New 19,000 square foot MMA Training Center

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  1. ryangruhn

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    June 10, 2008

    Mixed Martial Arts LANDS “BIG” in STATE COLLEGE, PA-
    -Establishment of 19,000 square foot MMA Training Center

    State College, PA- LionHeart Professional Management and Promotions Inc. enters the field of professional mixed martial arts announcing the acquisition of a 19,000 sq ft MMA training facility and the establishment of Team LionHeart in downtown State College, PA.

    Located at 127 Sowers Street, just blocks off Penn State’s Main Campus and home to one of the best NCAA Division I wrestling programs in the country, the facility will include a 22 ft octagon, a 24 ft boxing ring, 6,000 sq ft of MMA mat space, and 8,000 sq ft of Hammer Strength, Free Weights and Aerobic Equipment making it one of the largest and best equipped MMA training facilities East of the Mississippi.

    Owner Chad Dubin, says the majority of reputable MMA training camps and facilities are currently located in the Midwest and Western states. “There’s clearly a demand for a facility of this kind on the East Coast. Fighters who are serious about having successful, professional MMA careers as well as young athletes on their way up, now have access to elite coaching, state of the art facilities and professional career management, all in one location.”

    Dubin also believes that many young MMA fighters find it difficult to transition into the professional ranks because their day jobs keep them out of the gym. “LionHeart will aggressively pursue a unique career development strategy for our fighters which includes event planning, targeted fundraising, and grass-roots fan base development. We will groom young fighters for professional careers and create an environment where professionals will become champions.”

    LionHeart is well positioned to benefit from 2 significant factors: 1) the PA State Gaming Commission’s decision to sanction professional MMA events; and 2) Pennsylvania has the largest population of wrestlers and wrestling fans in the country.

    Team LionHeart’s staff includes coaches specialized in grappling, striking, jiu-jitsu, muay-thai, wrestling and strength and conditioning.

    Fighters and coaches interested in learning more about the opportunities at LionHeart should contact Chad Dubin at (814) 280-1982 or

    For further information visit:
  2. Well thats just honestly convinced me to quit Martial Arts forever because I'll never EVER come close to being as good as anybody who gets to train in this place, under those conditions and with those coaches. Waste of time going to some leisure / sports centre by comparison !

  3. Slindsay

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    19,000 Square foot isn't that big when you think about it, it's only like 100 by 200 feet, it just sounds like it's really massive.

    Still, it does sound like a top notch gym.
  4. pauli

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    i like to think of it as being nineteen feet wide and a thousand feet long.
  5. ryangruhn

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    That's how we set this place up. Our workouts consist of people running sprints all day down the 1,000 hall way =)

  6. Davey Bones

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    Sounds nice <drool>

    Bur PA has yet to sanction MMA, despite the claims of the article. Legislation is still pending with the PASAC.

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