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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by kempojosh, Feb 23, 2006.

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    That is what you get for living up in Harrogate Mr. Noble :D

    And yes I do agree with what you said. If there is a slight link or hint of training in X school or Ryu, then you are going to get bombarded with questions, even if you like it or not. e-budo has a part aim of getting the awareness out into the open of frauds and the fakes, so people can go and look up the names and see for themselves who is the better and who is best avoided for being a danger to kids.

    Kempo-kid went on e-budo asking the Q of hidden moves. But as a 4th Dan he should know all them hidden and subtle moves that make up the hidden parts of the Ryu or teachings. So he gets the treatment of the grindstone, does not like it and starts to slag off e-budo. Everyone that goes on there saying they have invented a new school and teaching will get the grindstone. We all want to know who taught them and what their history is. If it can not be proven or doubt is cast, then you get crushed. This is how life is in the MA world: Prove to us who you learned from and we will be the best of friends. It does not matter if Dux taught you and you learned Aikido as well, as long as you can prove that you are willing to put it all to the test.

    But saying "come and train with me, I am a nice man"... It sounds like them creepy men in the trenchcoats in the park touting boys for some dubious goings on. Even open offers are treated with some trepidation, so until it is proven that they are for real, the offer is shunned.

    And I do wish David to go back to Kempo. It may reduce his post count on e-budo :p
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    I really think that there's probably no compromise position in this debate over the "anticedence matters above everything", versus "err, no it doesn't really" positions and maybe we should just stop looking for mutual respect in this matter, nor much joy in looking for it. Nor between the "I want to know about your history", versus "look just come and train with us and see what you think" approaches. And lets not even get onto the "purism" versus "effectiveness" debate or we'll be here until Christmas, and it is only March.

    We can however probably agree on the "Kempo Kid's first post on E-budo was bloody silly" viewpoint without further debate?

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    Yes we can agree on the Kempo Kid silly posting of "Where are all these hidden moves in Kempo?"

    I do not have the heart to tell him that we on e-budo hid them all prior to his arrival :D
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    Do not even go there or associated me with that sort of conitation. I am also forwarding this on to the mods on this site. I have also saved this post onto my pc and printed it out (just in case)

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    Oh the comic genius :rolleyes: you would have to prove that the place you hid it in was credible enough to hid the object, rather than have the ability to hid it in

  6. 2E0WHN

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    And does that give you power? Something that is said that is tongue in cheek and you go all fundamentalist. Give it a rest wil lyou. You posted on e-budo and make a question worthy of a 10th Kyu or a Angst ridden teen and expect some respect? Now you are claiming that my wording is just me having a dig at you. Please, allow the moderators to question me. The socialbility aand the interaction will more than likely cheer me up.

    What I said was it seems like the men in the park. It was not referring to you or your cultish friends. they all went onto e-budo and said "We have trained with him, why don't you?", or to put it my way "Come into the parlour, said the spider to the fly". You never proved 100% on e-budo. You never even tried to reply to the questions, let alone provide copies of your training certificates. All you did was duck out and hide on here claiming e-budo was like a bunch of 6 year olds :rolleyes:

    So now that you have a copy of my writing, can I ask for my 10% writers fee, or shall I enquire about copyright infringement :D J/K :p
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    Out of interest Mr Northcote, when did you last train regularly with anybody, in any style? And at what grade?

    Or does it amuse you more to post safely insulated personal attacks on people who train and teach regularly instead? I try not to be as personal and offensive as you prefer to be, but your posts do read very much like those of a primarily armchair martial artist.

    With regard to your latest accusation; I know from experience that KK's offers are open and friendly. That said, I'd suggest that what you've just said about somebody I know to be a loving father may have just changed that. May I, very strongly, suggest that you apologise.


    Note to moderators. Imollation's online profile identifies him as William Northcote from his IM ID - I am therefore not broaching any confidentiality here and consider this relevant because the same person made some very (in my opinion) offensive and personal attacks on both KK and my own Sensei, Warren Palmer on the e-Budo forum recently.
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    kempo kid and others,

    there will always be people out there to critize you. some of it you may bring on yourself and some of it you may not. the only real issue(s) that matter are if you are the real deal and if your students thinks so. there is no one else that you have to answer to. if you're out on your own studying, then you should consider finding someone more experienced than yourself so they can advise you. people don't go to ma schools to be part of a cool lineage. they go to a school to learn how to defend themselves better.
  9. 2E0WHN

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    When was the last time I trained with anyone? Friday night with my Sensei, and teaching Saturday morning. Mine was as recent as that. When was yours? :D

    As for the comment, if you read it as it says, the words "it sounds like..." appears prior to the said comment. It is not claiming by that to be making out KK as a nasty man, far from it. It is the open invitation that I am on about. If I had said |"He is" or "Would you like to..." which are different within the English language. So by saying "it sounds like" does not make it a direct accusation, but more of assumation on words.

    BTW, how did you get the IM ID? Mine is an AOL account and does not use the first name or surname. So either you are clutching at straws, or you have asked around. Personally, I think you have asked around and found out from someone else as email sending is restricted from my profile :D
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    Your profile shows your IM ID as "nrthcwll", having seen a lot of abusive postings in a similar writing style and in the same direction on E-budo from a "Will Northcote", the connection was obvious.

    Since you ask, Sunday, running my Kempo class. I sadly had to miss an Aikido class during the week because I couldn't get away from work until about 9pm.

    Sorry to see that you aren't man enough to apologise and feel the need to justify your behaviour instead. KK apologised on E-budo for something far less offensive, and very fully!

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  11. 2E0WHN

    2E0WHN Homebrew for idiots

    I am man enough to apolgise, but not for defermation when the accusation is not directed at the person in question. You and your "Sensei" are saying that I have called him something when the wording of that passage denotes observation upon a subject. It is not a directed attack upon the person, but more upon the words. The words were twisted to a dry and dark humourous nature, which is something you two have missed.

    It was like last month when I posted a comment about Soke Hatsumi in the ninjutsu thread under the title loyalty. That comment was enough to get all the Shihans rattled. But if they read the post, they missed the irony of what I was saying. You two have also done the same. You have read the post, but missed the meaning. All you saw was the comment of the invite and then saw the comment about the nasty men in the park. You have missed the part inbetween completely and the context of the twist.

    I do not know if I should laugh at you two for missing the point or feel sorry for both of you for not having the vision to look deeper into the meaning.
  12. GenghisK

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    There we have it don't we. You actually take pleasure in twisting words to cause maximum offence, then squirming out of it by saying "but actually, if you look at the technically correct but non-obvious interpretation of...". Worse than that, you boast about it. Clearly you enjoy yourself, along with your pure, unadulterated, unpolluted form of martial art taught by people whose main claim to fame is their family tree.

    Have fun. If you ever turn up at a BKS dojo, or at a seminar where any of us are teaching, please rest assured that you'll receive far more courtesy than you've displayed towards any of us online.

    At which, I have better things to do with my time.

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  13. Tripitaka of AA

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    Hi Dr Genghis,

    In the same spirit as your first post on E-Budo, I'd just like to apologise for Will's character flaws. His macabre sense of humour has been spreading its tentacles across many of the popular NBs for some years. There are moments of sublime comedy to be found in his tortured view of the sick and crazy world of Martial Arts. The KK and BKS saga seems to have stirred him into some fairly verbose posting that on occasion has been a little *****ly. I'm inclined to believe that this has been a reaction to the discovery of home-grown Budo mish-mash clumsiness, as opposed to the more usual American fare. A pride in this countries' ability to import the best of Budo gets dented when butchers and Frankensteinian re-assemblers start revealing their handiwork. Will takes few things seriously, but the reputation of British Martial Artists on forums like this is a topic that seems to stir his cup.

    When you suggest that he may be an Armchair Budoka, then I have to take exception. I am the only one authorised to use that title, and Will would have to eat my socks just to borrow it for one post. He is far too active to qualify. Fans of his work will remember a period when his post count went up, but it was only because of some trifling matter of a tumourous kidney being removed. Perhaps they should have taken his spleen too, then he wouldn't have had to vent it so much over this thread. On the whole I find him to be as sanguine as a leech after a feast.... and he loves me back :)

    Let us hope that this matter shall soon become just a happy memory, as warm and fuzzy as the nostalgic reminiscence of our first playground fight. :D

    Oh, I see the profanity filter has removed my innocent use of a common word, *****ly, which begins with "pr" and rhymes with "quickly"... oh well, c'est la vie.
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  14. 2E0WHN

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    I resemble that comment Mr. Noble. :D

    But yes, That is the way. A group that invents itself with abandon is not the British way. It needs to be refined, to have history so people can look to it and say "There is a group that I can go to". After all, apart from Soke spotting at Seni events, what else do we have to moan about in the UK (except GKR) :p
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    I've always found commenting upon the usefulness on the streets of TKD and Shotokan particularly amusing if I'm in that sort of mood. That and that well known, deeply bastardised martial art "hollywood-do".


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