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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by inthespirit, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. onyomi

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    So, please explain to us what you understand to be the internal aspect of Taiji. What would you call it? In what way do you train it as opposed to the "set of dead concepts and vain hopes" I train in? This is why people want you to explain more about who you are and what you do. Without it we can only make assumptions about how you train based on your earlier rudeness.

    If you post something like: "you know, qigong training is actually just training to use the diaphragm to work in tandem with the muscles and tendons it attaches to" or whatever, then you can spark a discussion. When you just post: "you people are killing Taiji" you can only spark a flamewar.
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  2. moononthewater

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    Not sure who else it might be in those days I was only doing Tai Chi Chuan training and not doing competitions as I was still doing a lot of Karate. Pete e might have be a better person to ask as he comes from up that way. The only other person I can think of is Ian Sinclair who fits the fair description but he is not that tall.
  3. Taiji Butterfly

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    Well done for the "OO are yer?" Cullion :cool:

    (tbph I think whether a person does it or not makes a statement about whether that person comes in here wanting to give, learn and share among fellow MAists or whether they come in here secretly thinking that they're better than everyone else... welcome aboard :) )
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    Liokault used to post his proper bio in his profile on bullshido, and then changed it to something humorous. I think he just wants to argue his points without having to establish some kind of 'rank' first.
  5. Taiji Butterfly

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    I understand that Cullion, but I feel it's counterproductive and precious tbh.
    The "OO are YER" thread is actually about history and experience, not about rank (none such thing in tjq imo) and I've never known anyone use it to disparage another poster here. Read my original post in there and you'll see what I mean - when someone did try to start a row in there the mods agreed to move it to a separate thread. Funnily enough the troll in question gave it up once he realised he would not be allowed to wreck the thread.

    ....and TBH The only time I've come across anyone abusing info from a profile was actually Liokault slagging me off here for having 'energy healer' as part of my occupation...
    :rolleyes: pot-kettle-black methinks :rolleyes:
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    Liokault, I'm not sure who that would have been at the Grand Championship, how tall was he?

    I know what you mean Liokault, I tend to see some Taiji in most martial arts I look at. Personally I put that down to Taiji being my first and main art and the fact that all martial arts ultimately lead to the same place, even if the path differs.

    I'm not saying that putting the gloves on and sparring has no use or place in training and competition. IMO it does, but I think it is important to recognise that as soon as you put boxing gloves on you sacrifice certain elements of your taiji repertoire.

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