Panantukan Fighters in Boxing and MMA

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  1. Godzilladude123

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    Hey guys. Just want to share this video my online friend made about panantukan techniques used in professional fighting. Its got some interesting info and some Im a bit skeptical about. But overall, its an informative little video essay.

    What are your thoughts on it? I always consider panantukan as one of the martial arts that has a small influence in combat sports, but not that thorough to be used as a base like bjj, muay thai etc. Still, its a good martial art to train to.
  2. Monkey_Magic

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    That’s probably because panantukan is so rare. I’ve never even come across it in the UK.
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  3. Godzilladude123

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    Hopefully it garners more interest like its parent martial art kali or arnis.

    The only thing so far that panantukan is know for is its contribution of the “bolo” punch to modern day combat sports
  4. Hannibal

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    These days it isn't really an art on it's own so much as a subset of a larger system- or "unarmed FMA" if you will. Certainly it makes sense when viewed that way

    Even the term panantukan is disputed because it is a term that was popularized by Guro Dan rather than being representative of the larger community. "Suntukan" seems to be the more widely used term, although Pagamot occurs lots too

    Again many would even dispute this as it's existence seems to be an early 20th Century thing - Ceferino Garcia is credited with "inventing" the punch (although even here there is disagreement) but the most famous exponent ("Kid" Gavilan) had zero FMA exposure and instead credits his punch to being like cutting sugar cane in Cuba.
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  5. Godzilladude123

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    Thanks for the response. Yes I agree pananukan is suppsoed to be a smaller subset of MMA, specifically eskrima.

    About the term thiugh, there is some dispution yes. Most foreign martial artists use suntukan, but Filipinos like me would rather use panantukan since “suntukan” here in the Philipoines is a general term for streetfighting. Panantukan is more of a martial art than suntukan.

    About Ceferino garcia inventing the punch, he pooularized it but yes he didnt invent it since Filipino Macario Flores was the first recorded to use it. It was mostly the Filipino brawlers who were the first to use it and introduce it in boxing (it later became a boxing technique) which others like Gavilan and Leonard used without actually learning other panantukan techniques. Kind of how muay thai introduced leg kicks in Western kickboxing.
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  6. Dylan9d

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    Isn't this the same case for the term Kali?

    I have heard from a friend, that has been to the Philippines alot, that the term Kali is more an American term and that the Philippinos use Arnis or Eskrima.

    Here in Holland the term Pangamot is used more and I think this might be due to the heavy Doce Pares influence here in our tiny country :)
  7. Godzilladude123

    Godzilladude123 New Member

    Depends. As stated in the video, different islands in the Philippines have different names. Arnis is a term used predominantly by Tagalog speaking Filipinos (especially those in Manila or Bulacan) while Kali is used by bisaya speaking ones (mostly those from Cebu).
  8. Hannibal

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    Yes it is the case and for the same reason actually!

    I call what I used to teach Kali because my teacher did - these days I call it Escrima because that's what it my current teacher calls it
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