Personal Attacks

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Saz, Mar 13, 2004.

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  1. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    You calling Kgirl a slapper?

    Better run mate - move house - emigrate - MARS may be far enough.... just :D
  2. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    Yoda, DUCK!
  3. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter


    I see a penguin but no duck :p
  4. bcullen

    bcullen They are all perfect.

    Doesn't Andy have a video of an old geezer doing duck? ;)
  5. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    Its you who needs to duck Kwaj, this slapper's on her way to smack you one! :D

    Bcullen, I don't think we're supposed to know about that tape. Its got no label on it, thats all I know ;)
  6. Chris.B

    Chris.B New Member

    Chris, throws a pillow at Kwaj, saving him from the all powerfull slap of KGIRL...(evil sounding music plays)
  7. TkdWarrior

    TkdWarrior Valued Member

    yai yai yai...
    slappers on the way... hmm sounds intresting...
    Can i add Mud n water into it?? :D
    may i may i... plz.....
  8. TkdWarrior

    TkdWarrior Valued Member

    gee i just learnt how to activate the quick reply box ...
  9. Chris.B

    Chris.B New Member

    I know, it's hard to use the quick reply, why don't we just have it so we can type in without pressing the reply button?
  10. Stu

    Stu New Member

    i totally agree
  11. El Tejon

    El Tejon MAP'scrazyuncle

    But, but, how are we to defend our rep on "da Str337"? :confused:

    :D :Angel:
  12. genkidave

    genkidave Valued Member

    R we allowed to insult local or domestic polititians?

    I could name a few things to say that would be considered acceptable
    in open public, yet straight to the point...

  13. Shortfuse

    Shortfuse King of Hearts

    i think the rules are that you cant insult another member. hopefully thats a loophole. *waits to be contradicted*
  14. heat1012000

    heat1012000 New Member

    good idea

    i think the best way to handle it would be to report it. If someone with authority gets in on it then its game over
  15. pabusan

    pabusan New Member

    whatever happened to freedom of speech? have we no right to express our opinion anymore? furthermore what you find unacceptable doesn't mean that somebody else will...So why the heavy handed approach??
  16. WhiteWizard

    WhiteWizard Arctic Assasain

    We're not exactly heavy handed about it and if someone feels they need to have a go at someone and that spoils the other persons enjoyment of the forum then that is something we don't want to see happening here
  17. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    I think the Terms of Service that YOU agreed to when you signed up for this site put it well...

    1.2 "Freedom of Speech":
    While we believe very much in freedom of speech & personal expression, you DO NOT have an absolute right to say whatever you want in this community.

    You see - this is not a public forum - this is a private forum that you have been granted access to under the condition that you adhere to our terms of service. If you cannot do that then you made a mistake when you clicked the "I Agree" button.
  18. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    Provided you do so within the rules regarding profanity, incitive comments and libel etc then sure.
  19. Dave Rees

    Dave Rees Old Git!

    It just goes to show that not all martial artists are honourable people! If someone insults or abuses anyone they should be banned, simple as that!
  20. scotty

    scotty New Member


    yeah, if you can't say anything nice about someone.......
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