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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Smaug97, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Smaug97

    Smaug97 Valued Member

    I've been trying to get a fixed routine going but I've found I'm not too good at making them- does anyone have any ideas on how i could make the most of the time I've got free
    At the moment my routine is pretty much the following- Monday- cadets(on occasion)/martial arts training (ninjutsu or jujutsu)
    Tuesday Gym, Wednesday cadets,Thursday jujutsu, friday kickboxing,saturday gym sunday gym.
    So yeah- any ideas on how i could make the most out of this? I'd like to be in decent shape before i go to uni next year
  2. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    I notice you have zero rest days. Common wisdom is to have at least two. If cadets and martial arts isn't too gruelling might be OK though.

    Really depends what your physical goals are. This will determine what PT activities you programme around your life and ma training and when (rest/recovery).
  3. Smaug97

    Smaug97 Valued Member

    Well cadets isn't too arduous- and neither is the ninjutsu really- but I've been thinking about more rest days on accounts of me most likely going to the gym monday ninjutsu permitting but I'm not sure when would be a good point for a rest day if my only other one is Wednesday
    As for fitness goals my priority is really to gain muscle and get a bit bulkier- good cardio would be a bonus but at this point I'm mainly looking at muscle
  4. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    have a look at 'Starting Strength'.

    I'd do 5X5 three/four days a week around training and see how your body feels.
  5. flaming

    flaming Valued Member

    I've got bulkier doing: warrior 3 (a yoga pose), l sits, false grip pull ups, and pistol squats. Adding weight when anythings too easy. Or adding time to the warrior 3's or l sits. I don't think you have to spend much time lifting weights to get progress just make sure your diet and form is as perfect as you can; or mentally sustain.

    On the days you do cadets or anything else that isn't too strenuous do a light workout before or after and have a banana or some other fruit that you like in between.

    Holding a deep squat, for several minutes a day is also a good thing from what i've read.
  6. PsychoElectric

    PsychoElectric Valued Member

    What is cadets?
  7. LandonS

    LandonS Member

    If you want to gain size the simple answer is make sure you pack in the good calories and protein, and if your not good at making routines then find a beginners full body bodybuilding routine and follow it for several months at least. You will have to move a gym day to another day to afford you some rest however.
  8. Smaug97

    Smaug97 Valued Member

    Cheers Landon-I've had to switch stuff around due to a change of circumstances- less gym sessions and cadets and more martial arts, but it's worked out for the better as I've now got friday and sunday for rest days- although I've got a small workout I'll do then.

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