please help!!! question about flexibility

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ZeLuis, Aug 12, 2013.

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    Off topic but I generally find front squats better for most people for most things, for that reason and others.
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  3. ZeLuis

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    Thanks for all the replies.
    i cannot pay a gym membership therefore i can only do bodywheight stuff.
    that said, besides isometrics what is the most effective thing to do to obtain flexibility.
    can someone specify a routine to do every day?????
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    Borrow money for a gym membership?
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    How'd it go?

    Jennifer Connelly.
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    Y'all need to do a Google search for Thammy Caldeira.
  7. ZeLuis

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    I'm a minor so i have absolutely 0 chance going to the gym.
    But i want to do a split so can you recommend a routine for me to follow to get a split.

    or can you recommend a book or a dvd with a good routine to get a split ??


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