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    TAIJI seminar, 13.8. Friday

    The video from yesterday looked nice, said the teacher, and wanted to shoot a bit more, so I again started practicing at 7:15 to be ready by 7:30. Everyone present did the form in a group. Then I was only needed for a bit, when we did silk reeling in a group. Trying to stand low and do the silk reeling nicely and the teacher took forever to film it, our legs were slowly going to give out.
    Because of the filminng the breakfast was postponed to 9:30.

    In the morning traiing block we reviewed what we learned. The other guy from my group had some questions about an older form so the teacher kept explaining and showed us the other version of it, which I knew from last time. We kept practicing that. I did also practice the new moves.

    Unfortunately, the knee I strained yesterday still hurt. It was quite ok for taiji, but it would hurt when I straightened the leg and put some weight on it. So I had trouble walking and when standing, I would shift my weight on my right leg only. I could practice like that, but still was careful. The move with the leap I skipped the leap and only walked through it.

    Just before lunch we again worked on the staff/spear form. It was very hot so we took turns by groups accirding to how much of the form we knew and practiced with the teacher giving us feedback. We didn’t learn anything new today, but I have plenty to practice anyway.

    In the afternoon, the three of us were again separated from the people who knew the whole form so that we could practice the newly learned sequence. I still did so quite carefully.

    There was some time for Tui Shou again before dinner, but I didn’t dare do that. It was during Tui Shou that my knee first stated hurting and I really needed to go easy on it today. Well at least fro the positions that it hurt in. Instead I took up the staff again and my partner for both Tui Shou and learning the staff didn’t mind and practiced with me. I couldn’t do it for long, though, I was tired, the leg I kept shifting my weight to all day was very tired and I gave up after a few rounds and went to have ashower just before dinner. It was also awfully hot today.

    After dinner we planned another shuttlecock match. The teacher was held up talking to some of the people while we warmed ourselves up in a circle. I was careful with my leg, not daring to stretch it while kicking, not feeling like running to get the “ball”. When we made a break for a tea, in the end, we joined the chatting group. I was a bit sad we didn’t do the match, but with me limping, not able to kick without care and without running, it wouldn’t be so great anyway, I guess. We sat outside on the ground and chatted till 22.30 perhaps. We went straight to sleep after that.
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    TAIJI seminar Saturday 14.7.

    Last day today. The teacher wanted to take some more pictures and videos in the morning. The videos were supposed to be of the weapon forms of the senior instructors, so I wouldn’t be involved today. The teacher wanted to take some pictures for the website of us individually, but he didn’t call me in the end, only taking pictures of a friend whom he took photos of yesterday as well. Not sure if he forgot of found a photo he needed. I didn’t push myself there, though. I practiced and stretched instead.
    My knee seems to be doing better today. It actually doesn’t hurt anymore. Well, only if I really put a lot of weight on it. However, althoguh not hurting, it feels like I machanically can’t stretch it completely. Like if there was something inside preventing me from doing that. I hope it’ll pass…

    We did our usual morning silk reeling then, led by a friend. After breakfast, there wasn’t a regular training anymore. Instead, we came up by groups of 2 or 3 people to show the part of the form we’re working on/learning for the teacher to give us some “homework” - usually the general problems in our taiji, not just critique for particular moves.
    As we’ve added about 20 forms to our form now I had my mind preoccupied with all that and I was sure I didn’t manage to keep my back straight. Sure enough the critique was about that. However, it is pointless to always only tell me to hold my back straight, but the teacher managed to analyze the problem and told me to keep my chest closed that the problem is there. He also said that me keeping my chest out keeps my back flexible and I keep moving my knees too much. He called one of the senior instructors to put him into position to demonstrate how it should be with his perfectly straight back. After, he told him to curve his back similar to mine to show how it affects the movement. He seemed to be in a pain doing that. Well, just about how I feel when trying to hold the back straight…. :D
    Then it was my turn to try. The teacher put me into position and adjusted. Wow, it pressed on my diaphragm enough that I had trouble breathing. Which only led to: “If you can’t breath like that, it only means you’re breathing into your chest instead of lower abdomen” -_- Well, I guess it might be…. Ah.

    When everyone got their critique, the seminar officially ended, we went to pack our things and left.
    Although the teacher was talking about how we should practice right away, especially if we learned a lot of new moves here, with a very meaningful look my way, I am just going to rest the rest of the weekend. I need to get my knee ready for the classes. After about a week of at least 6 hours of practice a day, do I not deserve a couple of days off?
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    As a summary from the Taiji seminar:
    During the week (Saturday to Friday) I recorder 39,5 hours of training. Got into the "very strained" zone on Sunday and stayed there for the rest of the week according to my Polar. Most of the time was spent in the lowest HR zone and during trainings in those days I burned 12 753 kcal, which I guess is probably my weekly record.
    Despite all the training I also ate a lot of the delicious home-made food and I thought I'd gain weight anyway, but I didn't, I stayed pretty much at 76 kg. I'd be happier if I managed to lose some, but I didn't have those expectations anyway.
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    I spent the rest of the weekend resting, apart from mowing the lawn on Sunday. Our lawn isn't too big and Sett helped, but my body was still tired from the seminar, it was incredibly hot and we have that mechanical pushing mower and let me tell you, it cost me plenty of my leftover energy. I was done in 35 mins and burned 273 kcal (couldn't resist measuring :D)

    Monday 16.8.

    I decided and actually really go for a morning solo Taiji practice in our yard. I went through the Taiji form twice and stretched a bit. 25 mins.

    Evening Taiji class. The regular teacher is away, maybe resting after the seminar. All the classes this week are taught by teacher P. Surprisingly there were only 4 of us in the class today, even though this class is usually much busier. Teacher P finally also figured out he can throw the warm-up silk reeling on me. After the warm-up we practiced the first 14 moves (that is what this class is about). I tried to focus on keeping my back straight, including closed chest and let me tell you, it isn't easy at all! I couldn't do it. When I could check myself in the mirror, my back wasn't straight and most of the time I felt I was leaning forward. Argh, just when I finally started feeling relatively good about keeping my lower back straight! I also tried to focus on making the stances wider as teacher P asked me before. Probably not as wie as when he fixed my stance as it should be, but definitely closer than before. Standing in those position while the teacher was going around correcting mistakes was hell! I was really happy at that time that there were only four of us!
    Focusing on all this and some other stuff at some particular moves, I didn't get my fingers straight in some positions. I did keep this in the back of my mind, but only managed to straighten them a little, so the teacher reminded me of it and again adjusted my position for me to see how far out spread my arm should be and how straight the fingers should be, where to point etc. I did try focusing on that since then as well.

    My right knee still hurt slightly, but mostly only when walking. Having it bent during practice is ok. But I did leave the class walking with a slight limp. The other woman in the class probably saw and asked me in the changing room about knee pain. That she has trouble with it when practicing. I tried my best to give her ideas what could be wrong about her position or movements. Hope it helps.
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    Tuesday 17.8.

    Morning Taiji
    When I arrived to the school, the receptionist announced she got a message from the usual instructor that he'll come late due to traffic (he's commuting from quite a distance), so I will be asked to do the warm-up. When teacher P arrived he indeed asked me that, and to make it not too long. There weren't many people today, either, only four of us again. However, the other three were advanced students who know the whole form - unlike me. I've come to terms with the fact I would lead the warm-up here as well, at least from time to time. When we finished, though, we heard the teacher still talking to someone. I was thinking if I should wait, but one of the ladies said we could do the 5 moves to 4 directions, which was my idea no. 2 should we wait too long. We did that. The teacher arrived in the middle and when we finished he came in front of the class. What always follows now is going through the whole form. He asked where I was, so I told him I just learned a few moves last week and I am about 10 moves short of the whole form. The teacher reckoned it's almost the whole form indeed and in the midst of me trying to sneak to the back of the group, he asked me to go through the form with the rest, stopping me at the spot. Noooo! I barely remember it! :O It's not like the rest needed to focus on me as they should remember by now, but... but still! I thought classes of teacher P to be save as he never asked me to do even a warm-up, but now he's even worse than the regular teacher! Ah, and it's all the instructor's fault!

    When I reached the end of my knowledge at the form, I moved away. The teacher came to me and gave me some corrections and explanations of applications of several moves that I should mind when doing said moves. There are about 4 places in the form I can think of now where I have some trouble transitioning between moves. Either I am not perfectly clear how to do better, or simply can't do it, or have trouble balancing the turn on my left leg etc. The teacher, despite not even seeming like he was watching all the time, accurately pinpointed 3 out of those 4 places that I strugled with and explained to me how to do them. Do all teachers have eyes on the back of their head? I mostly listened to the theory, watched the teacher demonstrate and tried only those particular moves a few times. When the teacher left me, I thought it was so that I can practice, but I realised it was the end of the class already. The teacher again spent the whole time with me, while the instructor, who arrived late, taught the other 3 people. I still had to give him a moderate punch to relieve my frustration a bit. How dare he come so late? :mad:
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    Tuesday 17.8.

    Since coming back from the Taiji seminar, I feel like training all the time. Therefore I hurried with my work to make it to the evening class today as well. This is the class of the group I finally caught up to, though now I've been taught further. A good training I didn't want to miss.

    Evening Taiji
    The group before us was a very advanced one. I saw the morning instructor there. He greeted me with: "You're here again?" He's one to talk! Although truth be told, he's only coming on Tuesdays when he's in the city.
    I was finally able to not lead the warm-up as there was the usual student who does it in these classes. So I found a cozy place in the back. We split into two groups right after silk reeling. One practicing up to the 25th move, and our who just learned the 44th. There were only three of us in our group and we were firt left to practice the form by ourselves before the teacher arrived from the other group. About three times during the class the teacher would mention or half appologize that we won't be going beyond the 44th move, as if I would mind. This move - Parting the wild horse's mane is one I also just learned and need to practice, so I was fairly happy with it. I received some corrections. Some details are probably something the two teachers differ at, so I will try to find a compromise or something, another correction was that I was moving my center of gravity up and down too much, for example in the Parting the wild horse's mane. Unfortunately, at the last week's seminar, the other teacher urged us to try to work with our center of gryvity, to change heights at some places, like for example Parting the wild horse's mane.... I told this to the teacher and he explained that either way I was bending forward. Which is quite likely and either way, I really shouldn't be doing that. I need to work on that first and foremost. Also the teacher called me by my name, though I am fairly sure he never asked me and I never told him. Someone talked! Pretty sure it has something to do with how I am suddenly asked to do warm-ups as well.

    In the morning the teacher told me again to implement the fajins - not to do the punches slowly for example, as I have been. He said I should learn that and since there are fast kicks - fajins, there is no reason to do some explosive movements slowly and some fast. He has a point. So I focused on at least punching fast. From what I heard before I feel like it is not completely correct, I think I am probably moving the arm fast over too long a distance. The head teacher said the fajins should be done over a short distance via rotation. But that is hard to do in a wide stance when I need to simultaneously shift my weight from one leg to another. I'll have to ask about it next time.
    Quite a lot of exercising today, not much talking. Although when we did stop to listen to the teacher, it only took a few minutes, but I could feel my knees go stiff. Luckily it was just before the end of the class. My legs might want a break. Ah, well, weekend will be here soon. Hold on, legs! :)
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    Wednesday 18.8

    We went for a walk when Sett returned form work. 1 hour, 5 km.
    We quickly ate dinner upon return and it was just in time for:

    Online Taiji
    After all the recent training and the walk we just returned from, my knees were very stiff. So today I wasn't particularly happy that we again skipped silk reeling in order to have enough time for learning the new stuff. We did the form up to the 43rd move once and then the second half of that twice more. My knees were stiff and hurt when I tried to squat down in order to step into a wider stance. They eased up slowly as usual, but not before the teacher would tell me not to lose position when stepping, that maybe I shouldn't be stepping too far. I didn't actually check how far I was stepping, but felt it wasn't far at all. In fact, it was just about the highest I've practiced in a long time. The knees eased up in time, though, so I could step furhter easier. We worked some on the 42. and 43. move before we moved onto the 44th - Parting the wild horse's mane again. Two of us learned this form one the seminar, but there were about four ohter people and the teacher wanted to repeat the explanation of the three new forms we learned inthe online courses as these are about the last three he hasn't taught online and therefore recorder for the teaching videos since the start of the lockdown.
    We worked on the most part of this move for the rest of the class and practiced over and over, I got some corrections that helped. We should be learning the ending of this move next time. Honestly my whole legs are stiff now. It is enough to stop for a while just when the teacher explains something and they get stiff again. They do need some rest. Unfortunately, I am planning to make it to two classes tommorrow if I manage timewise.
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    Thursday 19.8.

    Morning Taiji
    I went to morning class today, there was only one other lady. Is everyone on vacation or what? The teacher led the warm-up himself today. I used the opportunity to focus mostly on getting my fingers straight as he told me last time and Also on making nice, but small circles with my hips. It is awesome how softer I've gotten in the hips since I started with Taiji! I could never do such a fine motion with them otherwise. Also I keep noticing how the flexibility of my calves has improved. I had them too tight and had trouble squatting down while standing on both heels etc. and now, while exercising, I can feel how I can bend my ankles much better. And with no conscious effort in stretching.
    Back to the training. After silk reeling we were told to go through the form up till where we knew it. Unlike the lady I don't know it whole, so I stopped, but the lady stopped with me. Then the teacher gave each of us corrections. While she was tasked with even slightly lower stances and bigger movements, I was told my movements - in the hips and circles - are too big. If we could put our efforts together, maybe the result would be perfect! :) I am told this all the time and trying to work on it, but I have yet to see a real improvement. Also I was given a few smaller corrections in the moves that are repeated several times throughout the form. Details like that are easily improvable, well at least if I didn't have like 3-4 systemic things to focus on all the time, taking away the brain capacity for other improvements. The rest of the class was mostly the teacher explaining and demonstrating, we tried the first five movements with the corrections a couple of times, but didn't actually practice much otherwise. It was still a nice class. It's just that.... I've gotten so many corrections lately that is starts to feel a little overwhelming. Although I know the corrections will never stop coming and will help me improve. It's just that... I'd seriously need to practice all day long to be able to liek learn to correct the mistakes till next time.
    I'll see if I can catch the evening class too.
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    Thursday 19.8.

    Evening Taiji
    Managed to make it, I was looking forward to some activity again. There were two groups today, but not the usual guy who leads the silk reeling, so I was asked to do that. After we first went through the forst 25 moves together, before our slightly more advanced group split to practice further, especially the kicking sequence up to th Parting of the wild horse's mane, which we then practiced over and over when the teacher gave us some corrections. It wasn't very hot today, but sweat was annoyingly trickling down my face anyway. Compared to karate's short katas, the taiji form is long and it is harder to endure the tickling sweat for so long before there's an opportunity to wipe it away! :D
    A friend, a fellow junior instructor arrived today as well and we chatted a bit after class. When we were leaving, we met the teacher who told us that the school will be doing the I guess already traditional Taiji demonstration in the botanical garden when there'll be bonsai exhibition. I've seen a few videos from previous years and knew this was every year event. The teacher told the two of us that it'll be in September, probably the first weekend and that he'd let us know.
    This information was a little confusing to me. Was he inviting us to come watch, or... well, I tend to always expect the "worst" case scenario so that I am not too shocked later, but surely, since neither of us doesn't even know the whole form, we wouldn't be expected to demonstrate anything, would we? I sure hope not. I didn't have the courage to ask what the teacher meant by that and my friend didn't ask anything either. Maybe I am just being paranoid already. But anyway, I would love to come and watch :)
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    Saturday 21.8.

    Sett's mom celebrated her birthday so we went to viit his parents at their cottage where they spend the whole summer. We went for almost a 4 km walk before starting a barbecue. We brought a bottle of wine and I was determined not to overdo it with alcohol today. It was good Sett wasn't driving today anymore, so for once, he could drink, too, and it wouldn't be on me only. Sett's dad didn't disappoint. He never runs out of wine. This time he had about 5 bottles of Lambrusco prepared, each 1,5 litre large. In three people we ended up finishing three... One of the reasons I didn't want to overdo it today was because tommorrow Sett and I are going for the second Covid vaccine. And since the advice is not to drink a day after that, I suppose it is better if one comes sober... Luckily I guess Lambrusco isn't as strong as regular wine as I didn't feel it in the morning.

    Sunday 22.8.
    We returned home after lunch and headed for the second jab in the afternoon. There were much less people then 6 weeks ago and it went smoothly, no waiting at all for us. Sett and I both went together, I got first asked about my health and then sent for the jab to the nurse, while Sett was questioned and went right after me. The nurse was a guy who wasn't too gentle, he simply jabbed and was done with it. Sett complained a bit more as his apparently hurt quite a bit for some reason. After the first jab, the nurse was gentler for me, but my shoulder did hurt during the night and the next day. In the morning I had trouble lifting my arm. This time, it was actually quite a bit better, I did feel it, but wasnt really hindered. Neither of us had any symptoms, so I soon forgot about any jab. I am looking forward to when the vaccine starts being valid a couple of weeks for now so that I could ceise the testing in order to go train. Not that anyone checks it, but I do it for my conscience. I am not really going anywhere else, but I'd still have to transfer the disease to anyone.
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    Monday 23.8.

    Sett tried to subtly give me the idea to not go training after the jab, but... I'm not missing a training when I feel just fine. On the other hand, circumstances wanted that I go to two in a row today.
    Me and a friend - a fellow new instructor R decided to buy a Taiji spear for practice. There aren't many places selling it, but the one that does is coincidentally within walking distance from the Taiji school. Therefore we decided to meet there before training today. Before the earlier trianing as the shop wasn't open that long. It wsa actually a wushu school that also had a shop selling chinese weapons and other training equipment. We entered the school - a courtyard of sorts with chinese decorations, so a shop that was closed and didn't seem to actually be open to public and a group of people practicing behind a window. We found an open door and before we entered, an asian woman greeted us and asked what we were there for. She didn't speak Czech too well, apparently, so I didn't try to be eloquent and said: Spear. She found the keys, opened the shop and took out a couple of spear heads. It didn't occur to me it could only mean spear heads, so I motioned with my hands to show a big stick: "Spear." She laughed, took out a bundle of spear shafts and let us pick which we liked. When I found one quite straight, it was also quite thick, she asked we wanted it for shaolin or taiji and that for Taiji it didn't matter. Well, at least I'll get some workout I guess. Next she took out a bundle of spear tassels on a string, cut two and proceeded to try to assemble the spears... She started with mine, which, obviously, was too thick to fit the spearhead. She then asked if I wanted her to cut it, but she couldn't do it right away, or if I'd assemble it myself. I tried asking how to, but when she started to show how to fit he tassel, and did her best to explained with bad Czech, I decided I'd rather have someone experienced assemble it, if possible. She then said she understood, she wouldn't want to do that, either, and that she'd ask the master of their school and we can pick the spears up tommorrow or someday next. She kept appologizing she didn't understand that well. Anyway, I'll be at the Taiji school tommorrow, so I agreed with the woman to pick it after the morning practice, sonce it was close. My friend R was thinking she wouldn't be around until Thursday, so I told her if she didn't mind, I could of course pick both spears and bring hers to her later, or leave it at our school. She asked if that was really ok, that that would be great for her. While the asian women kept packing the things back, I told my friend: "Of course, there's no problem at all. I'll be looking dumb in the tram no matter if I travel with one spear or two." The asian seller suddenly didn't seem to have much trouble understanding my quiet and quick Czech remark as a chuckle was heard from the shop... -_-

    Taiji - 5 movements practice
    Since we arrived an hour earlier than usual, we went to both trainings. R attends this class normally, helps with the warm-ups (silk reeling) and will be officially helping as an instructor here starting September. When I arrived slightly later as I took longer changing, she beckoned to me to come to the front with her, but I figured it's only confusing it there are two of us, and since she's going to be an instructor for this class, and since I don't mind practicing in the back at all, I just let her do that alone (how nice of me, right? :D ).
    I had rested a few days till now hoping my knee would improve, but I found it really didn't. Still, it doesn't hurt when I warm it up, so it is nothing severe and doesn't actually hinder me during practice. And after those few days of no Taiji, I couldn't get into the flow in the warm-up. When I ddi warm-up, though, I felt lower stances came easier, and I again felt my calfs loosened a bit, too. We practiced the forst five movemnts to the four directions with the teacher, then he gave some advices, explained all the stances wehn being asked by one student (so we had quite a long break just listening) and then practiced again a couple of times.

    Taiji - 14 movements
    The next class was the one I usually attend. The teacher met me before my friend and asked me this time to do the warm-up. My friend did just as I did before, left me in the front and went to the back (I was thinking whether it was out of good intenstions or a tiny revenge :D). It was nice actually doing silk reeling while already being warmed up fromt he previous class. I could do a much lower stance right away. My legs hurt a bit, but... I told myself it's a way to strenghten my legs, right?
    When we finished, the teacher was still nowhere to be seen, so we moved nside from the terrace as it has just gotten windy, cold and a few raindrops fell. The teacher wasn't inside, either, so instead of idly waiting, I asked the group to start the practice with 5 movements to four directions. The teacher arrived in the middle of that, waited till we finished and had us start working on the 14 moves. When we did the last with the nasty turn that doesn't come easy to me at all, the teacher was just looking at me and I knew right away he'd have something to tell me. Sure enough: "Ah, so this is a correction for Nachi, but you all try.." It was yet another thing he hasn't told me before and I didn't realise I was doing. Well, rather, I didn't realise it would be a problem. The teacher had us practice this movement over and over and went around, checking and helping people. I couldn't get it right no matter what. I tried a different approach - focusing on the movements of my hips to see it I can let the energy flow there and that way guide the arms properly. I realised I had trouble with what the hips do it this move. When the teacher came to me, he said it was a bit better, but that was just as I was painstakingly focusing on that, but I could tell it was still bad. I told him I can't figure out the hips, if he could perhaps help me. The teacher had me show it and corrected my arm movement. He said to make a proper circle, not just move it straight to the destination. Actually, this here I was doing pretty much on purpose due to a correction I got long ago that focused on an application of that move when the teacher told me not to make the circle too big, but pretend to go for a lock in the shortest way. When I did the circle as I was told, the teacher asked me where the hip problem was. I realised when I made a circle with the arm, the hip would easily make a circle with it, too, and there was no problem anymore... Except than after the second try the teacher said that to learn it it's ok to do a big circle like that, but I should just make it so tiny that it basically isn't there anymore and the move is more straightforward and demonstrated. It looked complicated. Or rather, I hadn't figured out the trick to doing it that way. Aaaargh, this move always has to give me so much trouble!

    I didn't feel any jab related problems, just was a bit tired. I burned 880 kcal after all.

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    Tuesday 24.8.

    Morning Taiji
    Leg and knees felt stiff. After silk reeling I went through the form with the rest, but stopped sooner. The teacher watched and gave me corrections and things to focus on and left. The senior instructor was teaching the advanced students, I was left to practice on my own. The teacher was probably busy, although honestly, Practicing the new sequencee to get more familiar with it is just what I need at the moment. Just when my legs finally loosened up, the class finished...
    I picked up our spears. Though they weren't assembled very well. At least mine. The tip isn't attached as it should be so it shakes when I shake the spear and despite not even moving it, the tasse fell off even before I reached the tram... I'll have to reassemble it myself anyway it seems.

    Also I got a few pictures from the seminar a couple of weeks ago. (I am the one in the orange in the middle on the group photo):

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    Ugh, I was so hungry after the morning training, but I decided to go bakc to 16/8 intermittent fasting.

    Evening Taiji
    Arrived a little earlier and watched the advanced Cannon fist class. There was quite a lot of people, including two of the instructors I know so I watched how they were doing. I do enjoy watching people practice Taiji. There was also this one guy I've never seen before, only once on a video I think. I also think he'S the one the teacher mentions from time to time. He mentioned he will be attending the planned Taiji kung fu classes. I saw him on a video demonstrating the form once and was incredibly inspired to go practice and my practice then went really well. From what I saw today, it must have been him. He was fairly tall, really thin and his Taiji seemed on a different level. So soft yet he was able to generate a lot of power where needed. It was awesome. Wow. I decided to tune myself to the type of movement he was doing and try when our class started. But, my knee hurt and it took me about half an hour from the hour long training to warm it up enought that it didn't hurt when stepping. And then the teacher gave us corrections. I was concentrating on doing the movements as well as I could witht the stiff and at times hurting knee, so I didn't have the capacity to try and correct the mistakes from last time.. Toward the end of the class, the knees finally eased upa nd I could do the form properly, at least.

    I am going to our family's cottage tommorrow till Monday. I was planning to do plenty of solo practice outside, plenty of bike riding, etc., but it's supposed to be rainy the whole time... Now that I think about it, maybe it's not bad. Maybe my knee needs a bit of rest. But I have so many things to work on improving!
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    Cool photos, looks like it was a lovely day for it! :)
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    Thanks :) It was indeed. In fact, we had awesome weather all week long :)
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    Wednesday 24.8
    Went to our family’s cottage for at least a short holiday. Around 4 km walk upon arrival followed by
    Online Taiji
    I was outside, used my iPad. The camera only allowed for my top half to be seen, but the grass and terrain was uneven, so the turns were difficult, so I didn’t exactly mind that my feet were’t seen… :D As usual, we skipped warm-up, reviewd the last move - Parting the wild horse’s mane, the teacher explained the remainder of the move and we continued with Fair maiden works shuttles. We already learned this on the seminar and it was repeated today mostly for the sake of adding the explanation of these moves to the video archives, but the teacher actually explained more to the deatail and I learned there was stuff I wasn’t doing. It wasn’t very physically challenging today, maybe because of the explanations, but mostly due to the uneven grass, so I didn’t really attempt to do extra deep stances and the turnes weren’t worth much, either.
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    Brilliant photographs, very inspiring is your dedication to consistent training!
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    Thanks a lot! It is not hard to dedicate to something I enjoy doing :)
  19. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thursday 26.8 - Sunday 29.8.

    Still on holiday. As expected, my planned training didn’t happen. It is quite cold and raining all the time, so I only managed a walk every day somewhere between 3,5 - 5,5 km. I planned to practice Taiji and review my karate kata, but… the vacation turned to be a rahter relaxing one due to weather. Hopefully at least my knee will recover.

    Today I am in a really good mood. The new season for both my Taiji and Karate schools is starting in September. The Taiji trainings I want to attend and the teacher recommended to me collide exactly with my karate classes :( I was feeling down about it, thinking of dedicating Tuesdays to Taiji and Thursdays to Karate. However, as sensei won’t be able to promise to make it to dojo twice a week, we agreed that he’d always be there one of those two days and I would be responsible for the other one. If done like this and sensei wouldn’t be able to show up too often to “my” day, I’d hardly even ever meet him. And only one day of karate… But! Today sensei called to confirm the training days and times with us and I thought there’s nothing to lose if I ask. And sensei agreed to change the training days to Monday and Thursay instead of Tuesday and Thursday! This way I’d be able to attend karate twice a week - all the classes - plus the most important Taiji training and maybe Taiji moring and online classes. Woo-hoo! I am so happy about all this! I am also looking forward to karate finally starting. I just hope Covid won’t shut the gyms a month later again….
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  20. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Tuesday 31.8.

    Morning Taiji
    I am back home and ready for classes. I hoped my knees got better during the rest. Unfortunately, just yesterday evening, I mad a bad move and aggravated the knee again. Luckily, only a tiny bit.
    Today we started the silk reeling with the senior instructor. After that we moved straight to the form. There was a lady, I think it was the one I once instructed, who dropped off after 14 moves - this class is open to all levels and I dropped at the 62th. The instructor came to us to guide us in what to practice until the teacher comes. I could easily practice the newer part of the form I learned, but I can just as well practice the beginning. I've gotten some corrections for this part recently, so I told the lady we can practice the 14 moves together for now. She said ok, but added that I could have finished the form with the rest, so I assured her I didn't quit because of her, but because I do not know the rest. She said she didn't believe, but... Before we got to practice by ourselves, the senior instructor decided that we'll go through the 14 moves together, with the advanced group as well, working on it slow, focusing on the basic principles, which was nice.

    The teacher arrived by then, let the instructor work with the advanced group, me and the lady went through the 14 moves again, we got corrections and I was told to practice the part I learned recently, which was my plan if there was the opportunity. One of the two main corrections I got today was to not do everything at the same level of height, that there is no need to be too low at all times. Which would be a great piece of advice if it wasn't just last class where the second teacher repeatedly told me to not change my height too much and if I have low stances, to keep my body at that level throughout... -_- Ah. Sometimes when the teachers contradict each other, it is possible to somehow at least try to figure out in which context they mean it, but today, it felt like each wanted me to do the exact opposite. I hope the teachers will have the opportunity to unify stuff. Until then, no choice, I'll have to listen to only one if the corrections clash. Though I am not happy about the situation it could put me into.

    Today, the teacher also had a word with me about instructing. Just about every current instructor aside frmo me had a class assigned where they would be required to help. I didn't really mind I was forgotten, or free of this, but thought it may only be a matter of time. I was asked today to help with the Wednesday evening class, not right away, but when a new course opens maybe sometime in October. The teacher asked about when I have time so I told him I managed to shift my karate and won't be coming on Mondays anymore, and he then offered Wednesdays, that he'd manage Mondays with another instructor. I said the only thing I planned for Wednesday were his online classes. It is the group I've learned a lot in during the past year and since there aren't many regular people there, I made sure to pop up to help the numbers. The teacher would prefer that I halp here now, he'd teach me the rest of the forms in the classes I'll be attending.

    Going to the Wednesday online class and making up the numbers there was also a reason I declined to come an hour before to the school where I could go to the more beginner class where my dad would possibly start coming, too. He started with me, but gave up as Covid arrived. I already probbaly persuaded him to start coming again, to a course on Mondays and Wednesdays, with me attending on Mondays. Which was just before I shifted karate there. My dad wasn't pleased with that piece of news at all, and let me know that XD Now he may come with me on Wednesdays if I come an hour earlier :)

    So my schedule of classes will gradually turn into:

    17:00-18:00 - Karate kids - instructing
    18:00-19:30 - Karate adults - instructing
    19:30-20:00 - Karate black belts - overseeing? Or rather a common practice with a few fellow students, unless sensei arrives to teach

    8:00-9:00 - Taiji
    17:00-19:00 - Taiji Kung-fu (is what it's called - Taiji in depth basically)

    18:00-19:00 - Taiji - less advanced class to attend with my dad
    19:00-20:00 - Taiji - instructing

    8:00-9:00 - Taiji
    18:00-19:30 - Karate
    19:30-20:00 Karate black belts

    Although I am glad the schedule is claryfying now and I managed to shift Karate on Monday so that it doesn't clash with the main Taiji class, now that I look at it, I can't help but think "What on Earth have I gotten myself into?" Looks like I'll have to do some of my work in the evenings or on weekends to be able to manage this. And still I think I won't be able to make it to every single class. Ah, it'll be tough.

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