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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by kempojosh, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. kempojosh

    kempojosh Valued Member

    i don't think it would happen, but what would it take for the kempo groups in the u.s. to put aside any/all differences and come together to make a national kempo organization? i mean the ussd, villari's kempo, cng, Dr. Chapel's, Larry Tatum, and any others that i may have overlooked.

    If all of the groups could get on peaceful terms, would this be possible? Is the kempo so different that the groups couldn't mix together?

    just a thought.
  2. dbmasters

    dbmasters Valued Member

    sure, as long as you get rid of the egos and the greed it should be no problem. :)
  3. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    Even the Ed Parker guys can't all manage to get together :/

    I think it works better when you get people from completely different styles together LOL no overalp, no politics.
  4. snow_tiger

    snow_tiger New Member

    I'm not trying to be political, or fan the already rampant flames. I promise..

    But I would switch to TKD before being in an organization or studying an art recognizing cng as one of the leaders. The fact that his initials hit a list of heavy-hitters in Kem(n)po truly threatens the level of respect that Kempo may soon carry in the MA community.

    I don't mean this as flaming, or anything of the sort, tho I admit it sounds like it. It comes from the deep love and respect I have for Kempo, and the level of "joke" Geary has made of himself in the MA community (which I would prefer not stigmatize the art I work so hard at). The level of megalomania his site and "Biography" shows, the questionable character of sexual harrasment and multiple vandalisms on record, the lies for rank and paper-chasing, the disrespect shown to those who have forged ahead of him...

    The fact that he has gotten his name in the same sentence as the true Kempo seniors shows me the level of damage being done.

    As to the specific question, it will never happen, and maybe it shouldn't. I like the fact the Kempo is not really a "style", but more a group of diverse teachings that concentrates more on what works.

    I'll put on my fire-proof gi now, and return to my corner.
  5. wildwills

    wildwills Valued Member

    I personally don't want to see a national kempo organization...why do you need an oragnization so that you can "mix" together??
  6. kempojosh

    kempojosh Valued Member

    1) we probably wouldn't have these feuds between different black belts. if we had one group then the top black belts could mediate or settle the feud

    2)tkd has a national organization. what are all the benefits that they have?

    3)mixing different styles together probably wouldn't be a bad idea

    give me some feedback
  7. Les

    Les Valued Member

    Please excuse my ignorance, but I only started in Kenpo as recently as the mid seventies.

    Who, or what, is cng?

  8. Joe V.

    Joe V. Valued Member

    The lineage from GM. Mitose run through so many great Masters, I think it would be very difficult for anyone to determine "a governing board". I think the Seniors in the Kajukenbo system have it down pretty pat. Sijo Emperado is the head of Kajukenbo and that is that.
    Likewise the Seniors in Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu.
    GM. Pesare the undisputed founder of Kempo in New England has it down pretty pat also. Prof. Cerio, may he rest in peace, had a good eye for spotting fakes and fools, also has it down pat. The heads of the system I study, Prof. Nohelty and Prof. Bryant have it down pat too.
    I think the Senior and RESPECTED leaders of the various Kempo/Kenpo braches tend to do a pretty good job of policing their own ranks... Fools are not suffered lightly as a general rule. Sooner or later, they catch on and pull the rug out from them.
    Don't forget Josh Hawaiian Kempo, American Kempo... Although the roots come from China,Okinawa and Japan. Once the Art reached the Hawaiian Islands and the mainland, the system took on a distinctively independent flavor. The Kajukenbo Seniors perfected their Art to be able to defend themselves from OTHER MARTIAL ARTISTS... They combined their talent to produce an highly effective system with some very vigorous traing demands. They did the unheard of... They COMBINED the systems and built their system around what actually worked on the street and they PROVED it...
    My point to this??? We in Kempo are as different as any American is to the other... But, we are all linked by Kempo... Just as the individual states are linked to each other through the federal goverment... We all fly the same flag... We all can claim our roots to GM. Mitose and Prof. Chow and GM. Thomas Young. Like I said earlier, I think the Seniors do a pretty good job of policing their own ranks.
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  9. Joe V.

    Joe V. Valued Member

    Who? Christopher N. Geary.

    He is the subject of a pretty lively debate.
    I suggets you vist this site and judge for yourself.
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  10. kempojosh

    kempojosh Valued Member

    to see both sides of the story i suggest go to

    on chapter 14 brings alot of heat.

    i'm not trying to recruit anyone to cng's side, i just think that both sides are worth reading.
  11. kempojosh

    kempojosh Valued Member

    gm ?

    i am asuming that GM means grandmaster. Am i right? If so, what exactly would qualify someone to be a grandmaster?
  12. Joe V.

    Joe V. Valued Member

    If a person studied Martial Arts, created their own system, produced quality students, made significant contributions to the improvemnet of the Martial Arts in general AND was recognized and honored by other GMs, then the title Grand Master is normally appplied to that person(s). Any one can put on a red belt and claim to be a GM... The real question is: when does someone become RECOGNIZED by the GMs in their lineage?
  13. vindaloo

    vindaloo Banned Banned

    A national org would just be another license to print money. They could call it MMA – Money minded Association because it’d have nothing to do with good kempo.
  14. kempo-kid

    kempo-kid Warning Dangerous

    I the UK I think a few of us have achieved this. Myself along with Sensei Paul King and Sensei Warren Palmer have formed the British Kempo Society. It is just over a year old now with clubs in the following places

    Calgary Alberta Canada

    What makes us unique? we don't interferre with each others running of club or syllabus' We just offer fellowship within the kempo arts. All the founders styles are really different

    Mine is Kempo Jujitsu
    Pauls is Goshin Kempo Ryu
    Warrens Ryu Kyu Kempo

    If people are interested please feel free to PM me and I'll answer any questions you guys have

  15. kempo-kid

    kempo-kid Warning Dangerous

  16. kempo-kid

    kempo-kid Warning Dangerous

    Seeing as people (Tripitaka of AA) like to follow the forums on which I post I'll saw you all the time and effort of surfing. I post on the following

    On those two sites people actually know me and have actually trained with both me and the other BKS instructors :rolleyes:

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  17. Bomber

    Bomber Valued Member

  18. kempo-kid

    kempo-kid Warning Dangerous

    I wouldn't really say well documented. You starting to flame then yes I agree to that. However I did ask or phrase a question really stupidly on e-budo. For that, everything I says has to be false and a load of boglocks. Please come and train with me I have nothing to hide. I believe the conversation on e-budo went along the lines of what my old instructor taught ect, and where he learnt it from. I'm not going to deny my past at all. If it wasn't for that i wouldn't be doing somthing that I enjoy doing now.

    Anyone has got an open invite to come and train with me at any point. After they have trained with me then you can say what you like. To be honest I have been criticised by someone (who may or maynot be though a fault of their own doing) that has not activly trained since 1988. Valid as their opinion is it could be consrude as very one sided or even stagnant.

    I will not answer anymore on the ebudo site because I believe it is very hard to argue on your own. (arn't ebudo being sued?) anyway I digress.

    People on this site have trained with me and will atest to my personal kempo and the BKS.

    Keep smiling :D


    PS. Bomber if you are going to have a go at me please can you spell my name correctly ;)
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  19. pj_goober

    pj_goober Valued Member

    I've trained with Kempo-Kid in both Aiuchi ju-jitsu and been taught by him in his style of kempo, ok the guys a nutter and has a bit of a screw loose :p but he's an excellent martial artist, whatever his lineage might be.
  20. Les

    Les Valued Member

    Did I miss something?

    It's nice to see such support for Kenpo Kid, but what has prompted the turn this thread has taken?

    Les :confused:

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