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    Is that running up walls? ike the matrix?
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    I wouldn't say like The Matrix. Try running up a 2x4 board rested against a wall, set at a 45 degree angle. Heck, try running along a curb and keeping your balance while holding onto a solid-wood bo staff (not some flimsy little competition "staff"). Then try it wearing full kit (as in National Guard, law enforcement, or corrections kit) and doing it.

    How acrobatic do you need to be on ice or slippery leaves? How acrobatic might you need to be in a crowded home, diving over, under, and around furniture? What acrobatics might that entail?

    It can comprise running up walls and jumping over them, but also--crediting pics I saw of the Jewish Hagenah [sic; apologies if misspelled]--balancing, say, upon a rifle held by two others and being lifted up to scout over a section of wall/building.

    Climbing trees?

    Gymnastics? Such as cartwheels, back flips (not that I can do these) and whatnot. One might even take a hooked pole arm and swing from branch to branch like a primate...or not.

    Perhaps on a deeper level, it also refers to mental acrobatics as well...after all, flexibility is key, isn't it? Of course, I'm simply guessing at that one...

  3. Love Budo

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    Word for sword cane

    Anyone know the word for sword cane (like the one used in the Zatoichi movie)? I think that it is shikomazu or something like that, but I have yet to be certain.
  4. sshh

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    sword cane

    You were close. Sword cane is shikomi-zue:

    仕込み杖 ( しこみづえ )
  5. Love Budo

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    Thanks sshh!
  6. Miran

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    :rolleyes: Can someone please explain the concept of jupposessho?
    It can be 十法折衝 -ten ways of negotiation or 十法殺生-ten ways of killing.
    However brutal it would be I think it's the other one.But everybody's talking about "negotiation"...I really cannot imagine ninjas surrounding a Japanese castle yelling "come out with your hands on your head"... :D
  7. Brad Ellin

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    Here's my take on juppo sessho
  8. Miran

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    Does anyone know what's moriban???
    The only thing I know is that it belongs to the kakushi buki group of weapons... :bang:
  9. sshh

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    moriban? ooh tough one!

    Nearest I could find is moribana 盛り花 (lit. pile of flowers) - which is a style of ikebana (flower arranging) - could be a reference to hiding a knife in a bouquet of flowers. ??


    "Moribana uses a shallow container and a kenzan, a holder with many sharp points into which flowers are inserted."

    I think we ninja know what those many sharp points could be used for. :D
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    this is great really helpful
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    Make Kirsty sticky...Quack M'Kay
    P.S Kirsty we have to get other Ninjas on guestbook (but not sensei...or we will die)
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    Stay on topic

    This thread is for "terms and definitions" not "hello's and how are ya's". Use PM or intro and bio. And you new folks, please pop over to the Ninjutsu Check-in and give us a little background, please.
  13. sshh

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  14. aikijudo

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    Intondudo Jitsu (sp?) - is this a real word/phrase

    I remember this word from a book I read many years ago, but I'm having a hard time authenticating it. Anybody have any idea what it truly means? I remember it as "the study of the art of deception."


  15. Yama Tombo

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    I was thinking about making a thread like this, but seems I'm late on the idea. About the 9 schools for beginners and people wanting information on the schools:

  16. Danial

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    That's a very comprehensive list you've posted there. I was just wondering where #22 is?
  17. Neil-o-Mac

    Neil-o-Mac The Rev

    Maybe #22 is a kuden. ;) :D
  18. shinbushi

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    just a quick note on Fudoza it does translate lit. as immovable seat but I think the name comes more from FudoMyo who is the Patron of warriors and also a Patron kami(Is Fudomyo a kami?) of the Bujinkan.

  19. Miran

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    Daniel, nice of you to notice this accidental omission. Also I corrected two other things concerning tenmon and chimon since, no matter how refined and practical these disciplines were, essentially they were primitive and sometimes even related to religious customs.

    忍法三十六計【ninpo sanjuroppo】36 forms of stealth methods

    武芸十八般【Bugei Juhappan】All eighteen martial arts

    6。抜刀術【battojutsu】Drawing a sword
    8。十手術【jutte】Iron truncheon fighting
    9。手裏剣術【shurikenjutsu】Throwing blades
    10。含み針【fukumibari】Blowing needles
    11。薙刀術【naginatajutsu】Halberd fighting
    14。柔術【jujutsu】Flexible art
    16。鎖鎌術【kusarigamajutsu】Chain and sickle fighting

    忍者十八計【ninja juhakkei】18 forms of the ninja

    19。精神的教養【seishinteki kyoyo】Spiritual refinement
    20。体術【taijutsu】Empty hand fighting
    21。忍法剣術【ninpo kenjutsu】Secret fencing methods
    23。手裏剣術【shurikenjutsu】Throwing blades
    24。鎖鎌術【kusarigamajutsu】Chain and sickle fighting
    26。薙刀術【naginatajutsu】Halberd fighting

    Shinbushi, nice theory. Could you support it somehow or...?
    I'm very curious about this.
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    Lol So Many Terms....

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