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    So, what's the purpose of the Resources sub-forum?

    After chatting with Spooky, we thought it would be a good place to build a library of quality material, complimented with discussions which help people understand specific aspects of the art.

    Ben has often bemoaned discussion not being kept in tighter lines, a thread that starts about kukan, for example, can soon spiral off all over the place (esp. if i get my hands on it :eek: :p ).

    We'd like this sub-forum to try and address this and we'd like to encourage you to start threads over here, with the following guidelines in mind...

    1. Primarily, threads over here should fall into one of the following categories;

    - Links to sites/articles which provide good quality info. These can be art-specific; new articles on members own web-sites, historical references, book reviews etc. Or they can be non-specific to the art, but the sort of things a 'ninjutsu' audience would appreciate. Material which deepens practioners 'general knowledge'; complimentary philosophies from other arts, general information about Japan, physiology, healing, stratergy, weapons (modern and traditional) etc

    - Specific questions relating to 'the art'. These questions should be 'specialist' in nature, with clear boundaries and be non-political in intent. They should be genuine and sincere. As should any posts people make in response.

    'Noob' questions are acceptable. If you are new to a subject, the 'search' button isn't always your best friend. If someone who knows the forum runs the search and posts a simple link which answers the question, spooky and I can start to build an index to all the decent info we have available as a sticky at the top of this forum.

    More involved questions, from practioners at every level, are especially encouraged. As are suggestions of general subjects for discussion.

    2. This area is a politics and agenda-free zone. Where the differing approaches of the various organisations becomes relevant to a thread, discuss it by all means, but only in as far as it relates to the question being asked and from an objective stand-point.

    3. Threads which degenerate aren't a resource, but they do have their own value. If serious differences begin to arise on a thread here, take it to the main forum.


    Feel free to post comments and further suggestions about the sub-forum below.
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