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Discussion in 'Judo' started by inkpen, Feb 21, 2015.

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  1. Kframe

    Kframe Valued Member

    Fair enough i accept your point. I was just trying to offer constructive advice. To tell him what i would have done in that situation. Kid getting struck in a grappling setting? Fine time to learn striking defense. Thats how i look at things.

    However you are correct and it should not be needed if it already against the rules.
  2. inkpen

    inkpen Valued Member

    Ah aaradia-how did I know you would be the 1st to pounce with feline alacrity when you thought my back was turned (that I had left the forum for good)??

    I was happy to engage in debate with anyone as long as we did so with an open mind. You my friend, since I threw a mildly sarcastic inference your way, showed a decided disinclination to be impartial.

    You constantly tried to pick up on any little clue that would reinforce your assertion that I am vindictive, and motivated solely by revenge. I had crossed swords with others on this forum but we had been big enough to be able to move on and discuss in a fair & rational manner. You seemed incapable of moving past a criticism.

    You asked me to provide proof of my claims re:JFA malpractices. I did so. Apart from a cursory reference you did not examine. You did not acknowledge the validity of my case that my son has been discriminated against for having switched clubs. You did not acknowledge that JFA have tried to sweep the matter under the carpet by dragging the investigation of my complaints into the legal sphere at my expense.

    You, in your controlling position as Topic Moderator did not try, despite my efforts, to steer the discussion onto the broader, crucial issue of the manner in which this has been handled by JFA, and away from the strike.

    Why therefore would I continue & post the letter when you will interpret in the light that you wish to. I have no confidence in your desire to moderate fairly.

    I wonder have you any connection to Judo Federation Australia, any friendships there, any reason to render you unwilling to hear any criticism against them. I would not quite go so far as to accuse you of being an apologist for the status quo, the hierarchy of Australian judo. However I genuinely question your ability to be impartial.

    You will of course use this post, my final post on this forum, as damning evidence of my vengeful & vindictive nature. So be it.

    Holyhead-this incident happened towards the end of bout. My son was assessed & given time to recover. He was asked if he wished to continue. He said yes. The ref restarted bout & before the 2 players had time to engage the buzzer for end of bout went. The scores were even. A discussion ensued between officials & bout went into golden point/extra time, where after about 90 secs the other kid scored a yuko and won the match. I can already hear the howls of "yes we knew it's all sour grapes". Whatever.

    I am immensely proud of my son in this incident. Despite being fouled (either deliberately or accidentally) he continued the bout. Before leaving the mat he bowed & shook his opponent's hand. He acted with integrity.
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  3. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Wrong, I never thought you were gone for good or your "back was turned." People say they leave all the time. Usually the ones that make a grand claim about doing so don't actually leave. The ones that leave just do by stopping posting- no grand announcements.

    Actually, I have been one of the more impartial posters on here. I haven't been all negative to your cause, nor have I agreed with you entirely.

    Wow, you really ran with that. You are oversensitive and now I see how this may actually be a part of the original issue.

    If you were paying attention, you would see that I have repeatedly said I thought your son was hit deliberately. I never said you should drop your cause, should have your son quit Judo either. Although I did say I thought it would be a good idea to join forces with others dealing with the other issues you brought up.

    You also, in your zeal to pin me to being out against you, failed to notice that I was about the only one who paid attention to your posts about other corruption and said there definitely were other disturbing issues with that governing body. Despite your claim that I did not. You aren't paying attention to what I am saying, only the stuff where I am critical.

    Actually, I did thank you for pointing this out and I did say that the first post was disturbing, which also meant the attempt to sweep it under the carpet.
    It is true I haven't had time to look at the other issues. I have a big test coming up. But it is disturbing. As for the rest, you are mad I didn't agree with you vocally? I am undecided on some of these issues. You said you had an open mind to other opinions on here, but you really are not as this post demonstrates.
    This is not an area where I am a topic moderator and I made no moderator actions on the matter. I am topic moderator in the Internal arts section and the Tai Chi Section. You are telling me how to moderate now? That I should have used my position to steer the conversation your way? Seriously? Moderating isn't about controlling conversations in that way. It is about making sure people follow the TOS.

    I haven't moderated AT ALL here. Only participated as a member. You really are losing what support you had from me. If this is the way you dealt with the Judo Federation, well, this post is very telling.

    I am critical of you making a claim of how you were treated, yet being unwilling to provide evidence. And this reason sounds like a lame excuse. Although I suspect there is some validity as you are not the first person who made claims of stuff being swept under the carpet. How do I know? Because I did some googling when you posted your links and looked at some forum where it was being discussed.

    Dude, I have not supported your wanting a grudge match for your son. And I stand by that. I also think I need to see the letter before deciding if what you claim is true or not. But you are finding excuses not to provide it.

    I live in So Cal, and have never been involved in Judo in any way. I practice Choy Li Fut Kung Fu and Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. I don't know anyone in Australia, unless you count me seeing the Sifu of a CLF school made a Sifu at my school's banquet in a large crowd. That Sifu used to live and teach at another location of my school and I have never talked to him.

    I have some concerns with this Federation, as I stated and you didn't notice. You are just making up stuff now.

    Another pronouncement of leaving? Even if you stop posting, I bet you still log in and read this thread.
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  4. Simon

    Simon Moved on Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    inkpen, if you have a problem with any of the moderation on MAP, I suggest you raise the matter by email or PM.

    Remember MODs post as regular users too.
  5. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    And here I will say something as a moderator. Please feel free to bring concerns about me to the moderator team, but do it according to the TOS.
  6. holyheadjch

    holyheadjch Valued Member

    Actually no. I don't believe that you would have spent 9 months of your life battling this just because your son lost a junior match in golden score. I was just curious as to how it played out.
    You should be proud. Fighting on when you're hurt is hard at any age, but kids especially often go to pieces when they've taken a knock.
  7. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    As a matter of course, if someone is going to cite a piece of evidence, it's going to be more compelling if people can actually see that evidence. I can understand your reasoning for not sharing. I can acknowledge your right to discuss the letter without producing it. But you cannot, in return, expect everyone to feel as strongly as you do about this issue when we haven't been privvy to the facts that you have. You saw a letter. We didn't. We only have a second-hand description. So people aren't ready to grab up their sabres in open revolt.

    Insinuating that this somehow reflects mod bias, and worse yet, that a mod (a gung fu exponent from the United States, at that) is involved in some sort of world-spanning judo conspiracy is, frankly, below you. I don't know you, but that's below most people. You're clearly good with words (though you're overdoing it a touch). You can hold your own in a debate without resorting to these sorts of shenanigans. Your son competed with dignity and integrity. You can too.
  8. inkpen

    inkpen Valued Member

    You have expressed your opinion in a reasonable & balanced manner. I was not going to respond to aaradia's highly moralistic, self-righteous, and bias manner. He is still too busy to examine the damning evidence that I posted.

    OK I am not prepared to post the latter of intimidating & the necessary letter that elicited that response openly on this forum.

    However I am prepared to send via private email to a certain no. of people & have them view. I propose say 7 members. I will choose 3, there will be you ap Oweyn as co-ordinator and judge, and 3 members who you choose.

    I know nobody on this forum so my choice is based only on what I perceive to be the members' ability to be open-minded and fair.

    You ap Oweyn I am happy to have you as the neutral of the 7. I also suggest that you be the facilitator. Who you choose is entirely up to you.
    But I will point out I have no confidence in our eminent friend aaradia to be impartial because I think his judgement is clearly coloured by his having seemingly taken offense to my criticisms of him.

    Re: the 2nd part of your post I will address these matters in my reply to aaradia that will follow
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  9. inkpen

    inkpen Valued Member

    aaradia you clever, clever guru! You must be psychic. How could you have foreseen that I would return. But then you are aware of the addictive nature of such forums as this. Fool that I am, and against the better advice of others, I am back to argue my case.

    Ah aaradia I see you are still much too busy to have taken but a few brief moments to analyse the evidence I supplied. You took sufficient time though to smear my integrity.
    You were content to leave your last reference to my case reinforcing your slurs upon my character.

    Twice you alleged that I was motivated by a malevolent revenge because my son & I want a rematch under fair conditions where the rules would be enforced, and deceitful (in having purposely withheld info re: cosmetic changes that should have been in place before).

    You refuse to consider that the desire for a rematch is competitiveness. Curious what others think on this?

    aaradia you have continually sniped at me from the sidelines (from the safety of your position of Topic Moderator). You take umbrage when I have eventually returned fire. You seem to consider yourself above criticism.

    aaradia you seem to make your support and opinion dependant on good relations with you. You have twice said that I'm losing your support. Mate I don't want your support if it's conditional on good relations with you and not solely decided by the veracity or otherwise of the facts.

    Because you think the strike was deliberate am I supposed to say Thank You oh great one? I only respect findings delivered on purely the facts. Am I expected to ingratiate myself with you in order to gain your "honest" opinion & support? Is this a prerequisite? Mate I don't care who you are-you are not above criticism.

    So you live in the great United States of America. I am in awe. I did not know where you lived. For all I knew you could have been living in Australia. Further if you were involved in judo, perhaps you might understand that the judo fraternity is not confined by distance or countries. It is not so fantastical to question whether you knew anybody, or of somebody, involved in the administration of judo in Australia.

    aaradia I see you are a masterful exponent gung foo/kung foo. You must excuse my temerity in pointing out that you seem to have no judo background. Perhaps this has absolutely no bearing?

    So you are not a Topic Moderator on this thread. When posting why did you not therefore do so as just a Valued Member, without attaching the grandiose title of TM? I thought, logically, that you were the Topic Moderator on this thread. I also thought you had therefore some influence on the direction of the debate. This is why I defended myself so vigorously and said that I have no confidence in your ability to be impartial.

    aaradia I am very happy to be criticised but I will defend myself. It amuses me that you seem to consider you are above criticism and make your support conditional on good relations with you.
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  10. qazaqwe

    qazaqwe Valued Member

    Bored at work, eh?
  11. inkpen

    inkpen Valued Member

    Nah, Just copped a flogging from the missus & as thought I'd pass it on!!
  12. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter


    You were informed of the need to raise concerns about moderation through the proper channels. Aaradia doesn't sacrifice the right to express an opinion on whatever topic or forum SHE chooses simply by virtue of being a moderator elsewhere. She also didn't suggest that her view be given more weight because of her status as a moderator. You brought that fact into play. Not her.

    You've opted not to use the proper channels, despite a legitimate warning to do so. I have no intention of serving as a facilitator on this matter. I'm neither qualified to pass comment on the state of affairs in judo nor interested in vindicating a grudge match.

    The next time you have concerns about moderation (or anything else), raise them through the proper channels as you agreed to do when you signed off on MAP's terms of service. Thanks.
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