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Discussion in 'Judo' started by Pretty In Pink, Nov 1, 2011.

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    Sweet, innocent, adorable moderator, loved and worshipped by all (aka She who MUST be obeyed...) ;) :D
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    Can't argue with that. :)
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    Please see my last post on the Star Trek NG thread.....I was spot on...
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    There's lots of no gi judo out there only most people call it wrestling.

    Now then were you searching for judo when you found that vid or were you looking for japanese school girl fetish vids?:hat:
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    I do wrestling already, but I don't really do a lot of hip throws :/

    That time, I was searching fr "school girl Judo", I can't remember the first time, thugh it was probably a jud vide that sounded to awesome> :p
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    The "o" on my keyboard isn't working very well.

    EDIT:Also, I was pretty exhausted.
  8. Herbo

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    I think no-gi judo is great, but is primarily a progression for someone who already is good at judo rather than a beginner.
  9. Sketco

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    Not necessarily. You could teach someone purely no gi judo and they'd learn it fine. It's just different grips. Although as Kieth Owen pointed out in a Submissions 101 video, when you train gi all the time and you're used to people grabbing it, you take it off and you feel like you can just blast through.

    The thing is unless you live in a country where you can wear shorts and a t-shirt all year long, training in a gi has actual self defence value. I live in Canada so here training both gi and no-gi is prudent as we have 35 degree weather in summer and minus 35 in winter.

    I think this reflects a key difference between training for sport and training for self defense or combat. For the latter you must take into account environmental considerations:
    Training no gi when you wear jackets and sweaters 8-10 months of the year... not smart.
    Training to do high kicks when the ground is slippery 8-10 months of the year... not smart.
    etc. etc. etc.
  10. Herbo

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    I agree with this statement. You could do that, however at present all notable practitioners of no-gi are already accomplished judoka. This could change in the future perhaps.

    I remember seeing a video (perhaps on bullshido?), of someone demonstrating how the vast majority of judo throws could be used against a t shirt wearing opponent. The t shirts didn't last long, but the throws were effective none the less :L
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    we all are, kwajman...

    we all are.

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    Why are you guys so excited about wrestling naked with other men?? 0_0
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    cos we're ancient greek!
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    Well then I suppose you also have bodies of greek gods! In that case, I'll gladly watch your nudo :D
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    Nudo FTW!

    Yes Kwaj is a Zeus and Chadderz is Hercules and I am ZYZZ the father of aesthetics.
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    I'll be Pegasus!
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    It's always better to start with no-gi. This way you don't have to relearn everything. There is no problem for "pushing" between gi and no-gi. The big difference between no-gi and gi is the pulling. Without gi, the pulling will be hard. In order to be able to replace the gi pulling with no-gi pulling, there is extra training that will be needed. How will you be able to replace your sleeve hold and lapel hold? That will be the 1st challenge when you try to convert.

    Both winter ski slop combat skill and summer sand beach combat skill are needed.
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    My horse?..... I get to ride you? 0.o
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    Hercules never rode Pegasus! That was Bellerophon*! Damn you, Disney, damn you to the deepest, blackest pits of Tartar!

    *who also ended up blasted off his high horse by a thunderbolt from Zeus. Think long and hard whether or not it's worth it. :p

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    Oh I know, but in future, please don't spoil my fantasies, people have feelings you know...

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