NOOOOO~!!!! Not an April Fools Joke???

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    VZ touched on it, but there's ways around it.

    Its nowhere near perfect, but my understanding is amateur wrestling has a series of tests athletes are required to take before the season and through some wizardry they work out how much you can safely cut and still compete on the day (given that wrestlers are ridiculous for on the day cuts) and restrict your weight classes as a result. I don't know how it works, but it would be a way of reducing the risk if your license only allows you to fight at pretty much walking weight.
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    I just think he's believes that this match booking is cursed. Which is fair to a point and the fault seems to alternate between the 2 fighters.

    One FC has essentially multiple weigh ins. Days and weeks before the official weigh ins and theres a chart of some such to say "you have to be within this".

    Which I like. Rather than...

    "I'll cut 20lbs of water, the night before" which pretty much makes the 2 month camp pointless if you're drying yourself out with baths and over-cardio.

    Saying that though, no idea what drug testing they do at ONE FC.
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    Tony Ferguson is infamous for videos of his bizarre training methods. Flipping giant tractor tyres over his head, kicking steel poles, whirling kettlebells around whilst balancing on a medicine ball.

    Can't blame Dana White for not wanting to book the fight again, this is the 4th time it's been cancelled, each time is money lost promoting it, and potential loss of earnings since people won't want to see the event anymore (with this time being a possible exception since Holloway vs Nurmagomedov is still a darn good fight).

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