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    This coming Saturday, the always excellent Polaris will present some amazing no gi Jiu Jitsu matches from the UK! There are some big matches at this Polaris, and anyone passionate about no gi grappling will be in for a huge treat.

    One of the main matches is the rematch of Garry Tonon vs Dillon Danis. Tonon has been on a roll the last few years. He has dominated at such events as EBI, Metamoris and Polaris. The leg lock master and BJJ phenom under John Danaher takes on former Marcelo Garcia black belt, Dillon Danis. Danis has caused commotion over the last year due to his association with McGregor. Danis lost to Tonon previously by heel hook. Both have had a war of words. My personal hope is to see Tonon smash the cocky Danis, once more.

    Top MMA contender and BJJ black belt, Jake Shields will take on the UK's own, Raspberry Ape, Daniel Strauss. Daniel is a BJJ black belt that had one of the most memorable matches at Polaris 2 where he and AJ Agazarm had an intense match to a draw. Shields is coming off the domination of Agazarm at Polaris 3. This should be another great match.

    Also on the card are former UFC fighters, Phil Harris and Brad Pickett as they meet up in a no gi match, Japanese MMA legend Caol Uno take on Vitor Ribeiro and Lloyd Cooper takes on AJ Agazarm. Also on the prelim card is Japanese leg lock legend, Masakazu Imanari.

    I cannot wait for this card. Anyone elses going to check it out? What matches are you looking up to most?
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    I'm really looking forward to this one, I'm even thinking of getting fight pass to watch it legally
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    Both my gym and my bjj team being represented so looking forward to it a lot :p

    Silliness aside, I am actually quite looking forward to the Harris - Pickett one just because the two have trained together a few times and that always makes for interesting matches. Hoping it will make them pull something unexpected out of the bag.
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