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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by EmptyHandGuy, Jul 11, 2008.

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    Why not chat to Ben Kennedy at Tyneside Kickboxing Organisation, based at Burnside School, Wallsend, and give them a got... Great atmosphere, friendly people, and great coaching... Good luck.
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    I've emailed him. He's invited me down and i am dead keen, I'm bogged down with exams etc at the min though.
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    Look on the Internet and found that they train up in burnafield , which is 3/4 miles from consett
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    San shou Chinese kickboxing

    I did northern free style my self got all the way up to brown belt ,left as I got bored with it my self and left. I now do san shou Chinese kickboxing . At place called enlightened dragon , they train 3 times a week killingworth sport centre next to the lake . Mix of wing chun , lau gar kung fu and western kickboxing . Don't know if this what your looking for.
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    The North East Kickboxing folded after the instructor Dave N accusation removed.

    MOD Note. Poor phrasing I'm afraid.

    Please do be a little more careful.

    Rather than make an unsubstantiated accusation you need to provide credible proof please,,
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