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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by toby, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. toby

    toby Valued Member

    hi, im struggling to find a website which lists the main core principles of ninjitsu or the various schools, if anyone as a site that would be a great help.. cheers!
  2. K_Coffin

    K_Coffin New Member

    Well, a good place to start is I'm not too sure. I always forget to bookmark the good ones.
  3. Zamfoo

    Zamfoo Valued Member

    Not sure of a website tho since you are bujinkan i'd just go out and buy a bunch of hatsumi sensei's books. He's knows the main principles so his books most likely cover them.
  4. Kalifallen

    Kalifallen looking for partner

    Sadly, I can't think of any site that says, you'll learn this and this and... Or anything really close to that. Stephen Hayes' Ninja books, first three, tell some stuff. Also, Mystic Art of the Ninja is good too. Masaaki Hatsumi's Ninjutsu: History & Tradition book is good too. IF you find at the library the Robert Bussey Ninjutsu: Basic Skills & Techniques is good (Big if. Out of print). - Bujinkan site. - or
    Stephen Hayes' Toshin-do -

    Can't think of any other sites. Maybe check the books at the book store. You know, flip through them and see if they tell you what you want to know.
  5. toby

    toby Valued Member

    cheers, ill get back to you if i find anything useful...
  6. sshh

    sshh Not Talking Anymore

  7. toby

    toby Valued Member

    cheers thats really useful.
  8. Keikai

    Keikai Banned Banned

    Dont bother buying anything from Hayes, Busey, Ashida Kim etc, they are all crap, they put a lot of detail in them that does not help you, they are more a fun read, try Paul Richardsons history of the 9 schools, since he is an archaeologist i thing he knows his stuff as he is a big researcher, also the sites that ssh put on are quite good, try for a bit, anything from Hatsumi or manaka is good, but be careful what you buy, there is a lot of tat out there!

  9. sshh

    sshh Not Talking Anymore

    That's a bold statement

    Greg: "Hayes, . . .[et al], they are all crap"

    Master Hayes is crap?
    Are you saying you don't like his books?
    I admit that books by A. Kim are poorly written (albeit still an interesting read), that Busey split from the bujinkan early on to start his own "ninjitsu," and Mr. Hayes is teaching his own American Ninjitsu now after before teaching Hatsumi's budo, but to label these men, or even their books crap is a little off the mark.
    Most of them, I am sure do not show many of the core basic kata of bujinkan ninpo training, but should they? They all have information, and represent many different perspectives.
    Part of ninjutsu basics is strategy, and that's mostly what you get from reading books.

    I don't think it would be a waste of time at all to peruse through any of those authors' works at your local library.

    Everyone's entitled to their opinion of course. I personally do not like books on ninjutsu by a one Dr. Haha Lung - almost as poorly written as the Kim texts - maybe even worse.

    Oh, and yes, get Paul Richardson's books too!
  10. Keikai

    Keikai Banned Banned

    I have nothing against the instructor, Haye's is a great man but most of the books he wrote like the set of 5 are just tosh, they give a small amount of history then are filled with photo's which are not even Kata from the buj, he is a great man in the respect of the art but his books are now outdated and old, you can get more info from the net and if you want books or videos buy anything from Hatsumi, he is our original source. I think as a source i would buy these books if they were cheap like off ebay, not bad if your just starting out but once you start searching for info they become useless, if you want history you can always try Turnbulls book it is an overview from an historian not a student. Maybe your right, bit of a bold statement on hayes, i do like the mystic art of the ninja though but anything from Kim or Bussey has got to be a miss, have you seen Kim's new forum site, it is full of nutters and wanabe ninja!!
  11. Kagebushi

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  12. Kalifallen

    Kalifallen looking for partner

    Toby: "...main core principles of ninjitsu or the various schools..." has a catalog you can download for free that tells all or almost all the moves they teach under the HSC part. Or if you PM me I'll sent you a copy of the stuff they teach. I save it and made a summary of it.

    Kagebushi: "hey can anyone give me a description of some of these techniques?"
    My Adobe don't want to work. So can you write it out. Maybe that'd be more helpful for people.
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  13. Kagebushi

    Kagebushi New Member

    ok its about 9 pages so itll be awhile
  14. Poop-Loops

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  15. Dunc

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    After much deliberating I have decided to open up my club’s resources (ie secure website) on the basics of the Bujinkan (and ninjutsu). The information ends with Kihon Happo

    The idea behind this is to help beginners develop strong basics and raise some money for a wonderful charity ( I will not profit from this in any way

    It’s available here

    I hope that people find it useful and I would genuinely appreciate everyone’s comments (good or bad) as hopefully I can learn as a result


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    Largest thread ressurection yet. 5 years is the new record.
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    Yeah very weird.
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    Makes me want to go find something older just to set the record...

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    Try e-budo. Could get something worth while for a record of thread necromancy over there.

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