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    Evening Taiji

    Warm-up was done by the regular student and then we split into two groups right away. There wer quite a lot of people generally, too bad this group seems to be discontinued since the week after the next. We went throguh the form till the 44th move. Teacher P was teaching us today. Then we worked in more details on the whole kicking sequence, bit by bit. I got several corrections, mostly about the main positions in some of the moves. As for the flying kick, the teacher said we should learn to land lightly while looking at me. I wasn't aware I was landing with too much force of a stomp, but it's not impossible. I will have to focus onthat next time. When he corrected this, though, I happened to kick into my hand too hard (which happens to me more often than I'd like). Being barefoot I usually slap my foot and it stings. I did this this time and had to make a bit of a pained face and might have lost focus and landed too hard, haha. I will have to practice this more...
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    Wednesday 1.9.

    When warming up my lunch today I tried going through Sepaoi kata and failed :eek: I forgot some passages. It is the latest kata I learned and hadn't practiced consistently. My goal for this weekend is to review all my katas.
    As I haven't done any karate for abou 4 months (wow, so long!) I could feel how taiji stretched my calves. The stances like Neko ashi dachi or Zenkutsu dachi feel quite different now. And it's a very good different! My calves weren't very flexible before, but now the range of motion in my ankles is significantly larger. And I can really feel the improvements lately.

    Online Taiji
    Probably last online training I attended live for a while, I will start going to life classes on Wednesdays starting next week. There were only four people plus the teacher today.
    I started 10 mins early to at least go once through the forst 25 moves to warm up, otherwise my knees especially feel stiff. Today I finally remembered that the teacher likes skipping warm-ups in our online classes, probably to have enough time for the rest. It wasa very good choice as we indeed started with the form right away. I again felt my calves being a bit more stretched than even like last week, and it very naturally became easier to do lower stances and most of al stepping sideways in those long stances! I was told several times by both teachers to get my center of gravity lower before the step, not during the step and to keep the weight on the orinal leg even after stepping. That's basics, but to keep the weight there 100% withot shifting it even slightly when in a low stance was very dificult, I felt actually impossible. My legs werre't strong enough or what. But today(!) this kind of stepping when I was able to flex the ankle more, it was suddenly fairly easy to do! Even the trouvlesome 180° turn with the sideways step that was so hard' It wasn't about lacking strenght at all, I simply lacked flexibility! Because of that I was unable to keep balance in those positions. Pretty much exactly how I am unable to do a one-legged squat due to this (while I can do it holding a small weight to shift my center of gravity forward). Hehehe, it felt so nice! :) The only thing is this may pu even bigger strain on my knees. They are stiff now, but durng exercise when warmed up, they do not hurt. And the part that hurts or feels stiff is more like just above the knee - like the tendons. And everyone complained about exactly this thing at the week long seminar. I will probably try to push through it a littleand see if I can perhaps stretch those tendons? Maybe it's like with my hips a few months before. They hurt during taiji when I was traing to push my knees further apart and hurt during the day generally, a bit. After some time, though, the pain stopped and I became much softer in the hips. I'll see if this might be the case with the knees, too?

    After we finished the form up to the 47th move, my good mood even improved when the tacher was giving out corrections. To me he said that it looks like I got that advice about not shifting weight when stepping to heart and I did it well now (I sure did, woohoo! And it wasn't just my subjective feeling :)). The teacher said that the form looked good, that's how it should be done, that I am on the right track. I am not sure if I've gotten such a praise before, he's not the one to praise easily. Only sometimes lately when he wants to motivate us, I guess. It felt like he was either in a good mood or I really improved, which if course, made me really happy. But obviously while I am on the right track, I was given the next task (not that I hadn't heard this several times before, but these directions are usually tough to figure out in a short perios of time). The task is to make my form livelier, to not stop vetween moves but transfer the energy, shift the weight correctly, let the hips move the arms and feel the stranght and flow of the motion. When the teacher demonstrates this, it indeed looks awesome, but I haven't figured it out yet. Probably something I should focus on. Along with not bending forward especially in some moves as I was told. I was aware I was doing that. I'm sure with rnough focus and practice this could be eliminated.

    Then we worked on the last few forms and finished the 47th form which we practiced for at least 20 mins. It is a very nice one.
    Still in a good mood today ^^ Accomplishing something suddenly when it felt really difficult before sure feels nice! :)
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    Thursday 2.9.

    Morning Taiji
    Only about 5 people today - the advanced group and me. Teacher P teaching today. He led the warm-up that was on the short-ish side and then we went straight to the form. I again stopped at the 62nd move and waited till everyone else finished. The teacher was watching too, but didn't give me any instructions thus far. He then said to the group that they'd be working on the last part of the form - from High Patting on Horse forward. Since I only know till this High Patting on Horse, I thought I'd better not waste time and get to down to practice, so I quietly moved to my usual spot at the side mirror to practice from the kicking sequence. When the teacher noticed, though, he called me back sayinf we'd practice together. I was a little surprised and worried as I have no idea what the next move looked like and since the teacher stood in front of the class and "Let's go" -_- It turned out there were turns, so as soon as I turned away from everyone, I turned my head back, trying to copy a friend nearby, but with the body turned, head back, the arms crossed, leg kicking in a large circle to the opposite hand from the inside... I got lost right away. Luckily, maybe after seeing me being lost completely the teacher went through the move bit by bit. We practiced each part for a short while before adding the next part. Then there was a second tricky turn that I was struggling with. Mostly the turn (still struggle with turning on one heel 180°), and then I usually forgot what to do with the arms, or how exactly. I understand why the teacher previously stopped teaching us before this form. It's a difficult one! Although when I looked at the list of the moves back at home, the move I was learniing today was called Crossed Feet. The next one is Punch the Groin. But since the last bit I learned today was actually a punch to the groin, I guess it was actually two moves, not one? Or at least one and a half. (I did think it was a really nasty move with two 180° turns in it, a kick and a punch...)
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    Thursday 3.9.

    Evening Taiji
    After the silk reeling we went through the first 25 moves together, then we split into two groups, our practicing up to the 44th move or so. We got a few corrections from the teacher and worked on the later part of the sequence again and again.
    There were also some of the younger long-time isntructors or senior students obviously practicing forms in the next room as they kept coming for various weapons. There is a bonsai exhibition this weekend in the botanical garden and this school always participates with demonstrations of Taiji, so I think they were practicing for that. I looked the event up, there should also be tea ceremonies, ninjutsu, kendo, okinawan drum show etc., so I think it would be a nice event to check out :)

    While we were practicing the guy whom I met at the week-long seminar also arrived to grab some weapon. I only turned to him in the middle of the form, to nod at him in greeting. When I looked at him, he was looking at me too, but with a sort of reprimanding face, ponting to the knees. Ugh, telling me what I do wrong the moment he sees me, how nice! Unfortunately, I didn't know what in particular was wrong with my knees. There certainly was more than one option...

    Today I felt really nice practicing. I was able to calm my mind and really just enjoyed the feeling. Also, just as I wrote here yesterday that I'd just hope my knees would get used to the load and would feel better, they actually did today. Only tiny bit stiff when I stopped to listen tothe teacher for a while, but nto really painful and generally didn't give me trouble. Yay!

    After the class the teacher told us about the bonsai event and invited everyone to come. He also caught me after and asked if I was coming, actually inviting me to the meeting place to take me with the group through the back doors. That was very nice of him, even though I wouldn't be demonstrating anything (there's really nothing I could demonstrate even if I wanted to). There will supposedly be more people from the school generally and we can just practice together there in the garden. Which sounded nice. I think I'll grab Sett and we'll go. Probably not with the group though as they'd only arrive after lunch and I think there are some nice demonstrations before that, too, that we'd miss. We'll see.
    I am also looking to the seniors from our school demonstrating. I only saw one such demonstration shortly after I started with Taiji and it was seriously awesome. They're pretty good and those weapons are really cool.
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    Saturday 4.9.

    I haven't really done any training today (though I managed around 12000 steps today, at least), but there was a MA related event that I think is worth noting since my log is kind of like my MA diary anyway :)

    There was a Bonsai exhibition in the Botanical garden of Prague today, and with that, there was japan-related program. Meaning stalls with tea, matcha, onigiri and similar specialties, ink paintings, and of course, bonsai. Through the whole day there were demonstrations of several arts, each by half an hour - apart from our Taiji school, there was tameshigiri, ninjutsu, battojutsu, kendo, and from non-martial things also shakuhachi and ikebana and a couple of wadaiko gorups (we saw this type of drumming in Okinawa and really loved it. Seeing it back at home was nice, too). The Taiji school has been demonstrating at this event for about 7 years and was the only art that was actually demonstrated three times throughout the day. I took advantage of the teacher's invitation, brought Sett and we were able to enter with the group, even though we weren't demonstrating. I was therefore happy that we were given tasks - handing out pamphlets during the demos and Sett offered to take pictures since he brought a camera, which allowed the teacher to stay all the time and comments, instead of being distracted with taking some pictures, too. As a reward we were even given a free one-entry pass to the garden for each of us, which we'll definitely use. It's been years since I've last visited here.
    Overall it was a really awesome day, we really enjoyed ourselves. The sun was shining and the overall atmosphere was great, too. And because of that I really regretted we hadn't know it was such an event sooner, otherwise we'd organize a demo of our karate. There was no karate at all! It would have been perfect, we'd hand our pamphlets, too and maybe attracted some members. At least when the last demo finished, we found the organizing lady and asked her about how to sign up our club, etc. I thought the lady was from the Czech-Japanese association that organized this event, too, but she was from the botanical garden. She was, however, able to give us contacts both for the association and for the garden, so after we discuss with sensei, I will write them and we may be able to come to similar events like this. There are at least 2-3 a year in the botanical garden only. It would be great if it worked out and helped us attract new students.

    Although I had a good time all day, it finished not the best. My mom called telling me my dad was attacked yesterday when returning from his birthday party and waiting for a taxi. I talked with him earlier today over the phone and he sounded fine, but apparently he didn't want to tell me. He only said he lost his phone yesterday and if I could make a call to blakc his sim card, which I did. I don't know the details about what happened, but mom called when he fell asleep and told me a group of people (or at least more than 1 person) wanted to mug him probably and pushed him. He fell (pretty sure he was drinkning since he was returning from a party) and ended up all swollen, my mom was cleaning his wounds for a couple of hours. He hit his head and it hurts etc. I told my mom we'd come, I wanted to see him. But before we did, mom called dad fell asleep and since he didn't want to let me know anyway, it would be better to come tommorrow or something. I am worried It sounded like he is quite bruised, but hopefully doesn't have any serious injuries. He didn't even visit the doctor, nor called the police, which I think he totally should, though, I hope I'll be able to talk to him tommorrow. I really hope he's ok. I have no idea why would anyone do that to him. I am mad.
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    That's terrible to hear, he should definitely call the police.

    I hope he feels better soon
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    Nachi, of course you are mad, that is bloody disgusting!

    Have you had a chance to see him yet? How is he holding up?

    Mirroring @axelb you / he really should consider notifying the Police.


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    I’d echo the above, with it being an unprovoked random incident on your Dad (who most likely appeared vulnerable to them as they passed him) there’s no guarantee the next victim could be seriously injured or worse if they aren’t stopped.
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    Thank you guys. I haven't had the chance to see my dad yet. Mom came to visit briefly, but she urged me to pretend like I didn't know anything since dad doesn't want me to. I have no idea, why. I asked all I could, it appears he was walking along the road waiting for a cab and someone came asking for cigarettes or what and ended up punching my dad in the face. He fell forward on his elbows. Mom said he had his elbows bruised ans swollen, bloody bruises around one eye and the other was so swollen the eye can't even be seen. I'd really like to see him, but... well, maybe a few days later.
    If the story is true, I really have no idea why not call the police. But seeing as how my dad doesn't even want to tell me.... Maybe he's ashamed nad just doesn't want to spend any more energy on it? I do not know. I am still worried. At least there's mom to look after him.
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    Sunday 5.9.

    Finally our vaccine becomes valid today,no more testing for trainigs!

    We originally planned to go on a bike with my dad, who was planning to do a nice trip, but... he didn't come, of course.

    So, at least Sett and I went together. Sett is trying to take it easy with his recovering foot, so he wanted to go for only about 20 km. It was fine with me, we had some work to do in the garden and so on and a short ride sounded good. We got a little lost a few times and covered 22,5 km in the end, I burned a little over 700 kcal. we also didn't want ot overdo it, karate trainings start tommorow!
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    Very much appreciate you’re caught in the middle trying to help your Dad on one side and not dent his pride and upset him on the other. If there was any forensic opportunities or CCTV from the robbery he just needs to be mindful there may be a limited window to get this for a prosecution and to stop them from doing it again to somebody else; should he regret not going to the police later on. Sad thing is when they’ve done this act on your Dad they probably didn’t care whether he lived or could die in the heat of the moment from the punch which is a terrifying thought. Hope he recovers 100% very soon with your Mum helping him!
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    Yeah, though I do not appreciate it much, to be honest. :)
    Exactly, I do not understand the motivation of that.
    Thank you, I hope so, too.
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    Monday 6.9.

    Karate season is starting! I was looking forward to this, It's been four months (!) since my last karate training.
    Monday is me (and Sett) teaching. Sett said he wouldn't be coming yet for some time, but decided to come for the first session and actualy practiced, too, so we split the teaching. Sensei wanted to arrive, too, but called in advance he won't make it to the kids class, in the end he didn't make it at all. We traini at his school, but the changing rooms and showers are now under reconstruction and whould be finished sometime in September. Therefore we just practiced on the playground outside.

    Children class
    There were around 9 kids - actually more than expected. Quite a few very little - 6-8 years. Wer played game of tag, did Junbi Undo and worked on some basic techniques to slowly get into it - tsuki and mae geri. A few push-ups in between. Who knew the first kata had a chance to demonstrate at the end of class, before Sett asked everyone individually to show three push ups as best as they can (not necessarily full, we set levels - like on the knees or with lying on the ground before getting up). Most were able to do this to a satisfactory level. The kids today were very nice. Only two troublemakers making moderate trouble :) The class was nice. We later learned about 5 more kids were missing. Hopefully they'll come later.

    Adult class
    Sensei didn't arrive. Therefore we split the teaching between me asn Sett. As expected, not many have come. Just the two of us, a brown belt friend - also an instructor, two kids (10 and 13 yo) and actually, miraculously a new guy! A man who said he did karate some 30 years ago and got to green belt. We started the class with a warm-up via foortwork - sideways, forward, backward etc. stepping. I also did a longer Junbi Undo to get properly stretched, which I really needed. This all actually took half of the class - 45 mins. There was also some work-out and hize geri practice included. Then Sett took over the class and led us through some basic kihon - tsuki, age, yoko, harai uke and easy combinations of these with a step or two. Toward the end of the class we went through our kata -who knew them: Gekisai Dai Ichi and Ni, Saifa, Seiyunchin (I messed up here, switched hands and couldn't figure it out. I haven't done Seiyunchin properly in quite some time. Ashamed), Shisochin.
    The class was quite relaxed, but we need to ease up into training. The new guy seemed to catch on, it was obvious he still remembered the karate style of movement, though he obviously did Shotokan, like most people. I hope he enjoyed the class. We invited him to come on Thursday, it should be our sensei teaching, so he should try a class with him, too. I think he'll come, he said he'll bring his son along once his knee heals from a fall. We may get a new member! One or two really isn't much, but considering the number or adults who remained... and the fact that we didn't put any ads anywhere, nor really any message anywhere, I was actually stunned he was able to somehow learn of us...

    Advanced class
    The three of us instructors remained. We talked through a part of the class, otherwise we reviewed Shisochin kata for the brown belt friend as she forgot it a bit. I also asked Sett to go just help me figure out the movement where I messed up Seiyunchin and we went through Sepai together. I couldn't do it properly at home, but when practising together, I figured out most of it in the meanwhile and was only slightly unsure about a few places. We've only run through it once, but that should be enough.

    Sensei called later to ask how everything went. He seemed sad not many people have come. Honestly, I didn't expect even this many. So sensei is trying to figure out how to lure people. We obviously need to put an ad at least somewhere to let the world know we exist. I also took this opportunity to tell sensei about the botanical garden event wheere we asked for contacts for people who organize similar events. Sensei decided to write them himself, so we'll just pass the info to him. I hope something will work out.
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    Tuesday 7.9.

    Morning Taiji
    Summer is ever and soem new people should show up. There were three new today. Well, not exactly new, I knew all three of them, but they haven't been coming for the past few months. They were less advanced when it comes to the form, so after the silk reeling, we were split into two groups - those who knew the whole form + me, and those who didn't (knew 14-25 forms).

    Our group was taught by the instructor. The teacher told him to work on Crossed Feet. It is the next move I should be learning. One of the two I learned last week with teacher P. I didn't really practice since then, though, and forgot some details + the turn in the second for still escapes my inderstanding. Today I got a more detailed explanation more than just copying the moves. I am just a bit sad that there yet again seem to be at least one difference compared to the other teacher. I am not surprised anymore, though. We worked on the move bit by bit.

    Later, the teacher asked the instructor to switch with him and the teacher taught our group. It seemed he spotted some mistake in the silk reeling in this move several people were doing, so we worked on that. He luckily didn't point at me as one of those doing this mistake, as it wasn't an easy one to get rid of. I didn't get any mistakes corrected today, probably as I was leaning it. The teacher saw that I was already familiar with the move, though. It made it easier for me to figure out and work on the details. Unfortunately we didn't get to the next move where the tricky turn is. Next time, I guess.
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    Tuesday 7.9.

    Evening Taiji
    Warm-up with the usual senior student. After we split into groups, teacher P teaching our group today. There were quite a few more people than a few weeks ago. This group should have ceased next week, but the schedule was changed and actually the less advanced one will end. Which got me thinking if I was going to continue to attend this class. It would mean 4 hours of Taiji of Tuesday, though. And I am not entirely sure if my legs could manage that :D
    After the warm-up today we went through the form up to the 46th move twice. The teacher then started explaining the next one - Fair Maiden Works Shuttles. I knew it from before, but this is a very nice one so I am happy to practice. I think there I things I need to improve on, too. Again, there were indeed some differences compared to the main teacher's explanation, but I was rejoicing that there didn't seem anything to go contrary to that explanation. That was, until like 5 mins before the end where teacher P corrected something I did according to the main teacher and was told it is not like that. Ah....

    As for tommorrow, we agreed with my dad he'd come to Taiji and I go to his class, too. Since I am still not supposed to know he was attacked, when he wrote me some stuff via email (as he lost his phone), I wrote back and asked "how about the Taiji tommorrow?" I haven't gotten anymore answers from him. Ah. Why are parents so stubborn? Is it really so bad to tell me?
    Sett's workplace is taking part in a science fair or something tommorrow and I am planning to come (so I wouldn't make it to dad's Taiji class anyway). The fair closes at 18.30 and the Taiji class I am supposed to be helping instructing at starts at 19:00, so I could make it to both. It starts next week, though, so I went to ask teacher P if I should be coming tommorrow, as in - if not necessary, I'd leave it to next week, but the teacher enthusiastically told me to come if I can, we'll check who's attending that class and maybe make plans or something. Ok then :)
    When I started with Taiji, teacher P always seemed like someone keeping his distance and I couldn't read him very well. As he's getting to know me lately and interacts with me, he is suddenly becoming quite friendly and nice. Which I am really happy about. I haven't seen this side of him before.
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    Wednesday 8.9.

    I was very tired yesterday evening. I went to bed not too long before midnight and hoped to get a nice sleep. However, my stomach started hurting in the middle of the night, so I woke up at 4 and was only tossing and turning since then. I gave up at 6 and got up. Not getting much sleep, I was really tired today. What bad luck. I did go to Taiji in the evening, as I said I would yesterday.

    Taiji - 14 moves, instructing
    I am supposed to help with this class as an instructor. I was sent to do the warm-up. After that we went through the 14 moves. The teacher asked to to come to the front so the class can copy and he could only watch. I didn't hear him properly, so he had to ask me twice. As I was thinking about it, I wasn't paying attention when he said what we're actually supposed to do. He was talking about part of the form, so it sounded like we could be doing the first 5 moves to 4 directions, which is often done after the warm-up. Oh no, I really didn't know. After the 5th move, I was thinking I'd wait if the people would continue withhte 6th or start again with the 2nd. So I was slowing down a little bit, but of course, hte class was slowing down with me XD This was terrible. Stupid me! But when I slowed down the last movement, I saw people starting to step backward. The 6th move, ha! :D:D:D I swore to myself to pay extra attention when I'm at the front.
    Then the teacher pointed out some general problems and walked us through the form again, while stopping in some more important positions and checking people one by one, correcting. He hasn't really gone to me much, only gave me one correction throughout, but there were 8 other people and sometimes the correcting took a bit of time. Standin in the wide stances or on one bent leg for an extended period of time is tough. But while being the "model" there, sort of, how could I suddenly adapt higher stances? Or get up from the stance in the middle of waiting? I couldn't. Or rather, I wouldn't allow myself to. I did my best to keep my poker face, while my thighs were burning like they were on fire. When the teacher finally let us continue, I was so happy! Until he stoped us a few seconds later. If it was stance hard on the same leg, it was a bit of torture, honestly.... Luckily we did this only with one form, then we practiced again with me in the front the whole thing at a normal pace.

    So except for a couple of my slip-ups at the beginning, I'd say it went well. Just my legs are tired. I am tired. I hope to get a better sleep today and pull through tommorrow's Taiji and Karate.
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    Thursday 9.9.

    Morning Taiji - 64th move
    Apart from the usual advanced group, there were also 4 other people. 4 of whom used to be my classmates, but I either moved forward faster or they stopped coming for the summer. Glad they showed up.
    I was tasked with the silk reeling. After, the advanced group and I were going to go through the form once. The teacher was away with the other group, and the guys motioned for me to go to the front. I really didn't want to, though. I don't even know the whole form, how could I guide them? So I tried to throw the burden on the other guy, who I think would be a much better choice then me. He did tried to resist, so I went with the "gentleman" argument. His response was clear: "That's not called a gentleman anymore. Rather, today they call it 'nitwit'." Or something along those lines, lol. Luckily he still moved to the front. Not sure what meaning could be derived from him doing that, after saying what he did, but I didn't want to provoke him since he already stepped forward, so I kept my mouth shut. :D

    When we went through the form once, the teacher had us practice the 63rd move I learned last time - Crossed Feet. Last class helped me figure it out better, so I was much more confident. And after trying a few times, I did find the movement very comfortable, though I will have to correct some things around the kick. Then we moved onto what indeed was the next move - Punch the Groin - with the tricky turn. After a few tries and the teacher's explaining, I think I finally figured out the movement. Well, in theory. There is a long way to go to actually make my body do it and flowingly. But it's much better compared to not having much of an idea of how to get from position A to position B. Too bad with all the trainigs I really had no time to practice at home since last week. I'll try to find a bit of time in order to learn it at least a bit till Tuesday.
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    Thursday 9.9.

    Arrived tiny bit late today, but as we usually start a bit later, I wasn't too worried. Sensei was teaching the kids class before and he was handing out the application forms and we started much later than I arrived. Sensei also appologized his wife was ill, so he planned to leave earlier, but I think he stayed till 19:30 at least.
    There was actually 10 people, not counting sensei, which was more than I would expect. 4 were youngsters from the children class who are getting too big for it, but still. We did Junbi Undo and kihon techniques worked on in pairs. A standard class. I missed these. :)

    When the class finished, as I was the only one present who can drive, but wasn't driving today, sensei asked me to help take either his car or his Vespa home, so I opted for the Vespa, before heading home. Chatted with a friend still for a bit and arrived home at about 21:30. Very sleepy. Heading straight to bed after dinner and shower. I survived the 10 hours of training this week, I am proud of myself. However, I had little time to do anything else... I should still do some Taiji in the rest of the week, maybe I'll try going through the karate katas, too.
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    Friday 10.9.

    Online Tajii
    I watched the online class I missed on Wednesday. It was about the Fair maiden works shuttles move. The teacher was mentioning a few details I haven't heard about before, but mostly I got to practice it.
    At the beginning and at the end, I went through the whole for to where I know it and practiced the last turn I learned for a bit. The whole practice with the online class took me over an hour.
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    Saturday 11.9.

    We spent most of the day shopping. Both of us were in need of some new shoes and some clothes. I really don't enjoy this, but I really needed shoes for outside training - both Taiji and Karate - that would hold my feet firmly and with not too thick soles. We found one shop with a few of these types of shoes, but it turned out the largest women's size was too small! What is this? I was shown the shelf with the same type of shoes for men -_- Never did it happen to me before to run out of women's sizes. I am happy I found some that fit what I needed.
    It was very tiring, I did more than 12000 steps today at least. No energy left for any type of training.

    Sunday 12.9.

    In the evening I visited my parents who returned from mushroom hunting for a mushroom dinner. It's the first time I saw my dad after he was attacked. He looked quite good, had pink skin on the face like if a scab was healed. He admitted he was attacked and said he spent quite some money on healing ointments and kept using them all week. I finally heared what exactly happened from my dad. He was returning from a party, somewhat drunk, walking in the center of the city calling a cab, when he passed a group of two guys and one woman, all young, around 20, also a bit drunk. They first asked him about cigarettes, then money. He said no to both and walked pass them, when one of the guys went up to him and as he passed them, he pushed my dad in his back from behind wiht force. As my dad didn't expect it at all, he fell forward on his elbows and face. He was a bit dizzy, but he managed to pull himself up by a nearby railing or something. He then saw the attacker approach again and was thinking about what to do, worried they'd just come up and beat him. And he probably wasn't in the state to run. So as my dad was leaning on the railing facing away and the guy was getting close, my dad said he turned suddenly and from that turn, he punched the attacker in the face. (my mom previously said dad was the one punched, but this sounded so much better to me!). The guy didn't expect this, either and he stumbled backwards, falling on his bottom. Now my dad said he didn't know what would come, he had two friends after all. But those two picked the attacker up, pulled him by his armed and dragged him away quick. That's how it ended. My dad said his hand was then swollen from the punch. I kind of understand that he didn't call the polie then. He said the youngsters didn'T look like a group that would go mugging peoople, it was just that the one guy was drunk and suddenly decided to be aggressive. Well I guess he got what he deserved, too. I know violence is not the solution, but to be honest, I am proud of my dad. That he was able to solve the situation like that and treated the guy the same way. Most of all, though, I am happy he's fine already.

    When I visited, my dad also asked me to help him review the beginning of the Taiji form he learned before so he can come to classes with me :) We spent about 45 minutes going quickly through the silk reeling form and then the Lao Jial Yi Lu - first five movements. I did explain the motions, but when I did, my dad did remember. Obviously, there would be a lot of details and principles to work on, but the aim was for him to remember the motions at least roughly so that he isn't lost when we practice in class. Which I think he'll manage. So I am looking forward to him coming to class with me on Wednesday. I just hope he doesn't change his mind by then :D

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