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Discussion in 'Judo' started by Done-Gone, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Done-Gone

    Done-Gone Banned Banned

    I agree. However, anyone can throw a jab, not everybody can do a cart-wheel or a jumping spin crescent kick.

  2. february

    february Valued Member

    Really? With the correct timing, distance, accuracy etc. to make it an effective jab? I don' t think so.
  3. Commander Nitro

    Commander Nitro Valued Member

    The flashy moves look good and can be intimidating. However, I still believe that though not anyone can do jumping spin crescent kick a good jab is still a greater asset. Nevertheless, congrats and hat off to the father and son.
  4. Done-Gone

    Done-Gone Banned Banned

    I didn't say all that. I said "anyone can throw a jab", "NOT everyone can do a cart-wheel or a jumping spin crescent kick"... Do you not agree with my statement? Do you think its the other way around?

    A jab (good or bad) is easy to learn and apply. On the other hand, cart-wheels & spinning kicks are NOT easy to learn or apply, unless you're a Ninja IMHO. :ninja2::vanish::ninja1: LOL

    I stand firm on this one.
  5. february

    february Valued Member

    I didn't say you said all that. I was just making the point that no, not anyone can throw a jab...anyone can make a fist and and throw their arm out in front of their face, but that doesn't make it a jab.

    fwiw in my time in various MA I've probably seen more people who can throw flashy spin kicks than could throw a decent jab....go figure. :D
  6. Happy Feet Cotton Tail

    Happy Feet Cotton Tail Valued Member

    That video was impressive and entertaining.

    People should lay off, the kids a kid, and he should be allowed to have fun, if that is throwing cartwheels mid grappling matches to impress the crowd. So be it.

    No one is pretending like the cart-wheel should be considered as part of training for every competitive fighter. But it's fun, and as he is 13 we shouldn't be looking down on him for it.

    As for flashy movements, well front rolls aren't that flashy and I have used them in grappling and in stricking as a form , break falling or moving when off balance and moving, out and to the side in an un-expected way (when I know I can get away with it)

    Unorthodox techniques require a mastery of orthodox techniques BUT they do add a level on un-predictability to your fighting which can be in-valuable when fighting opponents who you may not of been able to beat with the more "bread and butter" style techniques.
  7. Done-Gone

    Done-Gone Banned Banned

    I agree, the jab is a more effective and needed in your arsenal much more than a spin kick or cart wheel, no arguement on this point...

    ... but, more people who can throw flashy spin kicks than throw a decent jab?

    Flashy spin kicks take athletecism, superb co-ordination & great balance, the jab, not so much. :dunno: Do you agree?
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  8. Done-Gone

    Done-Gone Banned Banned

    Eliminate / Change / Add - Why?

    Judo is such a judgemental sport, in so many areas (my Yuko - your Ippon - or visa versa), many times the angle decides what you see (did tori throw or was he countered?). It happens! More times than you think.

    I'd like to see the ONE-MILLION+ONE rules & regulations minimized -

    example: (1) Too many penalty calls
    IMHO : Eliminate all the silly ones and cut down on the ridiculous.

    example: (2) Too many matte calls
    IMHO : Let them fight - I mean, let them play. Give the players more ne waza time, not just 5 seconds, if that.

    example: (3) Honsaku make for grabbing the leg? Ridiculous!
    IMHO : Shido, maybe. If you want to go that route.

    example : (4) Wrong official/s on the mat.
    IMHO : A player's dad or coach (or both) should NOT ever be a ref or judge during any of such player's match. NEVER!

    These are just my opinions and of course, you are welcomed to yours.

    What, if anything, would you like to see eliminated, changed or added from/to Judo? Also, add your reason why. Thanks
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  9. righty

    righty Valued Member

    This is the reason there is not just the referee watching for points and penalties at any competition worth representative status. The most heavily weighted decision is given to the referee for a reason - because he is mobile while watching. The other judges sitting on the edge have a different perspective and hence are given the authority to modify the referee's decisions. It happens.

    Which ones in fact? If there are too many penalty calls then there are too many strict rules that aren't being followed. Also, a lot of penalty calls are the result of tactics, which as a high level sport, you are always going to have.

    I agree. At the risk of introducing more rules, I would actually like to see this rule open to less interpretation to ensure players have more time on the ground. But sometimes as well it's obvious neither player wants to continue on the ground so there's not much point leaving them there.

    Meh, I actually think if you are going to go down this route it may be better to go all out and give the hansoku make. Maybe shido first, second offence DQ.

    At representative or team selection level certainly. However at club level, you are lucky to get all the volunteers you can, particularly for such a generally despised job.

    In general however much I dislike the complexity of the current rules they are there for a reason. If you look at other Olympic sports a lot of the rulesets are just as long and complex. They have their place.

    What I would like to see is perhaps better training but more importantly more consistency between referees and interpretations as well as transparancy in the current interpretations and rules if required. Having open seminars where referees give examples of rulings would be a helpful example.
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  10. Done-Gone

    Done-Gone Banned Banned

    First, I dont know why this thread was moved and bunched up with the videos thread. It is NOT a video and has nothing to do with videos. NO prob.

    "righty" although you didn't exactly agree with my opinions, you didn't exactly oppose them either. I dont necessarilly dis-agree with yours either.
  11. Bear187

    Bear187 New Member

    Nope..lol, he was caught in the arm bar before they even hit the floor. Really liked your response.
  12. Bear187

    Bear187 New Member

    Hey JudoChamp, I found this vid on your page. I'm guessing he's the the Ninja's father..lol!!! He's got an awesome style for setting up his heel hook, pretty damn cool. Quick question, you said he's your first Black Belt. What style? Judo, grappling, wrestling. It looks like he's a catch wrestler, didnt see any throws in the vid like his kid. I think I can take him..lol!! Just kidding!!! Well, you never know..lol!!!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe1fBh1P2XU"]YouTube - Sensei John Casas Grappling[/ame]
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  13. Done-Gone

    Done-Gone Banned Banned

    Yes, he is the Ninja's dad. Pure FreeStyle wrestler and Grappler about 7 years ago when he walked into my dojo as a Judo brown belt. He earned his Shodan (black belt) about 3 1/2 years ago (Judo). He does have some throws, but Wrestling/Grappling is where he excels.
  14. Herbo

    Herbo Valued Member

    I got the impression from your website that you only had a kids program at your dojo. Do you still teach adults? If so, how do they get on at NAGA etc? your kids seem to be pretty handy for their age :)
  15. Done-Gone

    Done-Gone Banned Banned

    (1) Yes, only children.
    (2) No adult class, but we still roll amongst ourselves, from time to time (family & friends).
    (3) I only have 1 adult who competes in NAGA at this time, although others have done so before, including the Ninja's dad. "Chris" is a 21 y/o, 275lbs wrestler, but he hardly trains any more, after winning a NAGA title belt in the "SuperHeavyWeights" last year, he thinks he no longer has to do so. I disagree. We'll see. He's BIG & STRONG, but I can still take him. LOL - Take him where? Anywhere he tells me to. LOL - Seriously, most/all the adults in our program train with my bro "Judo Jimmy" and compete for his club. He is the greatest of all time, in his own mind LOL (he's really good).
    (4) Thank you very much. I love it when compliments come their way.
  16. Done-Gone

    Done-Gone Banned Banned

    Hey Bear, Where in Miami are you located? Im in Kendale Lakes. Pay us a visit sometime. :Angel:
  17. Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara Valued Member

    lol - I deeply enjoyed all the vids, little kim being my favorite, spikey a close second. Very nice throwing techs by both of them, strong ground work too. Tough family. - lol
  18. Done-Gone

    Done-Gone Banned Banned

    "Spikey" wins the NAGA - World Championship - Expert Division - Title Belt - Via TapOut -

    Watch his Championship Match & more @:

    http://www.youtube.com - Kevin "Spikey" Garcilazo expert naga 2011 division - video by - "giansteph"

    ENJOY !!!
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  19. Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara Valued Member

    Nice. :cool:
    The other child looked tough from the get go, but he had no chance vs Spikey. I love it when he gives the thumbs up, only to tapout shortly there after. lol
  20. Late for dinner

    Late for dinner Valued Member

    Looked like your lad was calm and was able to work things out (with a bit of coaching ;' ) under pressure. Good stuff!


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