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    I have a serious question here. Whilst on a Judo course in France, Mr Ploumbas (6th Dan) demonstrated "Eric The Viking"!. It was a turn over he had seen demonstrated whilst in England. He would not disclose the name of the Judoka but he would go so far as to say that the person he had seen doing it had invented it and named it (hence the dodgy name). I would be most interested to hear if anyone else out there has seen this technique and indeed if you are the inventor. If so then I'd like to shake your hand 'cause it has helped me out on many occasions.
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    To make it a bit clearer, the turn over is as follows: -

    Uki is in a ball. Apply weight to the rear of Uki as if to try and roll him over backwards. Your left hand is holing the collar at the back of the neck and your right hand is holding th ebelt.

    As Uki reacts (hopefully by leaning forwards) you pull his ass into the air enough so that you can hook over his ankle with your right foot.

    Your right shin is now running down the length of his body.

    At the same time sit on your left ass cheek and extend your left leg out in front of Uki's head.

    Roll Uki over your extended leg. As Uki rolls your right foot (which is still hooked over Uki's ankle) rotates Uki in the air. You can now place him down beside you on his back. If you now roll into him you will find that you are in a very strong hold down because you are still holding the collar and the belt.

    Hope that this helps.

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