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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by Tagapagbalita, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. onpoint

    onpoint Valued Member

    Hey, Pat, how come all these PTK types that come here always offer you the proper homage, but we get called chimps.;)
  2. nasigoreng

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    If GTS had a fraction of the transparency found in JKD, I wouldn't ridicule him on this thread. Instead he seems to expend an excessive amount of energy promoting the idea that PTK is the "purest" , and most deadly of FMA. He talks about hospitality and respect, but look at all the people he's stepped on to get where he is today: Tuhon McGrath, establishes PT Int'l to promote PTK, creates a training manual w/ a curriculum -- gets axed. Tuhon Waid, starts PTglobal org, creates a training manual w/ a curriculum-- gets axed. Does anyone see the pattern? GTS doesn't want a curriculum for PTK. He wants to remain the center of attention so he can re-formulate his "technology" (probably with input from senior students like Mr. Waid), then repackage it all as something new, (but actually old) like madjapahit, tri-v, pekadum trigo, etc...

    Also, he talks a lot of rubbish, about killing people, which i find distasteful. I feel that a person who has the need to talk like that is really insecure about something.

    The ousting of Tim Waid -- that's old news. It's everything that GTS has done since then to justify this action that is so entertaining: The call of Security Clearances for PTK members, GTS' challenge to combat in the jungles of Monster Island, and now his assertions that
    And you're asking us to be reasonable?
    Is anyone interested in studying the metaphysical powers of the Filipino warriors that took 300 years to defeat their colonizer? Act now!! For only $499, Gaje will send you a certified Kali amulet which will ward off evil spirits. (Sarcasm)

    Meanwhile, GTS continues spinning new (thinner) webs and re-writing history:
    Here, GTS is saying that the Filipinos defeated the Spanish, the Japanese, and the Americans. I am unable to find any record of any of these countries surrendering to the republic of the Philippines. Perhaps it was a metaphysical surrender.

    I do feel a little guilty saying all this b/c I fear GTS is having more and more senior moments. Again, this is his own doing: he should have passed the reins on years ago. But intentionally stunted the growth of the organization so that he could remain the focus of attention (imho)

    According to GTS: kali philosophy means "we believe in life, not death, we must respect one another, etc..." does he really believe that? Or, is he just pontificating? I believe the latter. gts.jpg

    and speaking of the purity of PTK and re-writing history, anyone remember this nugget?

    Watch the asked profanity please.
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  3. Ular Sawa

    Ular Sawa Valued Member

    I'm pretty sure he's not some sort of sleeper if that's what you're implying....
  4. onpoint

    onpoint Valued Member

    Great post, bro!

    Exactly, the only constant in PTK is acquisition & rebranding, Gaje's like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

    Mr. Greg Alland, Gaje's student since 1974, would be the best person to testify to the gimmickry that is PTK, then and now.
  5. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    ummm! ???? Lol.
  6. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    Calm down. Please just discuss the facts.
  7. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    I could be ;)
  8. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    From what I can gather. GT Gaje is insinuating that some of Tuhon Waides students are extremists??? Extremists in what exactly?

    He is also saying that everyone will have to have high level security clearance??? How exactly?

    He has also stated that the ancient spirits are angry??? How so exactly? And is GT Gaje now conversing with the spirit world???

    GT Gaje has also claimed the ancient Kali warriors defeated the Spanish the Americans and the Japanese???? When exactly.

    GT Gaje has also claimed the Catholic Church was responsible for destroying a lot of the ancient ways of the Ancient Kali Culture???? When exactly? And is that not a bit of an extremist claim?

    I like the PTK system always have done but to be honest it is looking more and more like an extremist cultish dictatorship more than ever which is a shame.

    And all the re-writing of history bit does not go down well either.

    They do say that if you tell a big enough lie enough times the masses will end up believing it.
  9. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    The church did alienate us from the old ways. They destroyed the old method of script. They did major adjustments in the way we believed.
  10. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    true but did they destroy the so called Kali Culture? And if so how would we even know of this Kali Culture? If you destroy something it's gone. Ceased to be. It is no more.

    There is no evidence to either prove nor disprove other than the fact that the term Kali with regards to FMA is a mid 20th century terminology. And no evidence of any so called ancient Kali culture.
  11. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    A man once said.

    If you tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it, eventually people will believe it.

    That was actually Jeoseph Geobbels
  12. Bozza Bostik

    Bozza Bostik Antichrist on Button Moon

    It was you who said that...a few posts back ;)
  13. Peter Lewis

    Peter Lewis Matira Matibay

    Well spotted Boris! :)
  14. onpoint

    onpoint Valued Member

    shoot, this is related to me and kalituman's discussion of Spanish as class indicator.

    Remember the old method of script, we know about because Spaniards recorded them.

    The church didn't alienate us, they did the opposite, they forced us to be more like them. Some did a better job than others, ie. the Jesuits vs. the Augustinians, vs. the Franciscans.

    The friars weren't really into preserving our culture, because in their eyes our animist ways were of the Devil. There were some who were more anthropologic in the way they ministered, but they were the few.

    So, that's the church. Their interest was consistent through out Latin American and the PI, although individually you'd have your corruption, criminal issues.

    The other component to Spanish conquest were the conquistadors, adventurers and finally those who settled, the merchants and upper class who had connections to the crown.

    Compared to South America, there were less Spaniards who came to the Philippines. We didn't have gold as enticement. Less Spaniards, means less of a need to speak Spanish. The Spaniards kept to themselves for the most part in PI, where as in Latin America there was a lot of give and take with the locals.

    The point in all this is that, our interactions with the Spaniards wasn't exactly one sided, meaning we took from them too. We adjusted. Remember we were under the jurisdiction of Mexico (or New Spain) until Mexico became independent in the 1820s, at which time we came in direct Spanish control.

    So, Mexico was the middle man, Spain didn't really have direct control, until later on.

    Compared to cultures who were fully devasted in South America, I'd argue we kept more of our ways. Remember, not everyone wrote alibata in the Philippines, writing was reserved to a very few, and mostly in the bigger sultanates.

    So there's a good chance we lost our script because of us, not because of the Spanish or the church. And this goes for other stuff we are keen to blame the Spanish for also.

    I'm not Team Spaniard like I'm Team Waid, but history is a complicated thing. Gaje's historicizing doesn't help either.;)
  15. onpoint

    onpoint Valued Member

    a Gem of PTK

    ... and here's another Gem of a post (pun intended).

    I think this is the anonymous coordinator mentioned in Dino and Ferd's prior postings. It's starting to look like there's a female component to this ongoing drama. Very interesting. ;)

  16. kuntaoer

    kuntaoer Valued Member

    Tim Tackett? According to my research, Tim Tackett is not an instructor of PTK.. He was one of the original JKD instructors and as far as I know has never been a part of PTK.. I think the individual who wrote this notice should have looked at the history of the past few posts instead of writing about stuff that doesn't cover the subject..

    Just an opinion from an outsider looking in on this subject
  17. Janno

    Janno Valued Member

    I think the poster has just entered "Tim..." into FB and FB auto-linked it to Tim Tackett rather than Tim Waid. Hopefully she'll notice the mistake and correct it.
  18. onpoint

    onpoint Valued Member

    Who is Gem?

    Yeah, I agree with Janno above, Tim Tackett=Tim Waid. Maria doesn't strike me as a very cosmopolitan person, I'm not sure if she's being accused of writing the original announcement or something else.

    Gem, however, seemed to have taken responsibility for writing the announcement and her English is impeccable. Seems like a worldly person too, capable of connivance,

    as this little interaction implies, over at Florida PTK from the very start:

  19. bisdak-escrema

    bisdak-escrema New Member

    no one is involve with what transpired in ptk, but everyone has an opinion, just like you have an opinion. it is a shame really on the direction ptk is going with an asinine leader.

    terroris, especially that they are training the aFP to fight agains tthe terrorist in mindanao

    he is out of his mind.
    the filipinos are a superstitious people, i dont know how exactly he is communicating with the spirits though. we as a people tend to believe in alot of superstitions, we believe in "manangnangal" (a witch that fly and leave her half body on the ground eating babies), "tikbalang" (halfman half horse),"enkanto" (spirits leaving in tress, rivers etc), and all other mumbo jumbo spirits our ancestors can think of.
    on every war the the philippines was involve in. you know who didnt defeat the western conquerors? PTK and all the other FMA that is now famous. why would i say so? they became famous because they were conquered, then they have the audacity to market their system as the "best system", how can you say it's the best where infact your kali didnt work, you were conquered. my forefathers came from mindanao, we were never conquered, i guess our kali/escrima is the best. ;)
    most of it is oral history. we as a people were oppressed by the spaniards, how farmers where beaten up in the planatation fields by the spanish, how our women were raped by the friars, no written history just like kali, it's mostly oral history.
    if you think PTK is a good system? you need to venture into mindanao where all those scout rangers trained in ptk are cut up left and right.

    kali is a not a culture, it is a way of fighting that is handed down from generation to generation. the filipino as a people doesnt even have our own culture that is native to us. our culture is a mixed of all the people that traded with us and those people that conquered us.

    i dont even know FMA/kali/escrima/arnes/arnes demano and all these other names exist as a MARTIAL ART. we just call it "pangamot" use of hands, "maau mangamot" good with the hands. i didnt even know that my first exposure to martial arts was when i was 4 years old, doing a tribal dance, 30 years later i saw in a forum is what you people call "the triangle system footwrok", i've been doing the sinawali since i was 7, and didnt know it was sinawali until a couple of years back. i didnt even know it is martial arts. lol, i thought martial arts is for the Chinese.
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  20. bisdak-escrema

    bisdak-escrema New Member

    hahahaha, way to go for my first post, posting in a controversial thread.
    i have a no dog in the fight.
    my only comment in all this is, it is about the money, it always is.
    whatever my people have, especially this way what you people call kali, should have not been taught to other people. it should've stayed within the family and the tribes. but i guess people wants to get rich and make a name for themselves.

    to udnerstand kali/escrima or the other names that you people call it is to understand its people, its culture. i salute mr. tim waid for leaving/staying in the philippines to learn what knowledge he has acquired. and i dont believe gaje when he said i didnt teach him everything, he is full of crap, if you udnerstnd the culture, the people, you'll know why.

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