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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Matias, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Matias

    Matias Smoky Fist

    Yeah JWT that understandable to a point. To totally make the whole thread a chuckle is indeed bad taste. For 100% of the time you people totally ignored the actual thread. It's just as infuriating as it is off topic.
  2. Van Zandt

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    When do we start throwing poo?
  3. Matias

    Matias Smoky Fist

    When I come back from the Mexican buffet.
  4. Moosey

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    Many people who are only used to solo practice find it difficult to discover proper usage of the penetrating vessel. One reason is that the penetrating vessel should permit one's chi to flow unbound into one's partner whereas when this vessel is stimulated in unpartnered practice, the chi is wasted.

    It is unsuprising that you found it difficult to uncover any literature on the penetrating vessel on the internet. In many cultures it is considered taboo for a man to reveal his penetrating vessel, particularly to a stranger. Traditionally, this would be met with a harsh punishment. Indeed, for many centuries, if villagers were to receive word that a member of their clan had revealed the penetrating vessel in a public forum, he would be shunned.

    I guess the most vital thing to remember is that knowledge of this particular Chinese medicine point can be dangerous to the inexperienced user. For this reason, it is often covered in a barrier of protective material rather than being accessed directly in practice. If you ask any Chinese accupressure practitioner, they'll be the first to tell you - always wear protection on your penetrating vessel before introducing it to your partner. Otherwise the results can be disastrous.
  5. Matias

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    Moosey, you are my favorite MAP member. Actual sincerity is very good to hear. And you are indeed correct. I found a cannocal text book containing what I'm looking for so there is no longer need for this thread. Thanks a lot Moosey.

  6. warriorofanart

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    That's understandable. I didn't mean to give you a hard time.
  7. Matias

    Matias Smoky Fist

    It's all good
  8. Topher

    Topher allo!

  9. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Actual sincerity is very good to hear.

    Haha...either you are a troll or your humour filters are non existant.
    Moosey's post was about as far from sincere as it's possible to be and was merely a more cleverly written take on the "penetrating vessel" joke.

    I think troll myself. Probably allied to Wushu Richard and all that lot.
  10. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Maybe they have a members only club?
  11. Llamageddon

    Llamageddon MAP's weird cousin Supporter

    become a supporting member guys and all questions will be answered!
  12. Matias

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    Well, Moosey, pun intended or not, actually posted something true, as insincre as it may have been. It is dangerous and should not be toyed with, and althoguh that wasn't exactly what I'm looking for, it was smething at least a bit relevant to the actual thread.
  13. Matias

    Matias Smoky Fist

    What's a supporting member anyways?
  14. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    Is a supporting member like a penetrating vessel? :D
  15. Matias

    Matias Smoky Fist

  16. Arnoo

    Arnoo Work in Progress

    Supporting member is a different term for "he that is enlightened"

    There is a special forum section for supporting members where 150 year old MA Masters share there lethal 1 touch kill death and destruction techniques. It really is the **** :)
  17. Van Zandt

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    It's where users pay top dollah to play with each other's vessels.

    That reminds me, must renew my subscription.
  18. warriorofanart

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    I knew Moosey's post had a dark undertone, but I didn't want make myself look like an **** since I'm completely ignorant of the (dare I say) "Penetrating Vessel." I?

    I second Topher's Win remark.
  19. rivend

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    This reminds me of a watermelon eating contest for some reason? *note to self*
  20. Matias

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    this cruelly amusing thread is done

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