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    Hi all, hope somebody can give me some advice? I had surgery to remove my gallbladder by laparoscopic (keyhole) means. I was wondering if there were any K1 / Kickboxer's out there that have had the same or similar operations and could give me any idea how long it took to go back to training ? Had my surgery 2 1/2 days ago and I'm already itching to go back.! If not full training at least any idea how long until I can shadow box? Thank you everybody in advance.
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    Greetings, this is a case where you want to follow your Dr.'s recommendation. You want to make sure you heal up properly. If you cause a complication after surgery, you could end up being away from doing martial arts longer than the original estimation of time out.

    My long time instructor told me this about recovery from injuries. I think it applies here. "Don't focus on what you can't do, focus on what you CAN do." If you can't do anything physical, study videos, read up on stuff, practice visualization of doing things in your chosen martial art.

    As you recover, say you have to ease into it, then focus on stretching and flexibility, for example.

    Let your Dr. know, if you didn't already, how important practicing is to you. And make sure s/he understands that you wasn't to get back to things as soon as possible. But follow their guidelines.

    No one on here, to my knowledge, is a Dr.

    Hope you recover quickly! :)
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    From personal experience I whole heartedly endorse everything that arradia wrote.

    when it comes to recovery from any injury or surgery the only thing that anyone of the people on this site can say is - SEEK QUALIFIED MEDICAL ADVICE.

    if it were a sports injury I would recommend seeing a qualified physiotherapist who specialises in sports rehab. Coincidently my mother just had keyhole surgery on her gall bladder. She complained that they lied and that it was not key hole surgery but key holes (in her case 3).From observing her recovery I would suggest that key hole surgery may have some unique elements to it that are different from sports injury.

    Damage tends to be localised around the path of the incisions. It is a puncture wound going into the body through different layers/groups of muscle. This is different from a usual sports injury where the damage tends to be taring damage across a length of a single layer/group of muscle.

    So if you do talk to a qualified pysio you want to find someone who knows about rehab from your particular surgery.
    Talking to someone who is qualified to advise you on the correct rehab for your particular surgery would give you a outline you could follow for rehabilitation.

    Having a core injury from a hang-gliding accident myself. I do know that pretty much everything goes through the core. Movements of Arms, back, hips, knees and feet are all routed through the core. so sadly most actions will have some kind of effect on your injury.

    The point arraida said about making use of the time to research technique or strategy is a really good one. You may be surprised by how much you learn by taking the time to sit and watch the seniors at your gym.

    I would talk to your coach/instructor, Ask permission to come along and watch (this is just polite), then go and look. Pick something to really study. Power generation, foot movement, maintaining posture in the clinch, whatever you want, but have a specific thing in mind to focus on.


    From personal experience. If you take your kit with you, you will be tempted to get up and do just a little bit. Don’t, this is a great way to slip away from your rehab plan and injure yourself further.

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