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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by GhostOfYourMind, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. GhostOfYourMind

    GhostOfYourMind Bewaters lil Iron Monkey

    Yes, a new routine already. I'm getting bored of EDT. So I will finish it out in two more weeks (to make it a nice "round" 5 weeks...ha!). Sooooo, that means I need to create a new program! Lemme know what you think of something like this:

    A1 Bench 10x3
    A2 Row 10x3

    B1 Deadlift 3x10

    A1 Dip or some kind of overhead press (haven't decided) 4x6
    A2 Pullup 4x6

    B1 Bulgarian Split Squat or some kind of olympic variant like power clean (haven't decided) 4x6

    A1 Bench 3x10
    A2 Row 3x10

    B1 Deadlift 10x3

    Note: It'll alternate, so outer days (monday and friday) become an inner day (wednesday) and vice versa.

    I'm basically trying to get a push, a pull, and a leg movement, done in a full body thing 3 times a week. I figure full body IS the way to go. Splits are too time consuming and just boring. Comments are appreciated.

    Release the hounds!
  2. TheMachine

    TheMachine Valued Member

    how about this?

    A O lift variant (clean pull, power snatch, power clean)
    a1Quad dominant bilateral
    a2horizontal pull (rows)

    b1hip dominant unilateral (1 leg hyperextension, 1 leg RDL)
    b2horzontal push (bench press and variants)

    Core work


    A explosive upper body exercise (dynamic bench, medicine bal tosses, push press, jerk)
    a1.hip dominant bilateral (deadlift, SLDL, RDL)
    a2 vertical pull (chins, pulldowns, pullovers)
    b1 Quad dominant unilateral (split squat, step-up lunge, pistol)
    b2 vertical push ( Military press, db press, dips)

    core work
  3. blessed_samurai

    blessed_samurai Valued Member

  4. GhostOfYourMind

    GhostOfYourMind Bewaters lil Iron Monkey

    Alrighty then. Thanks to both of you. I gues I'll just dump dips and pullups, and add power cleans and dumbbell snatches in their places. 4x3 should be ok to start out with, right? :confused:

    Thanks for the link too blessed. Cool beans.
  5. blessed_samurai

    blessed_samurai Valued Member

    4X3 is fine.
  6. TheMachine

    TheMachine Valued Member

    4x3 is fine. The one thing we want to do when crating a program is make sure there is balance.
  7. GhostOfYourMind

    GhostOfYourMind Bewaters lil Iron Monkey

    Thanks guys. What kinda weight you think I should use with that set/rep scheme? Should I go for more of a power/speed work thing (like an 8 or 10RM roughly), or should I use a heavier load (like a 5RM comparably)? Thanks ya'll.

    Machine- Yeah, I'm trying to keep as much balance as possible in both upper body and lower body.
  8. blessed_samurai

    blessed_samurai Valued Member

    I'd vary between 1-4 reps using 80-95% of 1RM or basically keeping 1-3 in the hole. An example might be
    1X3@80%, 1X3@85%, 1X2@90%, 1X1@95%, 2X3@80%
  9. TheMachine

    TheMachine Valued Member

    good idea :) also consider unilatral training


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