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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Henchman, Jan 17, 2012.

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    Hey, my name is Emre. I am 16 years of age and from the UK. I am sort of new to martial arts. When I was 10 I did Kung Fu for about 1-2 years. However, that is the extent of my martial arts. I have, however, been interested in MMA for several years now.

    My favourite fighter is GSP and I want a body that is better than his. My only concern is I left it a bit late to get into martial arts and that I won't have enough time to make it pro and leave a legacy behind at whichever brand I'm with.

    So far I have been training in wrestling & BJJ. I want a striking base a bit later, maybe 1yr from now. I joined this forum actually hoping that some serious martial artists could help me devise a workout plan in which I get ripped in an appropriate way for MMA.

    So far I am on a slim fast diet as I way about 15-16 stone and I am only 5'10 and I want to be a welterweight, the only up-side is that I have a muscular frame. All I have been doing at the gym so far is going for about 5 min runs (max I can do is 7mins) and lifting weights.

    For instance, today I lifted:

    4kg dumbbells 3 sets 10 reps
    10kg barbell 3 sets - 30x1 reps 20x1 reps 10x1 reps
    Leg presses weighted by 40 - 3 sets - 20 reps

    And that's about it. I really want some help so yea, anyone here who can help me out?​
  2. Simon

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    Welcome to MAP.

    Join a gym, do what they say.
  3. Henchman

    Henchman New Member

    Thanks. ~
  4. Mushroom

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    @Henchman, apologies can you please try not to post in 'central'. Its a bit difficult to read, especially if you do a lengthy post and information can be missed which can affect the advice you recieve here.

    Also what does your gym/coach tell you? At the age of 16 you got plenty of time, but also the skills will take time. Regular/correct training is the best and only way to get good at what you want to do.

    In regards to weight loss, I'm not an expert, but the SlimFast is doubtfully helpful to you, especially when you're part of a MMA gym you should be burning more than the usual non-training human do anyway.
    I may be wrong but when I look at stuff like "lose weight quick shake" I'm not sure how the protein and nutrients come into it. Especially when they say 1 for breakfast, 1 for lunch and a "sensible" dinner.
  5. Henchman

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    Sure, thanks.

    My gym coach tells me to come in 1-3 times a week for an hour to 2 hours. He doesn't want me fatiguing and practicing the drills wrong.

    It's not really a lose weight quick shake, even if the name suggests it. The idea is you consume 1500 calories in a day rather than 2000. It states on the bottle it takes time.

    This shake also provides some of the protein you need for training and I eat plenty of lean chicken and veggies for dinner. I also want to build the rushfit program into my training.

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