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Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by Rmjim, May 27, 2017.

  1. Rmjim

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    So I'm checking out a couple of bjj gyms to start taking classes. One has a Royce Gracie black belt. The other a Pedro Sauer black belt. Didn't Pedro get his Bb from Rickson? I know they are the same animal, but do they differ? My main reasoning is I want to learn to protect myself and get in shape, plus I took some classes a long while back and fell in love. I know that it seems, and correct me if I'm wrong but some schools want you to compete to earn rankings. Maybe I'm wrong but it seemed that way at the one place I went.
  2. Dead_pool

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    Short answer, same same but different,
    Long answer, it depends, go to both and see what the deal is, personally if all else is the same, id probably choose the Rickson lineage, as royce is nowadays all about the money, and has some funny views about sport Bjj, but that doesn't mean that gym itself is like that.

    The great thing about BJJ, is even if you dont compete, the lessons learned from everyone else competing will filter through to you, where as in a gym where noone competes, that evolution doesn't occur.

    Most places dont force you to complete to rank, but its quite ok to only compete a few times a year, or even not to compete for a few years and then compete again then, If your training is good, you shouldnt be afraid of competition.
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  3. Pretty In Pink

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    I've known of a Royce place that teaches sort of faulty BJJ. Like, no spider guard, no half guard etc.

    Check them both out. If they are both black belts I'm sure they are legit but I'd lean towards Pedro Sauers guy from here say.
  4. Dead_pool

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    From the looks of it, pedro has an old school focus on SD too, so you wont be missing out on that under his lineage.

    Theres some good articles on bjj heros about both lineages!
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  5. Rmjim

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    What are Royce's funny views about sport? I'm not sayin I wouldn't ever want to compete, I didn't take classes that long when I started last year to even try. So is Royce now on board with Rener and Ryron CTC? I thought he was all against Internet Bjj?
  6. holyheadjch

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    You're a white belt. It will be years before it matters what branch of the BJJ tree your club is in. Go to them both, pick the one that has the coolest people.
  7. Dead_pool

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    No royce isnt anything to do with the gracie acadamy (renner and ryrons acadamy) .

    Royce isnt a fan of any of the recent developments in BJJ, but that doesnt apply to the majority of his schools.
  8. Dead_pool

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    100% true!
  9. Rmjim

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    Aint we all just white belts? Seriously though, I just want to learn from a good school how to defend myself and have fun. My old gym was a Jorge Gurgel gym and not knocking anyone, it was kind of a underlying thing, compete, go to seminars and pay this fee or you wont get promoted. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I know theres politics in some bjj.
  10. Dead_pool

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    Any good gym will grade you when you have the demontratable skills, competition is one way to demonstrate them, some places only grade on grading seminars, but these should be minimal cost at most.

    All places with rolling should be fun and teach you skills, you need to find which gym you prefer, go and visit some places and try out the classes!
  11. philosoraptor

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    The difference in quality between different BJJ gyms is really kind of insubstantial when you're first starting out. You won't be Andre Galvao in six months no matter which place you go to - the basics of balance, movement, weight distribution, etc. are going to be well taught no matter where you are. Maybe in a few decades that won't be true, but as of now, it's pretty accurate. So pick the gym that's closer to you, that has a schedule you'd rather keep, that has nicer facilities, maybe one of them also has a weight room attached or offers some courses in boxing, judo, wrestling or muay thai as well.

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