Napoleon Dynamite

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Yukimushu, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Yukimushu

    Yukimushu MMA addict

    I'd never heard about this film until recentally. It looked alittle 'unorthodox', but after sitting down to watch it for a few minutes, I got hooked and had to see it to the end.l :D

    It's a really strange film, with an excellent set of casted characters :) But it seems that no-one has even seen it before, let alone heard of it!

    I'm just curious as to anyone here has seen it before, and what your thoughts about the film are?
  2. wild_pitch

    wild_pitch Melt The Guns!

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  3. Yukimushu

    Yukimushu MMA addict

    lol definatly :D He was an awesome dancer (up until the music stopped and he looked a fool whilst he kept dancing lol)
  4. MatsuRyu

    MatsuRyu New Member

    yeah i saw it too. LOTS of hilarious lines.

    "Tina! Come get some ham!"

    "Yeah, theres a lotta gangs at our school and a lotta them wanted me in their gang, you know, cuz im pretty good with a bo staff."

    hahaha i'll always remember those... :D
  5. Yukimushu

    Yukimushu MMA addict

    " Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills - you know, like numchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills " :D

    I love Napoleon's 1% milk chatup line :D
  6. Ad McG

    Ad McG Troll-killer Supporter

    "Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes, all day. Besides, we both know that I'm training to be a cage fighter"

    Classic. Check this out too :D
  7. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    Rex Kwon Do!!!

    Apparently the opening credits that is all written on various types of food, is all the food that each character eats in one point of the movie :D:D
  8. Yukimushu

    Yukimushu MMA addict

    I love it when that guys sat in the diner, and as he crosses his arms, he sticks his hands under his biceps to try make them look bigger whilst he poses. :D
  9. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Did you guys recognize the martial arts instructor? His name is Diedrich Bader, who was in "Office Space" as the protagonist's next door neighbor, who he would have conversations with through the wall.

    If you see this movie more than once..... watch it and check out this link and see if you can spot some of the blunders for yourself.
  10. Yukimushu

    Yukimushu MMA addict

    Yeah!!!! :D I'd never thought about it until now... but i remember him :D
  11. geves

    geves Valued Member

    i didn't think the movie was all that funny personally.
    it had some great moments, but i don't see how it's so popular :confused:
  12. Goju

    Goju Yellow Belt

    When the Rex-Kwon-Do teacher calls Kip up to give him his best shot and Kip does this really slow, spinning, legsweep and gets slapped in his face. That was hilarious.
  13. aikiMac

    aikiMac aikido + boxing = very good Moderator Supporter

    Ya, what he said.

    This movie was so boring that I got off my couch and went to my room to read a book. No, "boring" is too generous a description. This is the worst movie I have seen in the last 16 years. Wife watched it to the end, but she said the second half was no different than the first half.
  14. hawkfish

    hawkfish Shodan - Shotokan Karate

    Rex KwonDo also played Ozwald in The Drew Carey Show.

    The movie had its moments but overall, I think my IQ is now lower since I watched it.:D
  15. notquitedead

    notquitedead used to be Pankration90

    The more I watch it the funnier it gets. The first I didn't really like it, now I think it's hilarious. :D
  16. aikiMac

    aikiMac aikido + boxing = very good Moderator Supporter

    I'm sorry that you watched it more than once.

  17. Jacobi

    Jacobi New Member

    "My gosh! Idiot!" Napoleon
  18. special43543

    special43543 Special Member

    I don't get how people remember these "quotes" from a movie. It's not funny at all, I didn't laugh a single time. I was bored out of my mind, and the dance was probably the worst moment in the film. How is that funny? He's just a fool dancing. Someone said "Tina, come get some ham!" someone please explain why that is funny. Or Napoleon saying "Idiot!" It's not funny!! I am still in high school and have to deal with people saying stuff from this movie, it seems like everyone has seen it and everyone loves it. "How much you want to bet I could throw a football over the mountain?" quote was on the radio! What is that. I don't know if it's the worst movie I have ever seen, but it's on the list. The original fantastic four movie, now that is the worst movie I have ever seen.
  19. Prophet

    Prophet ♥ H&F ♥

    SUCH a funny movie, oh man, laughed so hard at all its subtle humor. We all can associate the characters with various people from our high schools, thats why its so funny.
  20. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP

    i don't know if anyone has said this yet, but i heard the main character in that film {the actor} got killed in a car crash about a week ago.

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