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  1. axelb

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    I've seen a lot of backlash from the martial arts community on the Bruce Lee portrayal in the recent Tarantino release "Once upon a time in Hollywood".

    The clip I saw came across as a hot headed arrogant, disrespectful character with some flying kick skills.

    My immediate thought was that I didn't like the portrayal, with quotes if being able to defeat Cassius Clay.

    From what I read and saw, he was quite objective about a matchup with Ali, recognising the skill he had, and stating that if he learnt to kick it would be much in Ali's favour.

    A lot of speculation could be said about what happened, but no doubt that the script was designed to show a dislikeable side of Bruce Lee.

    Should Tarantino be surprised that there is a backlash about the direction of one of martial arts biggest names of the last century?

    Anyone who has seen the clips that think it was a good portrayal?

    In the end it's fiction loosely based on history, so does the character fit the plot?
  2. Archibald

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    As far as I could tell that movie was Tarantino's love letter to the often forgotten stunt men/women, and how they're the "real heroes" of film making. He wanted a scene that demonstrated that and I think Bruce just hit the straw man sweet spot for few different reasons.

    The short scenes where Brice was teaching actors fight choreography showed him quite positively, I thought.
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  3. hewho

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    I loved the film, and actually enjoyed that scene. The entire movie is filled with cinema references, and really it looked like a satire of the characters he'd played, rather than Lee himself.
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  4. Archibald

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    Or a satire of people's image of him, which would make sense given the philosophy of the film as about our perception of recurring characters
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  5. Grond

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    In other words, you were on the internet again. I don't know if you've noticed, the the web is the number 1 source of backlash in our daily lives. If I go 10 minutes without hearing about backlash, I know I spent those minutes offline.

    I have not seen the movie, but I saw the clips, and I have to say it's basically a caricature of his character from Enter the Dragon, Tarantino-style, and if anybody thinks Tarantino would purposefully diss Bruce Lee, they haven't seen many of his films. By his I mean either of them.
  6. axelb

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    Sounds like something my mum would have said you me as a teenager :D

    Yes certainly a echo chamber of hate available at the touch of a button.
    Certainly a good reason to post on a level place like MAP to get a better perspective :)
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