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  1. Mr Law

    Mr Law New Member

    Hello everybody

    i would just like to introduce myself, i am a newbie to the world of marital arts.

    there are only 2 clubs near where i live, which are kick boxing and tai chi, i was thinking i would start tai chi because im not the fitist person around and i am fairly big, would tai chi be a good place to start?

    i would just like to say that im sorry if this sounds lame but any help would be greatful

    i hope to hear from you soon

    best regards

    Mr Law

    ROBERT New Member

    What is your goal?

  3. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Welcome to MAP Mr Law.

    You're not the same Mr Law that used to teach me Metalwork at school are you?

    Anyways, Tai Chi is a wonderful introduction to the more 'Arty' side of the arts and something you can practice your whole life.

    As a matter of interest, do you know which variety of Tai Chi you are learning?

    Are you shown any applications for form yet, or is it too early?

    Good Luck

  4. Mr Law

    Mr Law New Member

    A goal


    well i dont think i have a goal as such, but i would like to improve my obdy and mind and learn something new.

    as i said in my first post i am new to the martial arts

    and Andy Murray i have not started yet my first class will be on wednesday which i cant wait till

    from Mr law
  5. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Ah, well be sure and let us know how you get on :D
  6. Mr Law

    Mr Law New Member

    i will thank you
  7. TkdWarrior

    TkdWarrior Valued Member

    hmm well Mr. Law u should start from Kick boxing, don't worry u'll catch up with fitness n loose some weight...
    how much do u weigh?
    wat's ur current fitness?
    how much time u can spend on practice?
    why don't u hav a goal? setting goals always help, let's say how about being much better n fitter in by the end of June this year?
    it's realisable goal dont u think?
    my advice is first search within urself n find a goal(realistic one)
    art is secondary...
    best of lucks
  8. Sc0tsg1t

    Sc0tsg1t New Member

    Hi there Mr law

    If I can read between the lines properly (most of my ex-girlfriends will state that that is not possible :rolleyes: ) then I think that you are really looking for a martial art that will help transform your physique the quickest and produce other effects secondary. In this instance then kick-boxing will have the most desired effect. If your instructor is any good at coaching (as there are many instructors out there who are good technically but fail to coach adequately) then you will work hard but within your limits. As you progress you will find what your physical limits are and then depending on your own personality progress from there. Tai Chi on the other hand will have less of an immediate impact outwardly but can produce unexpected beneficial results within your personality. Kickboxing is very much an external art when you first start (by that I mean physical) but gradually changes as you do it longer and learn more about it. Tai Chi will calm you as a person and make you more aware of your body (in much the same manner as Yoga does) and as a result you will learn to function with more ease and less stress. Stress of course makes everything harder to accomplish.

    Ideally, I would see if you could do both. I think a combination of the physical exertion from kickboxing and the mental stimulation/relaxtion from tai Chi would make you not only a more accomplished technician at both but also a more complete person. This of course relates directly to your life outside the dojo and I would hope that you are eventually as pleasantly surprised as I have found myself with my training.

    Whatever you choose I wish you well. It is an exciting and sometimes daunting journey but walk the path and it will lead you to where you want to go.
  9. shadow joe

    shadow joe seeker of truth

    i hope your wednesday class goes well, i definitely would be interested to hear what kind of Tai Chi they offer...

    I take Tai Chi, and ever since I started my instructor encouraged daily practice and in 90 days I lost about 30 pounds at least. Mostly doing standing meditations from Yichaun, a type of tai chi.

    I also participate in our Muay Thai classes, and I can tell you they are a rigorous workout, if your young and in not so bad shape then it could be right for you.

    However I get the feeling your not to physically confident? I would reccomend anybody who has back, wieght, or other helthy conditions to take Tai Chi.

    It will make you fit if you want it to and with any good instruction it will prepare you martially and mentally for any situation.

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