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Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by SamWise, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. SamWise

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    Can anyone tell me the Korean name for the open hand with splayed fingers. My daughter seems to think its two words. Both start with an s and the second one may end 'iggy'. TIA
  2. Geetarman

    Geetarman Valued Member

    Could be a few things (excuse any spelling errors):
    • a palm strike (with open fingers) would be Pyung Soo
    • initial opening of the fingers prior to most techniques would be Sohn Sahl Li Ki, this causes the tendons in the wrist to expand with the intention of loosening the opponent's grip
    • set of techniques taught right at the start of the KSW journey are Sohn Pae Ki, these are wrist escapes that start with the Sohn Sahl Li Ki movement (as above)
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  3. SamWise

    SamWise New Member

    Geetarman Sohn Sahl Li Ki seems to ne it. Thanks so much! One very relieved 11 year old brown belt here now :)
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  4. Old bloke

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    sohn ppae ki , which is the 1st 8, including open hand

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