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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by inthespirit, Jan 26, 2005.

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    Thanks cullion, I am clearer on the semantics now, but not on the actuallity of the difference between the two. :confused:
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    they are teh d33dly, have you seen that movie!
    make mine 10 big macs please. Too much realism...bah, avoid like the plague.

    keep it real.

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    I think you're confusing that with HP brown..
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    Ji is a philospophical term meaning 'principle'.

    Qi is a term from chinese medicine, the meaning of which is being argued over.

    This word game explains the difference:

    'Ji' is to 'Qi', as 'Aristotle' is to '****'.

    In otherwords, they aren't related at all, they just sound simillar to people who don't speak the language and didn't know that sometimes entirely different words get romanized into the same spelling from cantonese.

    Edit: To summarise.. The word 'Chi' in 'Tai Chi' is nothing to do with energy fields.
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    Roger that... :cry:
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    :D :D :D :D :D LMAO... nice analogy...
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    really? I don't remember anyone saying it was field of energy, a sea maybe..

    Say it isn't so..?. The whole shabang is a 'sea of energy'.

    A crutch is a crutch by any other name.

    Crutches, bah, who needs 'em.
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    You're welcome! :) Yeah his arms are quite scary lol but no, we weren't doing 'free' stuff and I never ever 'try' to lock anyone anyway, they just happen :D (can I hear Liokault's blood boiling again? lol)
    The cheque's in the mail as of yesterday... :rolleyes:

    To all people talking about qi myths btw...
    As far as I can tell, nobody in this thread ever made any mystical claims about 'qi powers' - all the (frankly boring) stuff about qi, the force, etc etc has come from Liokault.... nobody else as far as I can tell :rolleyes:
    I think he's a secret Sith Lord.... :yeleyes: ( :D ) roflmao :rolleyes:
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    ah! you're seperating the sauce from the bottle!

    now I get you..
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    Don't dismiss me pleeeeease sir... roflmao

    Hey Liokault,
    just for you I changed my profile :D
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    Oh, didn't it used to say that you were a force healer or Yoda or something?

    Depends what you mean by try. Trying to get a lock that just is not there will never work, being opportunist and picking locks as and when they are presented is a very good strategy. But (and I'm not sure if you were saying this) having said this, to disregard setting up locks will lose you an awful lot.
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    The Honour has been reciprocated
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    I knew we'd agree on something eventually... :rolleyes: I usually let the other person set themselves up. I don't think or calculate as that can be 'read' - I just do... :D

    Re: your profile. If that's your biography then I'm deeply flattered to be the centre of your universe :love: (now how about talking about your MA experience and.... OO ARE YER?? Lol :D :D :D

    PS Fuge - that's spelt touche (with an accent on the 'e') btw :D
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    Yeah TB I know :eek: , but couldn't find an accented 'e' (thought my work-around worked though :D ).
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    As I have said, ask me a question if you want answers:rolleyes:. I am not about to post a Bio on myself anywhere. It would either be brief or indulgent
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    Uh, if you know how to make a proper fist you will not brake your hand. You shouldn't try to seperate Taiji into grappling and striking. It is both. Sometimes a strike can turn into grappling can turn into a strike, etc. The problem I have with the gloves is that one of the most important aspects of Taiji training is training sensitivity, especially in the hand and forearm area. If you're wearing gloves you can't feel the opponent, much less lead or adhere to him. Your ability to perform lu, ji, an and cai will all be severely reduced if not completely gone. So, wearing the gloves makes you unable to employ sensitivity training and unable to perform at least 4 of the 8 major jins properly...

    What's more, part of what makes a Taiji punch a Taiji punch is the contact with the opponent. Do you realize you're not supposed to fa-jin until you actually make contact? The really devastating part is that you punch the opponent in a way that seems soft and weak, causing his muscles to reflexively tense and then relax. At that point you drive an explosive strike further into him. Of course, this would be a rather mean thing to do to a sparring partner, but you said you were wearing padding as well. Same deal with Taiji pushing-type moves. For example, in lou-xi ao-bu (at least in the Chen style I practice), we push in a way that the fingers first point downward and then switch upward. You make contact with the opponent with an apparent downward force, causing him to reflexively resist upward against you. You then switch suddenly to an upward force, causing him to help you push him up and away. You couldn't do anything remotely this subtle with gloves on--and I'm sure the advanced Taiji practitioners get a lot more subtle than I can.
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    But I already have.....
    "OO ARE YER?"
    and there's a whole thread just there for you to answer it in :love:
    (be as indulgent as you like...)
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    Of course you will if you hit solid bone hard enough.

    Who said anything about separating Taiji into grappling and striking ?

    Liokault doesn't want to post his bio, so I'm not going to either. Suffice to say he has quite a lot of experience hitting people and grappling with them using TCC.
    What experience do you have of hitting people with the actual intent of knocking them out with or without gloves on ?
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    Doh, if only I had realised this 17 years ago, :bang:

    Yes, gloves make you much clumsier, especially when you get into didn't I already say that. You are not sparring to train sensitivity (although its amazing how much little gloves matter when you get used to them), you are practising hitting, and more importantly not being hit.

    Rubbish! A greater problem with the gloves is UN-adhereing as gloves get trapped by arms and in elbows so easy.


    fa-jin is not the start and end of TCC training. If there is an aspect that cannot be trained in one exercise, that exercise should not be written off as long as it has other benefits.

    Yadda Yadda.....

    Only other padding is sometimes a full face head guard.

    OOOO Tai Chi Rocket Surgery!

    What? You can't push with a slight downward force then switch to a downward force with gloves on?

    I think the real reason that you do not put gloves on and un-co-operatively spar is that you do not want to see that your stuff don't work under pressure!

    Its a fundamental rule!! If you don't train under pressure, it will not work under pressure!!
    This is true of every MA not just TCC. I don't care how many times you have repeated the same movement, even if its with a just wont work!

    Now sparing does not have to be dangerous to your body, but it will be dangerous to the pre conceived ideas of how your art will work in a situation!

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