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Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by hwarang cl, Sep 13, 2006.

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    The mirrors aren't there so you can admire how pretty you are. They are there to help you improve your form. And the teachers can see everything going on in class, too.
    A large weapons area is essential!

    While we're at it, shouldn't it not only have good free way access, but be attached to a five star hotel for all the visitors?
  2. Silentmonk

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    The forms room is huge I don't do small.

    Everyone is helicoptered in to the resort, by my own private fleet of helicopters and every guest can stay at my 160 bed mansion that is just over the hill. :)

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D c'mon 6 rollovers and then 6 numbers and the monks dream starts to take shape :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  3. hwarang cl

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    Personally I'd like either to have a two story school, or one with a big enough floor to be able to conduct two classes at once.With the two story It would be a split level design so the office/entry to the school, would be in the middle of both levels, and at ground level.Also I'd like to have an instructors shower, weight room, possibly a sparring/wrestling ring, locker rooms for students, a parent viewing room that is sound proof so they don't interupt class, possibly one with one way glass that doubles as the schools mirrors, also I'd like to have an office for accupunctue/massage/chiropratic treatments. I'd also have a booth that sells coffee, smoothies, fruit drinks, as well as health food. On one of the pratice floors I'd have a heavy bag, and a deticated wall for wahl jung cha ki. Outside would be an archery range and knife throwing targets, as well as sword cutting targets. The parking lot would be connected to the school so ppl wouldn't get wet comming to class, during the 9 months of houston's rainy season. I'd also have closed curcuit cameras hidden or that are small enough so ppl wouldn't notice, these would be turned on and record ALL classes and events, so the school would be protected from fraudulent litigation. I'd also sell with every uniform a black school shirt, and some sort a training shoes. I personally haven't decided if the floors would be wood, rubberized mat, or padded carpet. If they're two floors I think one would be carpet and the other would be the mats that Choi recomended. I'd have a sound system for "Pot-lucks"and one so for a instructor mic.
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    One of the biggest problems with a split-level or two-story design is stairs and accessibiliy. While most of the students should be reasonably fit and able, has anyone ever considered the possibility of teaching KSW to a person in a wheelchair? Or having a parent / grandparent who wants to observe?

    When we went to Richmond, IN, I was under doctor's orders not to use stairs for the week.

    I don't think every uniform has to come with training shoes, though I guess it depends on usage. Good quality shoes can last an adult for several years. Juniors, on the other hand, may need them while they're growing.

    Another personal observation... I much prefer dojang designs that do not require a person to walk across the training area in order to change or use the restroom. It interrupts classes in progress, and is awkward for observers who have to remove shoes, find out how to get there, etc.
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    In this day and age I thought you'd take it as read that there was lift access in my dojang. :)

    And the training floor being downstairs is kind of about your second point. Only people practicing are allowed down there. Wearing approproate clothing.
  6. hwarang cl

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    I assumed that you knew with most split level structures the levels are accessed by ramps. thats why the entrance is between the two levels. also the pratice floors would be in the back of the school, so all the other stuff is in front. The viewing rooms are along the sides.
  7. ember

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    I figured from Silentmonk's description that his would be big enough for a couple of "lifts". Somehow your description reminded me of my in-law's house, where the front door opens onto a mid-size landing, with stairs going to either level.

    Which... may suddenly be a problem for them...
  8. PopeCoyote

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    Yea, when Ember and I went to Richmond, PSBN gave us a tour of his 3 floor school. It was kinda neat. The first floor had a training floor with changing rooms on one side, locker rooms on the other side of the floor from the entrance, which were next to the stairs leading up to level 2, a gymnsium with exercise equipment. The third level was a second training floor with a wide open space (since it was the only one without a pole in the middle) where he held weapons classes for upper belts, which would not disturb the lower belts training on the ground floor. I would consider a dojang like that a basis to build from for an ideal dojang.
  9. kiseki

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    speaking of multiple floors, training would be soooo much easier at Tech if there were not so many stairs to run up and down. You open up a whole new can of worms by allowing that!
  10. [T][K][D]

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    sigh...I can dream all i like, i train in a primary school hall T^T. No showers, no dancers, no mirrors, and defineatly no robots. We do however have pictures drawn by 6 year olds on multiculturalism!!
  11. Silentmonk

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    Adds to monks wishlist :D
  12. ember

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    Well, for those of us who CAN, stairs are a good workout.

    But considering that when Coyote & I went by the Richmond dojang, it was four days after surgery and I was under doctor's orders not to do stairs... I barely glimpsed the 2nd floor, and didn't even try to get to the third.

    After that experience, it's kinda personal.

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