Ninjutsu or Krav Maga

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by TheDarkLord84, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Nothing as such , many of have done it , more the account itself.
  2. Hannibal

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    Because the claim is "unknown person beat green belt therefore green belts art = useless"

    That's assuming you believe story in the first place, which I don't
  3. Pretty In Pink

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    Ooooh, Ninjutsu isn't useless.

    I've smashed green belts before though....
  4. Hannibal

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    I've smashed BB's, but tend to look at that as how awesome I am rather than how bad they are :evil: :D

    Also my Catch coach is a "no belt" and beats me to a pulp
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  5. Simon

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    I've been easily hit by white belts.

    Oh well, the journey continues.
  6. mindyourownbsns

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    i just wanted to say the guy knows what he's talking about . some people have trouble accepting it ( it's happened to me before )

    somewhat , yes !!!
    as for uni professors , they're just like teachers . some have pinpoint accuracy , others just want us to do something for them !!!
  7. El Medico

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    Uh, yeah.I got your meaning.

    Perhaps in your vocabulary but the terms are interchangeable.I don't see where saying "Chop the throat" is necessarily different in meaning to "Chop TO the throat." In all fairness maybe something fails in translation between the languages. There's really no difference twixt the meaning of those 2 terms in English.
    I understood your friend didn't give up.And that the "ninja" guy could attempt x rated technique but then didn't have the heart to finish off a helpless opponent who was falling over.

    Your friend did seek medical evaluation post eye gouge,right? You didn't answer my query on eye damage.
    For a guy who works for an ISP your friend's concerns-- -well,hope he doesn't have a PC .Or a bank account.Or any records in any government office.Or a phone.

    You haven't addressed what the problem would be if his face was blurred.There's no possibility of any kind of "information theft" then,unless he's concerned people will steal his technique.

    It really happened.You've even got a vid.Can't show it,tho'.

    Mentioning having a supposed record of something yet being unable to reveal it undermines rather than establishes credibility for both the event and oneself.
    Right, no one here on MAP believes that anyone keeps fighting after a strike to the groin.

    I don't know why you again bring up this groin attack thing-not like it was the only thing supposedly done to your friend.Just one of many.
    There's that groin attack again.Couldn't do anything else?According to the story he did,or attempted to do,much more.Except when it came to finishing a fairly helpless opponent,of course.
    Unlike the Kendo practitioner who will supposedly be carrying around on the street something he can smack people with. So explain how learning to use an actual blade for combat is inferior to learning to wield split bamboo for point matches.
    REALLY? You sure about that?
    As related grappling systems there are more similarities than differences in body manipulation,altho' that will vary depending on the specific JJJ system.
    You equated Judo and JJJ to Kendo and Kenjutsu,and remarked how the Judoka defeated the trad JJJ with ease. You stated in post 164
    So if your comparative analogy follows through it would seem to imply that sporting Kendo vs. combative Kenjutsu would have the same result.Well maybe.If they're both playing Kendo and not using swords.If there wasn't the implication I state above then there's no analogy at all.

    Ok.I said "If the bushi were still around and using their swords as in the past they wouldn't be studying Kendo to learn blade technique."And you say-
    Yes. And learning to use real blades has much more "real world" application than learning to use a formal sporting method utilizing split bamboo. If not,tell me why.

    Actually don't bother to try.You're lack of knowledge of the subject matter precludes you being able to put forth a meaningful position.

    These weren't addressed to me,but-
    Instant kill touches? They have a lot of these? I thought CMAs held all the copyrights on that stuff.
    Taking issue with someone who relates a wild fight story and claims he has but can't show the supposed proof,or taking issue with an individual who makes many statements demonstrating obvious ignorance on much of the subject matter doesn't mean anyone's a "fan" of anything.
  8. aikiwolfie

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    The colour of your belt has no relevance in the real world outside your dojo/gym/wherever you happen to be training. Few if any people care. The person who's going to beat you up cares even less.

    All you belt does is mark out your level of progression in that particular system. That's it.
  9. mindyourownbsns

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    dear DarkLord84 , the way i see things in my country and judging by the people i've met on this forum , most ninjas are more ferocious on youtube and similar websites than in actual training ( most of them ) . i've seen many gyms , in which many different styles were taught ( karate , muay thai , escrima , taekwondo , ninjutsu , kung fu , judo , etc. ) .during training , ninjutsu was the only one whose practitioners actually cooled their bodies down , and most of the ones who actually trained taijutsu techniques didn't break a sweat . that's why most of them were sluggish , and defended their art's history and practicality to their last drop of blood ( in theory , since that's the way they're used to train ) .

    while i don't know a thing about KM , i know their instructors don't claim " they can lift a man from 10 meters away and knock him down 10 meters away in the opposite direction , without even touching them " . that was an actual claim from a " ninjutsu black belt " from an actual dojo that claimed to teach bujinkan ninjutsu , explaining this phenomenon as a law of physics . i think KM mcdojos should be more reasonable than that .

    as for you ninjas , nice knowing you guys . call me coward , ignorant , or whatever you want , i don't give a dirty handkerchief if you believe me or not . however , i suggest you guys to use that god given brain of yours more often , and understand one fact : you fight the way you train .
    here's my parting gift to you , enjoy :
    [ame=""]Ninja Apology - YouTube[/ame]

    dear DarkLord84 , to avoid further tiring your eyes and to keep my friends , i will stop commenting on this thread . my last advice to you would be to stay away from ninjutsu , it has too many mcdojos , and you'll most likely stumble upon one . unless you can find a good dojo that includes full contact sparring sessions with reasonable rules . training in full contact is the best way to learn ( just as solving math problems , as opposed to reading them out loud ) .
  10. gapjumper

    gapjumper Intentionally left blank

    So who claimed that? Name, location, time?

    Or is this more fictional nonsense from your own imagination?

  11. Hannibal

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    I don't do ninjutsu and I consider your viewpoint idiotic and you lack of experience and immaturity are the basis

    Plus I also think you are actually lying - which is a separate issue
  12. aikiwolfie

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    Okey dokey I think this thread needs a rest from being stupid. Closing it until I get home from work tomorrow. :)
  13. TheDarkLord84

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    This has gotten a good bit out of hand.

    I should inform those who have recently posted, that the initial question I asked was almost "TWO Years" ago.

    Since then I have done a beginners course in Bujinkan Ninjutsu..... I didn't like it.

    I felt the moves and techniques were impractical and were really just fancy gymnastics with simple fight choreography, labelled as a Martial Art.

    I have no further interest.

    Since then I have also train a year in Muay Thai and may consider moving into MMA.
  14. yorukage

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    My two cents: and this is for anyone, not just the original poster who poster years ago.

    There is a quality control issue with all dojos and systems. Bujinkan isn't an exception, but neither is Krav Maga. So, first decide if you have good schools to chose from. That is harder than it may seem. I've had the benefit of having really good Bujinkan teachers over the years, but I've also trained with one or two not so good ones and that can really hinder your training (and waster your money). I wouldn't recommend the other ninjutsu styles because I haven't seen anything from them that impress me the way I've been impressed by really quality instructors in Bujinkan.

    Ultimately it is what appeals to you the most. If Krav Maga appeals to someone the most, train in it. If Bujinkan appeals the most train in it. As long as you feel you are learning and your time isn't being wasted, enjoy which ever art you choose. I left one style of martial art that I'd trained in for many years and converted to Bujinkan and I've been happy with that choice. But that is me. Do what is right for you.
  15. gapjumper

    gapjumper Intentionally left blank

    I would have been interested in which Bujinkan dojo this was as it doesn't sound like any Bujinkan I have seen.

    If you are still around maybe you could tell us?

    Also could you tell us more about these "gymnastics" dressed up as martial arts techniques?
  16. Vieux Normand

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    On the same theme--what's so controversial about telling someone who's talking out his ass that he's talking out his ass?

    If "keeping things civil" is a matter of polite usage, one could conceivably use the word "rectum". Would that help?
  17. OwlMAtt

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    I suggest you read the TOS, Vieux. The Bullshido staff -- who have already banned you -- were much nicer to you than the staff will be here.
  18. Saved_in_Blood

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    Answer... Neither /thread.
  19. pseudo

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    Interesting... but why bring up Bullshido? What happened at Bullshido happened there and should have no relevance here, no?
  20. OwlMAtt

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    I am using Bullshido as a frame of reference for someone who knows Bullshido much better than he knows MAP.

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