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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Saturnine138, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    Aye... there's only so much I can turn a cheek to.
  2. peterc8455

    peterc8455 Valued Member

    Thank you for that truly strange post.

    Now you confirmed for me that you are playing at a fantasy. The sad part is that you can't really "hear" yourself talk ..."The Archivist has confirmed.."?!

    Seriously how old are you guys? This is a bunch of nonsense.

    Have fun with your role playing and training in your made up martial art. I honestly hope no one gets hurt.
  3. Ex Pathwalker

    Ex Pathwalker Valued Member

    Is that someplace Colwyn Bay? Think not.

    Lots of old foke there who are rather relaxed

    Thanks Bik Mikey for your large post. And yes, not sure who said it but the archivist label is definitely out of a Frank Herbert novel, and for the record the term wasn't used when i trained (although i'm sure they'd argue i wasn't aware of that or something similar):
  4. Ex Pathwalker

    Ex Pathwalker Valued Member

    Absolute nonsense, People were left in the middle of the nowhere, there is real proof that happened, including someone who lived with Dave Harrison (his admission, confirming what i said). The campsite is on Google Maps and can be fully evidenced.

    Funnily enough, lots of direct questions posed to you and representatives of your org didn't get answered. Lets hope that your current members ask you why you didn't answer. If not, they can come and read this and make their own mind up.
  5. El Medico

    El Medico Valued Member

    Which begs the simple question-why? And what does being a private members only org have to do w/anything? Most MA schools are private members only orgs.

    It seems odd that an org would wish to keep the verification of their historical claims private. To what end?

    I know,speaking of why one does not wish to discuss national security would endanger national security.Or some such rationale from the Reagan administration.

    Actually,with the logic gaps combined with the poor scholarship as exhibited in the Celtic claims I have no doubt that your "evidence" would not stand up to scrutiny by either Arabic nor Celtic scholars.

    Which is the only logical reason one would hide such "evidence" from the world. Unless having a "secret" history is simply a marketing tool to the easily awed.

    Seeing as how after the break up of the USSR Russia released scads of info on KGB activities during the Cold War the idea of some MA group keeping something as mundane as verification of their history a secret is laughable.
  6. monkeywrench

    monkeywrench Valued Member

    I agree. My style has the basic history of the style posted on the main website. Many of our schools post the history on their individual pages as well. And then there's our wiki page. And we are always willing to provide as much historical detail as we can to anyone who asks. We are proud of our history and freely share it.

    Keeping such a thing secret just serves no purpose in this day and age. It doesn't come across as mysterious or cool. Just secretive and exclusive. Those are not two words I would associate with a place where I'd consider training.
  7. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    No thanks necessary. Its not like it cost me anything. Heck it didnt even take any effort so no worries.
  8. aikiwolfie

    aikiwolfie ... Supporter

    There's no need to apologise for simply addressing the questions put to you on the forum. MAP is an open forum for open debate and discussion.

    As for the history. I see no legitimate reason on Earth why that would be kept secrete. Privet members club or not. Revealing the evidence of the history the Pathwalker Guild claims to have does not in anyway endanger your secretes. In fact if others can look at the research and come to the same conclusions then it adds weight to your claims.

    The only reason the Pathwalker Guild would not reveal the research is because it will disprove your claims.
  9. MemberSec

    MemberSec Banned Banned

    Marbo Pathwalker

    Pathwalker Guild & Marbo School of Martial Arts and Survival.

    Final Statement and thanks to MAP.

    Marbo training has been available to the public in the UK since the 1970’s. Over the past 40 years hundreds of people have trained to various ranks within our organisation.

    In all that time only a handful of individuals have been dissatisfied with the organisation and they almost all come from the same small time frame. Since the departure of said dissatisfied there have been no complaints, many old members have come back on board, new branches opened and many new members who appear very happy with the service the Marbo Pathwalker organisation provides.

    Memories are a reflection of the persons perception of events. There are many Members still with the organisation who have very different memories about the dissatisfied and the tales they have told. The Marbo Pathwalker org has moved on. We have grown, matured, put alternative systems in place as a result of these [negative] experiences, that have, so far, proven successful.

    Some Members have stayed with us from their first session to today. Others have taken their experiences, skills and knowledge and have chosen to move on to new challenges. Many have married and had children and just don’t have the “me” time free to dedicate more time to their training path. Some have migrated to other counties within the UK, others have migrated to other countries: where an Instructor is not available to train them it is understandable for progression to lapse. Provision is made for these Members. We wish only the best for those who have moved on. The Marbo door remains open to those who are not self serving, who wish to contribute a little of their passion in helping our organisation and its Members succeed and progress.

    All Members are trained, graded, guided and served equally. We do not treat members how we would like to be treated, we treat members as they wish to be treated, all members are individuals.
    We are proud of everything the membership has achieved over the years, it’s the members efforts, vision, fellowship and dedication that has given our organisation life and form.

    Marbo Pathwalker, a private members organisation, run by its members, for its members.
    We would like to thank MAP for allowing us to cast a little light on a few dark shadows. This blog has opened our eyes to several misconceptions about our org and shown us ways we can dispel these misconceptions. We have also learnt that some ex members are ex members for good reason, either they were right to walk, or it was in the interests of the membership that the member walk away from the org. We have evolved through these experiences. We wish all ex-members safe path, success and happiness.

    Pathwalker Guild Members Secretary.
  10. Simon

    Simon Administrator Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    I don't think you've done that at all.
  11. Simon

    Simon Administrator Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    You and A Pathwalker have definately not done this.

    You both seen the be the same person, or at least sharing the same account, which is against the TOS.

    The MOD Team would normally keep a conversation like this private, but as there has not been a reply from my e-mail to A Pathwalker, maybe you would like to respond here.
  12. Simon

    Simon Administrator Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    David, forget it. I don't believe for one minute you had any thoughts about attending.

    You, like A Pathwalker and MemberSec are all about secrets.

    We do allow anonymity here on MAP, but you (or anyone else) cannot come on here claming this, that, or the other without being able to back up their claims.

    Quite honestly it is pathetic. What is it you are all afraid of?
  13. Simon

    Simon Administrator Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    You all now have the chance to reply and put things straight.
    If you can't be bothered then we will list the main facts as we see them and lock the thread.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2012
  14. gapjumper

    gapjumper Intentionally left blank

    MemSec is only making it sound like a playground secret-society.

    Not good.
  15. Ex Pathwalker

    Ex Pathwalker Valued Member

    marbo pathwalker guild

    i would be happy to see this thread locked as you suggest simon. i think the main points of discussion have been worked through several times and there has been no committed reply from marbo representatives when posed with direct questions to work through their claims other than with generic statements (and in some cases no response at all). i realise that is no way for me to decide but that it what i feel.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2012
  16. Simon

    Simon Administrator Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    I agree the thread is all but done for, however I have been quite firm with my questions and should allow a day for all to respond.
  17. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    This quite literally pegged my balderdash meter. I now have a throbbing pain behind me left eye. Thanks for that.

    The truth is you simply dont CARE about dispelling misconceptions. In fact, I'd go so far as to say you've done nothing but reinforce them - FABULOUSLY, which, to me, defies all logic.

    You are nothing. You are beneath me. I DON'T wish you well, I wish you truth, honesty and clarity of sight. You need those FAR more desperately. I do NOT wish you success, I wish you the character to be more than the lies you spew and expect people to swallow.

    You are what is worst in Martial Arts and do not deserve to consider yourself part of that community. You are anathema. Live with that.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 2, 2012
  18. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    Facing the truth, Simon. As long as things stay secret, they can cling to the illusion that they are what they claim. To open themselves to honest exchange of ideas and practices would shatter that illusion the same way it does any lie.

    They are nothing.
  19. John Titchen

    John Titchen Still Learning Supporter

    Mikey, please can we keep the language clean. Thanks.
  20. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    interesting.... I was edited by Cosmic Fish and reprimanded by JWT.... so bullpoop is ok, but anything beyond that isn't? Just trying to understand because right now I'm wicked confused at the standard we're to uphold. I've quite literally asked 14 people if that was an offensive term and not one felt it was, in fact they all jaw dropped and looked shocked so I'm honestly trying to understand the public reprimand and edit.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2012
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