people all the time. Sometimes you might be in an area off duty like Bahrain or Qatar for example and get into an altercation where you have to defend yourself or risk being assault or kidnapped or both.

    And Taekwondo is used to teach soldiers how to fight. Its the Korean version of US Army combatives/ MCMAP. I was stationed in Korea for 4 years and trained in Military TKD. Theres a sport competition side with WTF rules, Theres the smokers competition side where takedowns and sweeps and punches to the head are used

    Theres weapons incorporation and theres Self defense / Combative side like how to use TKD when your wearing full body armor on the battlefield. Ive also trained in Korean Police TKD which is similar.

    For health benefits, When I was on the Army TKD team I was in the best shape of my life for physical fitness. I would blow my Physical Fitness tests out of the water. Running is not my strong point but it was improved and I actually got what it felt like to be performing at 100% peak performance.
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    It's nice to hear that TaeKwonDo is a good solid self defense martial arts.
  20. Babin

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    There's a lot of benefits Taekwondo and Martial Arts have. I actually wrote a blog about how Martial Arts can help children with their confidence! You guys should check it out and maybe let me know what I forgot, or how great it is?!

    I appreciate any feedback as I'm trying to get our future setup correctly starting with the kids!

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