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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by flyingleopard, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. fightingninja2

    fightingninja2 New Member

    I dont have much good things to say about paul taylor or united studios. I've met taylor many times and he's not a nice guy IMHO.

    I dont like how they run their busisness or how they treat their instructors.
    1099's no taxes taken out. Set hours. 50 hour work weeks no health insurance.

    I've notice they dont have sales tax license in alot of their schools.And they own the martial arts supply company too.
  2. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    When paid on 1099's, taxes are almost never taken out. Techncially if you are paid on 1099 then you are an independant contractor. Also health insurance is not provided to contractors. I've worked a lot on 1099, and paid for my own insurance. 300-500 per month will get you good family coverage around here.

    Witholding taxes are strictly for W-2 regular employees.

    I'm not trying to defend how they run their business, just wanted to put some facts out there about contracting.

    I would NEVER get into a deal like is described here with the USSD! Sounds like the worst parts of being independnat and an employee at the same time.
  3. kickingfist

    kickingfist New Member

    Having set hours and being paid 1099 is ILLEGAL !Someone should call the IRS.
    Not charging sales tax on merchandise you sell is also ILLEGAL :bang:

    After readind all the negatives on ussd I dont think they should be allowed to operate dojos.
  4. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    no it isn't.

    My clients almost always specify when they want me in the office. Why do you say it is illegal???
  5. fightingninja2

    fightingninja2 New Member

    It may not be illegal but their selling of merchandise with out a sales tax license and not chargeing sales tax is.

    We were not allowed to give receipts for green,brown, black test .
    Tournaments or tickets we sold.

    If thats not shady than I dont know what is?
  6. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    Thisis probably off-topic (or at least close to an earlier topic in this thread when it was previsouly off topic :Alien: ) but we've just made available for download the entire transcript of the Mitose trial

    Mitose Trial Transcript
  7. kickingfist

    kickingfist New Member

    No receipts for TESTS? And tournaments? Thats very ILLEGAL!!! I think someone is pocketing alot of cash.

    Just more reasons not to train at ussd. :bang:
  8. fightingninja2

    fightingninja2 New Member

    Thats why I dont train or teach for them anymore. I saw alot of shady stuff going on.
  9. gmkuoha

    gmkuoha Valued Member

    "Unless you wish to believe Chow had prior training in 'dreams' under his father and grandfather."

    I beg to differ, Professor Chow was indeed a very proficient martial artists learning from his father who taught him the family gung fu art. And speaking of mud slinging and living in glass houses, I believe I read in another forum about someone bad mouthing me not having the true Kara-Ho art...sound familiar Joe?
  10. gmkuoha

    gmkuoha Valued Member

    Another thing....if you actually saw and worked out in Mitosi and Chow's system you would immediately say they are not the same. One has strong enfluence of the Japanese and the other a strong enfluence of the Chinese. Certainly that was not taken from a "dream" especially since it works so darn well. Come work out with us sometime and you will see the differences. With all our schools all over the world, there certainly should be one someplace in your areas. Go to our website to locate one.
  11. gmkuoha

    gmkuoha Valued Member

  12. gmkuoha

    gmkuoha Valued Member

    Just my $.02 I have an interview with Professor Chow on tape that says he promoted Cerio to a rank in his (Cerio's) own system, not Kara-Ho. Chow watched his techniques and said that his movements were those of that dan rank. If you look at Cerio's certificate it does not have the ones that were given out by Chow. I know that for a fact, because he was only there twice, once for 2 weeks and another time for a week. That's hardly enough time to gain that much even if you are a genuis. Even Cerio's former wife stated that.
  13. gmkuoha

    gmkuoha Valued Member

    You are indeed here I am, now come get me and I will be more then happy to respond if I am here inbetween travels.
  14. kickingfist

    kickingfist New Member

    gmkuoha did you teach for villaris?
  15. gmkuoha

    gmkuoha Valued Member

    No, never! I have many students that were instructors in that system though and decided to join our system and have done very well here. My teaching has been with only the Kenpo/Kempo karate system. I have trained in various arts but not taught them. My whole life has been set with Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo and will till the end. I ahve never had to self promote myself. I recieved my 9th dan from Professor Chow, signed and notarized and then my 10th from Dr. Ronald Perry, advisor to the system and Professor Chow. I also have a notarized declaration from Patsy Chow regarding me taking over the system. These will be shown on the new DVD that we will have after the summer.
  16. Pacificshore

    Pacificshore Hit n RUN!


    Grandmaster :)

    Glad to have you on board!! Your vast knowledge and experience will be most appreciated and welcomed :D

    Sensei Gene
  17. fightingninja2

    fightingninja2 New Member

    Welcome grandmaster :)
  18. DAnjo

    DAnjo Valued Member

    GM Kuoha,

    Thank you for taking time to respond here. I have a couple of questions that I hope you can answer. First, what are the fundamental differences between what you teach as Kara-Ho and the art that Prof. Chow actually practiced? To my eye (from looking at your books), it seems that you have incorporated many TKD style kicks into Kara-Ho (with the Professor's approval) that Prof. Chow didn't actually seem to use himself. Is this true? If so, what other changes have you made from what Prof. Chow used himself?

    Clearly there are inaccurate rumors out there. Prof. Bishop refuted the one about Prof. Chow not liking to do forms by posting the video of Prof. Chow demonstrating a form. This is why I am asking you directly about whether Prof. Chow used those high kicks or whether they were additions to the system by you.

    Also, what is the truth regarding Bill Chun Sr. and his son's claim that he was promoted to 11th degree black belt by Prof. Chow? This is a rumor that comes up from time to time on the various forums where it is claimed that Chun teaches the "true art" of Prof. Chow, and that yours is more of your "own art" that met with Prof. Chow's approval than the one he actually practiced.

    I'll be honest and say that I have no idea which of these statements are true and so I am doing as you have said and am going directly to you on this. This is merely a quest for information and I am not in any way trying to throw aspersions on anyone here. I appreciate your willingness to come on here and give us the straight answers.


    Dan Weston
  19. dbmasters

    dbmasters Valued Member

    Yeah, no kidding, I have read so many different things about so many aspects of Prof. Chow, and have been confused by his interviews and opinions...though I attribute some of it to people simply changing their minds or directions thru the course of a lifetime...

    Most noteable, as mentioned above, I would like to know what Prof. Chow's opinions were on Kata's...where I train we do no Kata, but train all technique. The system I learned started with Chow, thru Connors, then my instructors Sensei, then my instructor, being modified thru each set of hands a bit and gaining practicality as each technique would be proven flawed by finding a different way...and what I am learning now seems to be a very effective style.

    I have been told Chow didn't like Kata, and that he did, soI am wondering if he is like any other person and just changed his mind now and then or what the deal was...I really want to learn the roots of my branch of the Kenpo tree...

    It is such a small, modified branch with lineage kinda skewed due to bad blood between my instructor and his, it's tough for me to get any real info...not that it matters, cuz it's still a great atyle, I am just more curious with the more difficult it gets to find out...
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  20. DAnjo

    DAnjo Valued Member

    For clarification, here is the link to Bill Chun Jr.s webpage where he says his father was given an 11th by Prof. Chow.
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