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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu Resources' started by xen, Aug 24, 2006.

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    I'll do my best to answer these questions, but please remember that nothing in the Bujinkan is quite as it seems or as straightforward as you'd think

    Technically speaking people can only run a club/dojo at 5th dan. From 1st to 4th dan they are assistant instructors under the guidance of someone above 5th dan

    So I'd avoid any club run by folk below 5th dan if they don't actively train with a higher grade in their area. Sometimes people below 5th move away from their instructor and start up a club, which is OK if they keep a connection with their instructor, but I think it's odd if they do this when there are highly qualified people in the area already

    I'd advise looking for a teacher that has been training a long time and maintains a connection to Japan. If that's not possible then find someone with a very close connection (i.e. trains regularly) with someone of say 15th dan who visits Japan for instruction

    With the exception of 5th dan (which has a specific test) an instructor can grade to a level one below their current grade

    Until recently no Japanese instructors could teach overseas. This is changing
    As a beginner there's no need to travel to Japan, just make sure you find a great teacher / club

    Yes there is a hierarchy amongst the Japanese. Each level includes several people and naturally it changes over time as people develop at different speeds, train more or less frequently with Soke etc

    To my knowledge there's no single successor to Soke at this point in time
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    Thank you Dunc for your reply, I really appreciate it.

    I guess what I was also trying to ask politely with the question of Soke's successor was, is the Bujinkan going to survive post Soke Hatsumi? Is the Bujinkan likely to splinter with lots of breakaway groups all claiming to be THE Bujinkan (like with the ITF in Taekwondo after the death of its founder, Choi Hong Hi)?

    From an outsider looking in, I would of assumed that steps would've been taken to prevent that (established successor(s), name & logo trademarked/copyrighted etc.).
  3. Dunc

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    I don't think anyone can answer the question of how Soke will manage that

    I suspect that the Bujinkan will be shattered and it will be up to us to take things forward

    I am 100% sure that a lot of people will claim that they are THE successor
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    That's a shame but I guess inevitable...

    There are 3 clubs near me but they are all run by instructors under 5th Dan. From what I can make out though all have active connections with higher grade Shihan.

    If I start training with any of them, is it still ok for them to grade me (as a 3rd or 4th Dan assistant instructor) or should it still be someone else?

    I've been told they can still grade me to one grade below themselves. I'm guessing this will only matter at the beginning because by the time I'm at the point of grading to Shodan they will probably be 5th Dans themselves by then.
  5. Dunc

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    Yup if for example they are 3rd Dan then they can grade you to 2nd dan

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