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Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by budogirl, Mar 13, 2004.

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    The title of this thread refers to Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). I went to visit my local CCTV centre next to the cop shop a few years ago and the man who "ran" the place showed me the cameras and how they used them to prevent/ witness street crime.
    He said that if I was out in the town centre and was attacked or witnessed an attack/ mugging etc. to make as much noise as possible.
    The people watching the CCTV will notice heads turning (to see where the noise is coming from) and can track the camera to the source and alert the police - hence their eyes become their ears.
    Making noise could be shouting (rather than screaming as you can lose your voice) or striking a object with another object or beeping a car horn repeatedly. By making noise, you are making everyone around you aware of what's going on and may deter the attacker from continuing the assault.
    I guess this is just for information but would be interested to see if anyone had any thoughts on this?
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    If accurate an interesting and useful peice of information.

    It seems a logical thing to do, but if I was to play devil's advocate I might say that it could increase the violence of the attack to shut you up. That said I guess I'd like to know the attack was being filmed.


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