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Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Chimpcheng, Jul 23, 2012.

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    Hey all. My Googling is failing me badly, it's like I've never used a search engine before, but, bear with me...

    You all know it's the Olympics this year and with that some sports, e.g., the football is being outsourced to other cities such as Newcastle where I live. Now, certain roads will be blocked off during certain times, which was always expected, however, what I didn't expect was car stop and search checkpoints.

    Not more than 20 mins ago, I drove up one of the roads due to be closed for the match/es tomorrow, as I always do on my way home from work. What was new was a car stop and search checkpoint. A ragtag team of security people in fluorescent jackets had pulled over a truck and was checking the boot, etc. I just drove on past, suggesting it was a random spot check.

    The radio, before I got to this road, was saying how G4S, the beleaguered company contracted to do the security for the Olympics, won't be in charge of the security in this city.

    Anyway, my point is, do random doormen (I saw some i know "guarding" one of the already blocked roads) have the right to stop and search vehicles? Yes I know they are employed indirectly by the government (I think), but can they just stop a car and pour over your gym bag, shopping, collection of, ahem, adult audio visual entertainment that may be in your boot? I mean, they aren't the police right?
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    Ok, just asked a security friend of mine. He has no idea if they are allowed to stop and search... So much for his training courses... :D
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    Security personnel can be empowered with police-like authority if the hiring body wishes it. Private security forces around here do that alot. The community college I went to had a private security force that could even issue traffic and parking citations! The development my ex wife lived in while we were dating has a private security force that does patrolling, traffic stops, searches, detention... everything short of an actual arrest. For that they call the local PD, but by then they've already pulled you over, searched your vehicle, cuffed and stuffed you and are awaiting the LEOs.

    It all depends on the scope of the contract.
  4. Chimpcheng

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    Very interesting, thanks for the reply.

    It just struck me as a little "odd". Like I said I noticed some of the security personnel at the checkpoint were door men at local clubs. I'm sure they've been through whatever training they needed, but I just wondered if it was entirely right that they can randomly stop a car on a public road? I guess they can...
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    Don't be so sure, lol. Sometimes security teams are simply comprised of big, stoic blokes with no more training than a tree trunk but it keeps the monkeys in line, if you follow me.

    If you're in a smaller town, one with a smaller police force, private security company's may very well have scooped up anyone that can handle themselves who's got a bit of training in any type of security to fill the open positions and land the contract - especially since its a temporary gig. For the most part they'll work, provided SOMEONE has some actual experience in vehicular stops and searching procedures. If not, that'll become apparent right quick when a bunch of knuckle-dragging bouncers start milling about every car that comes down the road with a pretty little female in it, lol!
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    Security firms have some 'powers' but not much. To super simplify...
    "A premises has the right to refuse entry for any reason (as it is not based on an offence)". So you got some places that do a quick pat down and a quick look in the bag, but technically not delve too much deeper.
    You can refuse the search..but then you wont be let in. Dont refuse, then you will be let in.
    See the loop?

    I'm not sure what G4S has been given on the Olympic basis though

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