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    Monday 3.5.

    So today we got up early and I drove Sett to the hospital for his foot surgery. He was supposed to go in October, but it got postponed to November due to covid. Then January, then March and finally, when just about everyone in the hospital seemed to have had covid already and now they got vaccinated as well, he was finally ready for his May term. Nothing can go wrong this time, right? Well, apparently, it can. After receiving news something got wrong and to wait for the announcement, we waiting for about 2,5 hours, before Sett was called in by his doctor. It turned out the nurse who was supposed to assist at the surgeries fo about 6 people that were waiting there with us, fell down the stairs, came to work, but found out she had her ribs broken and was unable to do the surgeries. I mean, I feel really sorry for the nurse, but this just feels like destiny just doesn't want Sett to have his surgery. In the meantime, some people were accepted as they probably found space for them with another team, but probably since Sett's surgery was more complicated, he was sent back home. Just wow. We certainly didn't expect this. Luckily, the doctor promised he'd figure a way to make time for him only two weeks for now. So hopefully then.

    Due to that, I didn't finish work in time for online karate today, only attended Online taiji:
    Practicing the 14 forms today, stopping by some and practicing some details. The teacher actually looked at me and said "good job" with one step, where I finally managed to keep my center of gravity in check and not moving it by stepping sideways. Cool, it sounded so out of place I realized it is not often that the teacher would notice something and only say a praise about it! No I have to keep in mind to always do it like I did :)
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    wow, so much drama for foot surgery, I'm not sure why they couldn't tell you before travelling :(
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    Tuesday 4.5.

    So sensei very enthusiastically announced this week we'll be restarting in-person trainings outside. It is already allowed, but there can be only up to 6 pairs of people and they have to keep like a 6 m distance. I was looking forward to it and in case sensei was still recovering and the trainings were all on me, I was planning to start trainings soon, as well, but probably waiting for the next release of restrictions.
    But... I didn't expect something would go wrong with Sett's surgery. I was at a loss as to what to do now, honestly. I very much wish he could already have it done and by this train of thought, I thought it may not be the best idea to do in-person trainings, yet, at least until the surgery. What if I got covid and the sergery would be postponed again? Honestly I am a bit tired of it and I am not even the person in question. And in karate, especially teaching children, I can't imagine I would be able to keep my distance at all times. So I decided to grit my teeth and just stay at home at least for two more weeks, until the surgery. I talked to sensei. Sensei is ready to train again, although just carefully, lightly. He shouldn't be exercising to much, still. And he said he will not be able to make both training days. I obviously counted on teaching at least one of those days, but now... In the end, we decided that I would for now still do online classes, while sensei would teach in-person once a week. I think that should work.

    Online karate - teaching
    There were about 4 kids today and one adult. I didn't have time to prepare what to do today, so I improvised a little. We did some basic techniques, also with stepping forward and backward, adding the first three steps from Renzoku kumite to the mix. Isolated, like this, it did give the kids more trouble. We practiced some kiks, did a little bit of work-out and spent the last 15 mins wrapping up the renzoku kumite. We did most of it in the last two classes, only alittle bit left. I thought just learniing a sewuence like that would be boring for the kids and hard to keep their attention, therefore I didn't want to spent the whole class with that. I think it all went well, though and even when we did the renzoku kumite towards the end, hte kids seemed a bit bored. So when the time came for the class to finish I said I hoped they would remember and maybe practice or at least have a basis to build upon when someone teaches it next time. I asked it they wanted to go through it one last time, just in case. The youngest boy, who seems annoyed most of the time in general didn't but another surprisingly did and the rest joined. That was nice. I hope they can remember it :)
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    Unfortunately, the nurse came to work that morning, thinking she was alright, but she got it x-rayed, found out it was broken and that is when everyone only learned about it. By that time we were already waiting there, apparently. And the next 2 hours we kept waiting it was apparently when the surgeon was trying to find a replacement for her, but was unable to... At least we only took 20 mins to go to the hospital. We heard there was also someone there who traveled from across the whole country....
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    Wednesday 5.5.

    Online Taiji
    Today we continued learning the kicking form. We got a bit more of an explanation and also learned the next one - the same kick with the other leg. I clarified something I was unsure about, though I forgot to ask another thing I was planning to and I am not completely sure as to how deep exactly the stance should be etc. I guess I will just do as the way it was explained permits me. I got a correction, too, but I think I more or less understand the forms now, time to practice and get familiar with them.
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    There was a first outside karate training of Thursday, but I stayed out of it for now.

    Sunday 9.5.
    A slow birdwatching, 5,5 km walk in the morning.

    Online Taiji - instructors
    Starting today, the trainings will only last an hour. There were, yet again, 4 of us. We started with the 15 forms, which all of us knew and went through them once. We were then asked to do the second portion of them - 6th form forward. Before we finished the 6th form, the teacher asked us to repeat that one again. THen again, again, again, until I just kept repeating it without him reminding. I had a feeling he's totally watching me and I can't get it right. This form is tricky and I had my legs tired for some reason today and was wobbly and was pretty sure the form wasn't up to part. When the teacher finally stopped us, as I thought, he had a lot to say to me. When I try to focus on this form, and especially doing it slowly, I find it hard to do it properly. I was also able to ask the teacher for some clarifications I needed after what was being discussed. The teacher also said it could help to try practicing the push hands, and hopefully we'll be able to do that in summer. He then demonstrated some of what he meant he said I could practice with Sett. Too bad Sett has just gone to take a shower, otherwise he could try with me so I could figure the two-person work out. I got a lot of advises today, mostly about this form and the general problems that are especially visible in this one. The teacher was rather diplomatic about it, mentioning it got much better for the past, well, several months since he started to point these things out to me. Which was nice.

    Come to think of it, it was give or take a few days exactly a year ago now that I first came to this teacher's class and he began to point out mistakes I should work on to me, especially to straighten my back in the beginning (or rather, since the beginning). I had previously only attended a course with the second teacher of the school for 5 months. He was great, too, had obviously a lot of knowledge about Taiji and I was always looking forward to his classes, but still, his teaching style wasn't the perfect match for me unlike the head teacher's. When I started attending the latter's classes regularly, too, he gradually pointed out more ond more things to improve, especially concerning the general principles and really pushed me to improve and had motivated me to work on all these things, gradually adding more and more, always pushing me a little, which was, I think, just perfect for me. Even pushing me into some slightly ucomfortable situations, which he didn't have me much space to avoid (like having me stand in front of the class, or maybe just a couple of people and to lead repeating the forms we knew. That would be fine, but more than once did he have me do this with people who actually knew more of the form than me, so I actually had to ask them how the forms went one after the other so that I could go over all the motions correctly with them.) Ahh, it makes me cringe again now that I think back to it! And several very similar, if not worse occassions!
    Despite me now worried about these situations coming again, I am still looking forward to attending the classes in real life again. It should be around the corner now, I hope!
    As a general summary now that I started thinking back to how this last year of my Taiji went, I have to say I am really glad I picked this school to start Taiji. I find the teachers there really great and experienced and actually enjoy the head teacher making me really work on improving myself. I can tell I did improve a lot and I wouldn't have if I hadn't gotten all those corrections and explanations. There are many things I still don't really get, but the feeling like there is a lot more to learn is good! :)
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    Monday 10.5.

    Online Taiji
    We practiced the 15 forms today, paying attention especially to those from the 6th forward.

    Tuesday 11.5.

    Online karate
    I asked sensei which day he'd like to teach and it turned out Tuesday would be on me. As every couple of weeks I planned to do a conditioning training. Sett had previously prepared a routine in this style to do with his friend, and sent it to me so that I could get inspired. It looked good, so I didn't feel the need to adjust anything. When Sett arrived home shortly before the class, he planned to participate today as well and it the end said he wouldn't mind teaching the class, which I certainly wouldn't mind either. Always checking the time on top of everything and letting others know is more tiring then just switching my mind off and exercising.
    However, I did figure out at least part of Sett's motivation later. A friend of ours asked us if we could help her figure some things out over the phone at 6. So when she called exactly in the middle of the training, it was pretty clear which of us, between Sett and I, would have to go help her. So I ended up leaving the class exactly in the middle. Hopefully I was at least of some help to the friend....
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    Wednesday 11.5.

    Karate online training was pushed to tommorrow instead.

    Online Taiji
    I see that the longer the online courses go, be it taiji or karate, the less people seem to be coming. Maybe it is since the weather is already nicer than in winter and shops have just open and people have less time, or I don't know.
    There were only three of us with cameras today, and two without. The programme for today's class was written as practicing the two kicking forms we just learnt. We went through all the forms we knew twice and tried the kicking forms a few times and surprisingly the teacher went ahead with the next form - yet another kick, but a different one this time. He actually explained the whole form today and we still had time to practice. It is a nice one, but... there is a huge problem for me. No way can I turn 180° with the other foot in the air on my heel! Why on heel? There isn't a single turn on a heel in karate and I just realised I am thoroughly unable to do that. If is wasn't for this, I'D say the form would be relatively ok to learn, but this... oh my gosh, this is going to be a struggle. I thought it was impossible to do that, but when I watched the teacher, he did it like it was nothing :( Damn.
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    Thursday 12.5.
    Online Karate cancelled, in-person karate also cancelled due to rain. Rest day.

    Sunday 16.5.

    Online Taiji - instructors
    There were actually only two of us today. Me and a senior instructor. The teacher let us each work on what we are learning now - at least at the beginning, we went through different forms as the teacher was able to watch since it was only two of us. We each got some corrections and then the teacher moved onto explaining another underlying principle of the sort of flexible/elastic force we should generate in basically all the movements and we work on that. It is not like he mentioned it for the first time, but I struggle with it. It is also a basis for fajins, which we were trying to do then, as well. Well, I was plently busy with trying to find that elasticity and coordinating my legs, hips and arm, while keeping y back perfectly straight, which I found difficult and really didn't feel like trying fajins that I suck at at the same time. I was asked to, though and the teacher said it was quite good. It didn't feel like I did it well, so he was probably just trying to encourage me.
    Last class we learned a new form where there is a turn which the teacher said was done on a heel. I was thinking about it, how I am used to doing all the turns on the ball of my foot in karate and therefore it didn't even occur to me it could be done on a heel. Now that we learned this heel turn, though, it left me wondering about other turns in the other forms we've already learned. Although I was afraid of the answer, I asked about it and sure enough, with one exception, the turns are supposed to be done on heels. Like the one in a relatively recent form I learned. Argh. I was asked to try that form and work on some stuff before, and true, when I focused hard and moved the foot in the way it was explained, several of the other things I was supposed to do, but couldn't came naturally now. Still, I hate turning on the heels. This class was great, though, even though the things I learned will take some time to learn.

    As for the pandemic, starting tommorrow, gyms and sports places in general can finally open - up to a group of 10 people and with recent covid tests. Taiji isn't going to start this week, yet, but probably the next, when the restrictions will be milder. The teacher is planning to combine in-person classes with online ones still and the usual classes - without online - should probably only start from September, which I think is a good plan.
    From how the vaccines go now, I might be able to get mine some time in June, already! Originally, it was expected perhaps in August, so this is good news. I'll see how it all goes.
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    Monday 17.5.

    Online Taiji
    Today we were again drilling the first 14 forms. Particularly 4 of the newer ones. Trying to synchronize the movements to breath. As for the sixth form - White Crane Spreads its wings, I've always had trouble doing it wiht the same flow as the teacher, always breaking the motion by having to adjust my foot as it should be. The closing of the foot is something that is taught to be in that form, but it always breaks the pace for me. I had a thought today, though, since I learned all turns are done on the heel, why not try turn the tip of my foot rather than heel. I tried that and it worked wonders! Hehehe, it was a good feeling to figure something out like that! :)

    I didn't do much solo practice today or yesterday si I practiced a little after the class, the forms I am learning at the moment. I drove Sett to the hospital in the morning and he was finally admitted for his surgery and seeing as I was home alone and wouldn't disturb anyone, I played some music and practiced Taiji for a while. The music was a little faster, so my pace was much quicker than usual and... after spending a few weeks at least on working on the correct movement of my hips, I could totally feel like since last time I tried practicing fast, the motion was much smoother and the whole thing very enjoyable :) I am sure there were plenty mistakes as all the circles might not have been as circly as they should have been, but no was watching (I am sure my teacher would find a list of mistakes of which I could name some myself, but I guess I don't always need to focus on everything at once) and I was just enjoying myself. Actually trying to work some movements faster works well for me. I know Taiji is usually slow and that there are a lot of fine motions that are easily focused on when done slowly and mindfully, one should also calm their breath and therefore do longer breaths and move more slowly, but... there is a big difference (at least for me) in what flow I can achieve when practicing fast vs. slow. Some things just don't work when done too slowly, I'd say. Anyway it felt pleasant and I will definitely try again :)
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    Tuesday 18.5.

    I asked sensei if I could be absent from all the karate trainings this week due to taking Sett to the hospital, going to visit etc. In the end, I wasn'T ablet o come visit. The restrictions just allowed hospital visits starting this week, but at least this hospital has such strict rules that actually make it impossible for me. How do you come visit a patient with foot surgery who can't walk or get up much if you can't come to their room and can only come od Wednesday?
    Therefore I did have more time today, but didn'T time my work well enough to be able to make it to Karate class across the whole city on time.

    However, I finished just in time to go Taiji, which is closer and starts later.

    Woohoo, my first in-person class since like... forever! (well, early October and then I went to two classes in December, to be precise).
    I took out my motorbike (scooter) for the first time this year (I really have nowhere to ride as there were no trainings and I've had home office since way before covid) and really enjoyed the ride, and I really enjoyed the class.
    The class was outside, with the second teacher of the school. I attended this teacher's classes at the beginning for about six months before meeting the head teacher later, who now teaches the online classes. There were at least 20 people there and it was really unusual for me to do Taiji outside and in shoes. I did the online classes barefoot at home on our slippery floor. Therefore if I went for lower stances for the silk reeling, my feet would drift to the side all the time, so I had to use muscles to keep my feet the same distance from each other ad couldn't go as low. Today, the floor wasn't slippery at all, so I probably unconsciously adopted lower stances and could really feel my thighs at the end (finally! couldn't do this at home).
    An older student was asked to do the warm-up (silk reeling basically). Had it been the other teacher there might have been a chance he'd have me do that and I really wouldn't feel like it (there were people more advanced than me after all, well, hopefulyl I wouldn't have to do that). Instead, I found myself a nice spot in a corner in the back. Another thing is that I always forget that corner isn't the best place either, as we turn in practising the forms, so when the group turns my way, I'd be in front (especially in the right corner that I chose). Not that anyone would really pay attention to me, but I have a harder time maintaining the pace which is usually slower than my comfortable pace. I forgot about this yet again when we split into two groups and stood in the same corner, again, in front of everyone for the time. I was focusing so hard to keep the pace and do the forms properly, that I forgot in which part of the form we were and started doing something else XD Haha, everyone could see. Well, whatever, that happens ,right?

    As for the class, we first practiced the 5 forms to 4 directions, then split into groups - beginners and those who know up to 25 forms (me). There were also more advanced people, but this was the less advanced class, so we didn't go beyond that. We then picked a few forms to work on more specifically. The teacher teaching the class was nice, I havent seen him in a while. What, however, didn't fit with me well, was that he was never giving personal corrections. I think I got one or two in the several months attending his class. Today, however, just in that hour, I got about four. Nice!

    I really enjoyed myself today. The weather was nice, the training was nice and I also met a friend whom I could chat for a bit. I am looking forward to more in-person classes! Hopefully I'll be able to go to karate, too, next week at the latest :)
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    Wednesday 19.5.

    Online Taiji
    We went through the form up till the point we knew it and added one piece we knew from before and practiced mostly the newest part we learned - which is three kicks. So a lot of kicking today. The teacher didn't give us too many corrections about them, he said he'd wait for the in-person classes, as the corrections would be more effective there.
    After the class finished, I again played some music and practiced some more. That was really nice, again.

    Starting next week, there are going to be both online and in-person classes I am going to attend. I am looking forward to that. Together with karate outside, things are finally slowly returning to normal. Come to think of it, I haven't seen my sensei probably since December/early January - neither online or in person. Pretty sure this is the longest I haven't seen him ever since I first met him. Such weird times.
    I was hoping to go to karate tommorrow if I make it, but I will be picking Sett up from hospital, so I guess it'll have to wait for next week. Too bad there is only like a month left till summer when the karate classes usually cease.
    On the other hand, there were some Taiji seminars announced today, so I am going to attend a few and so far the largest online IOGKF karate weekend seminar in July, so unless something happens, I'll go for that, too :)
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    Thursday 20.5.

    I registered for a couple of weekend Taiji seminars. This year I was planning to go the week-long one the school organizes. However, when the dates apeared I found out there would only be one week-long seminar this summer and that it is for advanced students who know the whole Lai Jia Yi Lu and perhaps even Lao Jia Er Lu. I only know not even half of the former, so I was a bit dissapointed. But since it was explicitely written like that, I was thinking about at least the 5 day seminar that is about the beginning of Lao Jia Yi Lu for less advanced people than me. Yesterday, however, our teacher mentioned to our group that we theoretically could come to the week long seminar. I was tempted, but unsure if that is the right path - usually it is better to work on the basics, right? And what if I happen to be the least advanced student there, hindering everyone? I heard there was also a group of less advanced people at this seminar last year as well, but....

    I really didn't know which one to pick, so I decided to write the teacher for advice. I actually got a call right back and was encouraged to choose the longer, advanced seminar. He said that I should challenge myself rather than do the basics, and was really nice, saying not to worry about advanced students. Though from his explanation, I think our definitions or point of view for 'advanced' differs quite a bit...
    Anyway, since the teacher said this would be a good option for me and even called to encourage me, I registered for that one. Woo hoo, I am really looking forward to it already! :) My legs are going to hurt, I'm sure, but I am even more sure I'll learn a lot there! I am also nervous about how I might be the noob there, but hopefully (and I believe that will be the case) I will not be the only one who doesn't know the whole form. :)

    I finally picked Sett from hospital and wouldn't make it is tome for karate then. Since there were some rains today, though, sensei eventually cancelled the training anyway. But when I finished my work, I found out I could still make it to Taiji.
    Taiji - outside
    Again met one friend there. She touched the topic of the seminars, but sadly, she said that unfortunately she wouldn't make it this year to the week long one I just registered for. What a pity.
    Today was the same as Tuesday - after warm up led by the advanced student we split into two groups, ours was supposed to work on the 26th form. We first went through one part of Lao Jia Yi Lu three times, and for some reason, just like on Tuesday, I (always!) messed up at one place doing a different form that starts to same. I've never made a mistake there before, but today, I could not get it right. Generally I think I didn't do very well today. Having shoes and not a slippery floor is great for silk reeling, but quite different for the forms. Having shoes and not being used to them, my sole started cramping from the beginning, so I was shifting in verious ways to make it better. Also sonce these classes with the second teacher already happen for about three weeks, the students here already have the routine according to this teacher. While I was attending the online classes with the other teacher, I tend to do some things a little different - pace of some forms, didn't know how they chained the forms to repeat them in the circle etc., so I kept messing up. The teacher gave me several corrections today as well, which was good. Well, some were things explained to anyone, but when explaining, he was looking straight at me and I could tell that was what I was doing wrong. And having the shoes and on the hard surface I couldn't really get into the flow properly today. I am just happy the head teacher wasn'T there to see me, hahaha :D
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    Sunday 23.5.

    Online Taiji - instructors
    The usual four attendees today. We started by trying the first 14 forms and got some corrections from the teacher. It probably took longer than expected, but before he moved to the Cannon Fist form withe the two senior instructors, he asked each of us specifically for any questions we might have. I sometimes have something to ask, but tend to forget the questions when it is time for asking. I luckily didn't forget today and got the clarify a couple of things. Before the last person got to ask her questions as well (though she said she can ask them later), the training was over.
    Not much actual exercising today, but a lot of corrections and theory.
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    Sunday 23.5.

    Online Taiji - instructors
    The usual four attendees today. We started by trying the first 14 forms and got some corrections from the teacher. It probably took longer than expected, but before he moved to the Cannon Fist form withe the two senior instructors, he asked each of us specifically for any questions we might have. I sometimes have something to ask, but tend to forget the questions when it is time for asking. I luckily didn't forget today and got the clarify a couple of things. Before the last person got to ask her questions as well (though she said she can ask them later), the training was over.
    Not much actual exercising today, but a lot of corrections and theory.
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    Monday 24.5.

    Online Taiji
    Today is the last Monday online class. Starting next week, this class will be done in-person. Actually in-person classes inside the school start tommorrow, but some online will also continue still, so I am going to do a mix of that. I am planning to attend the very first class - tommorrow morning. I have started mentally preparing myself that the teacher might ask me to lead the warm-up - silk reeling - in case the usual senior instructor doesn't come (I pray he does, this class is for anyone, so I am pretty sure there are going to be people above my level, but I am worried the teacher might not care...). I realised it is always better to prepare myself for the worst-case scenario. That said, I completely wasn'T prepared that I would be asked to lead the warm-up for today's online class. Caught completely off-guard, I became fairly nervous. That and the weather being muggy like before the storm, I started sweating right away, sweat trickling down my face, back, etc. The more I sweated, however, hte more slippery my floor became, but I didn't dare adjust too much. I ended up focusing on not slipping and I think I did an awful job when it comes to silk reeling. Oh, well.... Maybe the stress of this all was actually the reason why I managed to burn 500 kcal today...
    As for the rest of the class, we practiced the first 14 forms today (I keep calling them forms as that is what they're called in Czech, but since a form in English is the whole long thing, I am not sure if the parts are called motions? Or something else?), stopping at some, especially at the last with the tricky turn. We worked on that one yesterday, too, so I was practicing everything that was said an I think I did better. However, the teacher mentioned that I could improve on something I was doing wrong here. I Understood what he meant, but I didn't realize I was doing it (it used to be a bad habit of mine and certainly not only in this one motion) and couldn't correct it...

    After the class ended I went through all the motions I know from that form - finished with three kicks. Last Wednesday, working on those slowly, I really overworked one small muscle, that obviously lifts my left leg up. It is sore in a way it still hurts significantly when I try to lift my leg. WHen I tried the kicks, I was really unable to do them properly. It's been a while since I had a muscle that I overworked so much. It is not like I pulled it, either, it only started hurting next day and still hasn't stop. I pray wo won't be doing much kicking tommorrow. And that the pain is gone by Wednesday...
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    Tuesday 25.5.

    First class inside the gym. Not just for me, but the very first class for everyone, which may be the reason why not that many people have come, yet. Only six of us and the teacher. Entrance to gyms is conditioned by having a negative covid test. As I am not going to work (home office) nor anywhere, I may be one of the not many people that have never been tested, yet. I did the test myself just before class, negative as expected.
    As for the training, three of us were on a similar level - knowing perhaps around 25/30 forms, three of the older ones knew about the whole Lao Jia Yi Lu. After silk reeling (the teacher did it himself today, phew), We did the 5 movements to 4 directions then split into two groups. As tehre weren't many of us, we each got one main correction to work on.
    It was great how, finally, the floor wasn't slippery at all. Throughout the silk reeling, I didn't have to move my feet at all, at home I need to adjust all the time as they drift apart steadily.
    I didn't find today to be particularly exhausting, but still bunred 580 kcal.
    I am planning on attending this Tuesday morning class, then maybe Monday one and Wednesday online. Plus instructors that are going to be online now, but may be made into only an occassional seminar. We'll see.
    Anyway, being back to the gym and actually practicing with people in person was great! I will have to get tested all the time, but tommorrow the registration for vaccines will open for people 30+, and I am going to be among the first to register! :)
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    I planned on going to karate on Tuesday - my first in-person karate, which is happenning outside on the school grounds, but the weather was not that good, so as I expected, sensei cancelled the training. I will not be able to go on Thursday, but I suspect the weather won't be much better anyways. I am craving some karate, though :D I hope I'll get to go soon :)

    Wednesday 26.5.
    Online Taiji
    Today I was mentally prepared I might get asked to lead the silk reeling again, today. Especially as I managed to come exactly on time. I took a minute to fiddle with my screen and started a camera only then, half hoping the teacher might start the warm-up in the meantime, but he only started the class as soon as I set my camera, and started it by asking if I'll do the warm up :D But as I mentioned I was prepared and determined to do a higher stance for it so that my feet don't slide sideways as much and I don't need to adjust all the time. I am really not used to high stance such as this, though, but it still went better. Doing lower stances is harder on the thighs, but I at least get some work-out and it actually is much easier to keep my back straight when lower. Kind of my trick to overcome my posture problem :3
    We were supposed to review the stuff we've earned previously and maybe start a new form/motion today, but we actually learned one whole part and a turn to add to that. So not much reviewing today, mostly learning new stuff.
    Last couple of weeks, I was going to more classes, but as I had some errands to run every day this week, to balance everything with work and trainings, I didn't have any time to practice at home. I hope it will get better as in most of those classes, I didn't get to practice the newest forms we just learnt and they certainly could use some work...
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    Weather has not been great here either - No excuses! :p


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  20. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Hehe, true, true! :D Weather or not, I won't make it tommorrow anyways. I'll have to take Sett to his GP, then to hospital, then to a brief visit to his parents, and all of that on the other side of the city, so I think I'll be happy if I manage to combine all that with work tommorrow.

    Wow, that weather really doesn't look too great :D Is that a kata you're doing?
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