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    Wednesday 24.2.

    Morning Taiji - 27 mins

    Online Karate
    When the class started, there were only the streaming dojo's two instructors, Sett and I. Therefore the instructor with the highest grade of all of us suggested we train together and give each other's tips. And he asked if we had something we'd like to practice. I was thinking about perhaps Tensho as I do not have that much knowledge about it, when the asking instructor suggested Tensho as well. He was hoping he'd learn soem more details from us as we have the advantage of learning from our sensei who is a much higher grade and our country's chief instructor. Before we could decide, though, one more person joined, who was a beginner at their dojo and we changed the plans. We did all the bunkai from Gekisai Dai Ichi up to Seiyunchin during the class and practiced them and the Seiyunchin ones some more while the last coming guy stayed at Gekisai Dai Ichi. My, I've gotten rusty!

    Online Taiji
    Because of karate before, I arrived 10 mins late and didn't get to do much silk reeling. We first went through teh whole form and then worked on the last form we learned - Flashing Turn to Back. We kept practicing it and the next form which we already knew as it appeared before, for the rest of the class.
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    Thursday 25.2.

    Morning Taiji - short, only 3x forms

    Online karate
    Sensei and his family is down with Covid. He has a fever, but he said that was all. Therefore Sett was teaching today again. I arrived 15 mins late - as soon as I finished work. We were going through Gekisai Dai Ni kata step by step. Sensei also showed up, even with camera and looked relatively ok. No cough or anything.

    Online Qi Gong
    I loogged in, but had some trouble focusing today and had stuff to finish, so for part of the class, I was just listening while finishing some other stuff.
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    Friday 26.2.

    Skipped morning training

    YouTube Yoga
    Sett was going for a Garmin challenge for this week - a 1 hour yoga. He found an instructional video - or more like a recorded class of yoga and we went for it today. It was quite nice, stretche myself nicely. We might try again sometime :)


    Rest day except for Morning Taiji and stretching
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    Sunday 28.2.

    Today was supposed to be a nice sunny day and the last day before a new, now the toughest lockdown we've had so far. So, I suppose like many, my parent, Sett and I went to our family cottage to clean the many bird boxes my dad hanged around the place so he could watch various birds nesting from the terrace. The nesting season is about to start and the lockdown which will prevent us from leaving our district - in our case Prague - will last three weeks (at least that is what they say for now). As soon as the restriction were announced, my dad spent apparently a significant time studying the maps and the exact borders of Prague, figuring out which birding spots and cycling trails will stay awailable to us :D The thing is, starting from Monday, we can't leave our district (with the exception like work and caring for family members who need help, and few others), but unline till now, as for outside leasure activities like walks, sports, cycling included, we can't leave the city/town/village. People living in Prague are the luckiest ones in this regard. We can at least do some cycling. Imagine the small villages, wehre it only takes a few minutes to actually walk across. That already resembles prison...
    I hope the lockdown will help improve the situation, although it is fairly certain these rules will be breached by many people. I, for one, am also not planning to be perfectly obedient as I am planning to see my parents. And seeing people from different households is forbidden also. However, I am really staying home and my mum, who had the greatest risk of getting infected being a teacher, is going to get vaccinated this month probably and the schools were finally completely closed for now as well.

    In the morning I did two Taiji forms and had not done any training throughout the day, except for preparing the one garden bed I had at our cottage where I planted garlic and a few onions. I actually found a tiny cabbage there. I planted some cabbages last spring, but they all died due to draught, but somehow, one grew there spontaneously in autumn and somehow apparently survived winter! Go, little cabbage, go! I hope you'll be able to grow enough for harvesting :)
    As always, we met our neighbors there - they bought their cottage not long ago and reconstructed it and whenever we arrive, they are always there. It is because they live maybe 10 km away. The saddened neighbor complained that although they live so close, it is another district... so they came to pend the weekend at least.

    In the afternoon we went for a walk to the forest. Next few weeks, we'll be able to only go to forests in Prague, which is still considered lucky. Apparently, we were not the only ones who wanted to enjoy the fresh forest air before the lockdown starts. At the forest we went to, which is in a huge complex of forests, we hardly ever meet anyone, perhaps except for mushroom season. But today? There were six cars at the entrance and we had a hard time parking :D As we walked on the road, we met all five families :D And there was my dad telling my mum how it will be great to go to the forest, to enjoy the nature without people unlike in Prague. Well, today it wasn't that much different :D We walked for some 7 km.
    On the way back, I asked to stop at a farm that sells fresh milk from a vending machine. The milk is ridiculously cheap and very delicious. My gosh, there was a queue even to the vending machine! :D

    Due to this I arrived 9 mins late for the Online Taiji and couldn't get admitted. I texted a friend instructor, who responded somtime later that no one was there so the training was cancelled. Damn. What a pity. Apparently, everyone was enjoying themselves or taking care of things, perhaps visiting family before the lockdown. I spent the hour practicing by myself at least.
    Later I listened to the regular Sunday online Taiji talk. The teacher came up with a challenge for us to do some Taiji/Qi Gong activity every day. I am planning on practising my forms. The advised number of forms, depending on how much I knew, would be 7x-8x reps for me. I'try to stick with that. At least the 7.
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    Oh, I kind of fell behind with logging!

    Monday 1.3.

    Online Karate - kihon combinations mostly
    Online Taiji - Practicing the 8th form
    + To accept the Taiji practice challenge I went through my forms 7x
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    Tuesday 2.3.

    Morning Taiji 7x form

    Online Karate - conditioning - leg and abs workout for about an hour and the next hour was spent practicing Shisochin kata. A nice, relatively intense training, though I lost my energy a bit during Shisochin as the training went on longer than planned and I was sooo hungry D:
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    Wednesday 3.3.

    Morning Taiji
    - 7x form
    We went to pick our month's supply of eggs from a farm where we adopted a chick and spent longer than we expected, so I missed karate. Sett said he wasn't feeling too well, and unexpectedly, skipped, too. My mum just arrived to inform me that the last day before they closed the schools completely - on Friday - she was in contact with a positive boy, but she feels fine. Sett is worried if he might have Covid. Though that would have to be through my mom and she nor anyone else from the family seems to have it, so hopefully it is just a cold.

    Online Taiji - We finished the next part of the form - the 25 forms. We should normally be stopping there for some time and practicing that before learning anymore, but the teacher said we might take the next week to practice and then perhaps move forward as we learned the forms slowly. Well, it wasn't rushed, I think, but compared to other groups... Anyway such a plan sounds good to me :)
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    Thursday 4.3.

    Morning Taiji - 7x form

    Skipped Karate today as well as Sett who still didn't feel well.
    My reason was finisheing my work as after lunch, me and my dad went birdwatching. The lockdown preventing us from leaving Prague meant we won't be able to do out regular spring trip to SOuth Bohemia to watch some nice birds and look for Golden Plovers. However, a flock was spotted on the border of Prague, so afte my dad studied the map, he found out that the spot for watching is 100m away from the Prague border so we should be fine. Police is chekcing cars coming and going from one district to another these days and we did meet a police car there, but weren't stopped. We got to see the flock of Plovers, but they took of maybe a minute later and fleww off. Normally we'd drive through the fields in search for them to get a better look, but now... I can already imagine how ridiculous our reason for leaving Prague would sound to any police officer...

    Friday 5.3.

    Rest day except for Morning Taiji -7x form.
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    Saturday 6.3

    Morning Taiji
    - 7x form

    It was a lazy day today, I was reading most of the morning, except for cooking lunch. Also relaxing before the afternoon training:


    This was a two day event this time with people split into two groups by grade. All the black belts made one group of nearly 200 people. I think the overall attandance was over 300 people from 33 countries.
    The schedule was three blocks of 45 mins with different senseis and 15 mins break in between.

    We started the first block with sensei Nakamura - the World Chief instructor, who was the organizator of the event.
    We did Junbi Undo and some kihon combinations.

    The second block was with sensei Ernie Molyneux, who usually teaches combinations and sparring drills, but today he taught and led us through Sanchin and Tensho kata.

    The last block we had with sensei Bakkies Laubscher. He talked about kumite and the importance of footwork, which we drilled along with some relatively simple combinations, but as soon as he starts with explaining the attack and then our defence by "left" and "right" and showing it on screen with me trying to figure out if he's mirrored or not, I get lost... Like some people I do have some trouble with left and right...

    Time: 2:49
    Max HR: 145
    Average HR: 93
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 564
    Fat burn: 56%
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    Sunday 7.3.

    Morning Taiji - 7x form


    Second day of training in the same format, except with different senseis.

    First block of our group was started with sensei Henrik Larsen. We did a quick Junbi Undo and proceeded to do 5 combinations with 4 similar techniques, drilling them for a bit, then chaining them one after another. I have a serious problem with remembering long combinations and always messed up the sides at the 4th combination at the latest... Sett and I also had a bad feeling that on his screen sensei might actually be looking at us. The chances of looking at us among the 170 cameras or so were very low, but... When we were told to do a combination ten times, neither Sett an I were counting and when it felt like we should have done 10 by now, we stopped. The moment we did, sensei said: Oh, that was only seven! But didn't name whom he was telling that to. When Sett and I looked at each other confused: "Was that for us? No way, and it had to be 10.", sensei said something along the lines "ok, I get it, the language, etc." and we proceeded. When we got to doing all the combinations in a row, sensei was doing them with us for the first couple of times, but I always messed up somewhere in the middle. Sensei decided, after looking at everyone, I guess, that he'd go with us once more. When I messed up again and laughed at myself in frustration, sensei laughed at the same time and said: "Ok, once more!". Well, we really had a bad feeling we were being watched and we didn't like it! :D

    For the second block we had sensei Nakamura again. This time we worked on Sanseru kata. Sensei had prepared demonstration videos for us and each time we went through the kata, he'd pinpoint one thing to focus on. Towards the end of the block we did some shadow sparring, trying to include various bunkai to start practicing how to include them in sparring. Sensei again had a video of himself doing this exercise. Watching sensei is just very inspiring and since we had to come up with various bunkai on the spot and quite fast, we were just praying we really weren't on the screen even sensei Nakamura was watching....

    Last block was with sensei Jorge Monteiro, who led us through Sanseru kihon bunkai. Some of them we did a bit differently, but with the exception of one, not by much. Again, sensei had some comments that we worried could possibly be aimed at us, but were relatively general, so there was quite a big chance someone was doing the same mistakes sensei was commenting on. Like there was one bunkai where we were supposed not to pull one arm back after striking with the other. And I, like others, I guess, reflexively pulled the arm. I fixed it soon, though. But when we went throguh that bunkai again after some time, sensei went again: "No, don't pull that arm". Sett felt relieved: "Phew, it looks like sensei isn't talking to us, after all! We're not pulling the arm back." Me: ":confused: Oh, speak for yourself! :oops:"

    Anyway, the training was really great. It is great to be able to see familiar faces across the globe and train just like (well, nearly like) we would have in person and without travelling. Still, I wouldn't mind if we were allowed to be able to train in person...
    That also reminds me, this weekend around 7th of March was the one sensei Nakamura, sensei Ernie were invited to Prague and taught a gasshuku. It was nice, with only a few cases of Covid confirmed here. A day after they left, though, the country was closed - borders, schools, and others. Year later, we're still not out of that, but we can still train with both sensei Nakamura and sensei Ernie :)

    Time: 2:53
    Max HR: 105
    Average HR: 166
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 800
    Fat burn: 48%

    Online Taiji

    The Gashuku went a bit into the start of my regular Taiji class, so I arrived around 20 mins late (I appologized in advance today if something like last week happened where not enough people would be present and the trainig was cancelled). Everyone was working on a form I didn't know yet, but I was told to start working on my forms, that the teacher would get to me. So I did, while he was explaining to others. I went through my forms 1,5x before I was stopped and got the corrections (just when was the teacher even able to watch me?). It wasn't anything new. My hips, working with the energy. I was told I did improve, but should still keep working on it. For the rest of the class, the teacher was talking about the principles behind that and way to imagine how to do it right. And he got back to my example. He did actually even praise me (I think), saying something along the lines that I was "driven" or "speedy" (not sure how to exactly translate the word with the exact meaning.... and that what I do is lively, which is good, but I need to give it a better form to work better with the energy flow and if I learn that, there will be a lot of power in it. It did motivate me quite a bit, honestly, as it was probably supposed to. It will, no doubt, take time, but I am determined to figure it out! :)
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    Monday 8.3.

    Morning Taiji - silk reelink 10 mins + 3x form

    Online karate - footwork and some passages from Saifa kata

    Online Taiji - practicing 8th and starting 9th form
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    Tuesday 9.3.

    Didn't do morning Taiji

    Online karate
    - kihon kombinations and then some combinations and a couple of bunkai from Shisochin kata.
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    Wednesday 10.3.

    Morning Taiji - silk reeling and 3x form

    In the morning I got an invitation for a Zoom cal with three of my Taiji friends. Two of them just learned the halberd form and we even got a demonstration then :) The talk was nice and it made me itch to go to our teacher's home for a seminar. I think I'll go at least for a day when some of the restrictions are over, as some students have been doing throughout the winter.
    Also the last friend, who decided to accompany me on a bike last time - we went by a train and the last 35 km on bike. She wasn't doing so well on her older bike and in general and when it was over she said something along it being a nice experience, but once is enough. I was planning to definitely do this ride again in spring/summer, but didn't really even plan to ask the friend to come, too, since that was what she said. Today, however, when the talk came to that, she enthusiastically said how we have to do it again. I was really surprised, but happy she didn't give up. She said that after narrating her experience of that ride with me to her parents... she got a new bike as a Christmas present :D:D:D I wonder if it was because the trip sounded so good or so bad :D

    Skipped online karate - lot of work.

    Online Taiji - We finished learning the 25 forms, which is sort of a milestone when we'd stop and practice for some time, but the teacher said previously we'll practice just for this week and may start learning the next form soon. But we surprisingly already started today. Which was nice.

    In the evening we got a message from sensei that he is calling an ambulance as he has trouble breathing. He had Covid, but should have already been negative, though he said he still didn't feel perfectly fine. After attending one day of the Online seminar he said he tried to take easy, he didn't feel well, and today he started having trouble breathing, therefore the ambulance. We didn't get many details inicially so I was kind of hoping he called it just in case, but we learned the next morning he was diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary embolism. Sensei is a healthy 41 year old and this came as a shock to me. He'll have to rest and not do much of any activity for the next half a year, so it looks like we'll be teaching more in his stead. But I just hope he'll be fine. It also make me think about what a nasty disease the Covid is. Makes you think when it gives such trouble to someone close to you, whom you wouldn't expect ot have trouble with it at all... :(
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    Thursday 11.3.

    Work and stuff, called it a rest day, today.

    Friday 12.3.
    Just 3x Taiji form in the morning

    Saturday 13.3.
    Morning Taji - 4x forms

    Sensei Sydney, chief instructor of Netherlands, organized his second international online seminar continuing with again practicing ways of generating power. We quickly reviewed what we learned last time and continued practicing swinging, whipping etc. techniques. It was very nice. We also finished with Tensho and Sanchin - like standing meditation. I could totally see the influence of Qi Gong sensei also teaches, although the standing meditation, of course, is part of karate as well and was taught even by sensie Chojun Miyagi. Again, this and several ther techniques were very similar to what I am learning in Taiji. I suppose the further one gets in these, and other, martial arts, the more similar they get.

    After the seminar, I went to shower first, as my parents, living nearby, wanted me to come to pick some of my stuff. While I was showering, Sett took the top of his gi to put in a washing machine and went to the garden to take a picture of the nice spring flowers blooming there, as I was planning to do, poorly dressed despite the cold and strong wind. When I was done, I put my jacket on and just went to tell him that I am leaving and will be back later. My parents apparently weren't home, so I was just ringing the doorbell, when, suddenly, Sett appeared there as I left him - half naked - wearing only the garden slippers and gi pants, with a camera across his shoulder, his expression looking like he couldn't decide if he wants to laugh or get angry. It took me a while before I realized what happened. The door from the living room to the garden is only the French window and... the handle is only from the inside and therefore, if closed, cannot be opened from the garden. And I have a sad tendency to lock the handle without thinking every time I close the door. Unfortunately this wasn't the first time I unknowingly locked Sett there :D He said when he was about to go in, he first couldn't understand why he couldn't open the door and when he realised, he couldn't even get angry as he just had to start laughing when he realized what he will have to do - that is to climb over the fence to get outside as he was and walk the half kilometer or so half naked enduring the weird stares of poeple dressed in winter clothes covering them from the wind, trying to maintain an expression "what are you looking at, nothing is out of ordinary". Hahaha, it's been long since I had such a good laugh. Couldn't stop crying :D. Since my parents weren't home I decided to go back with Sett, when we met them at the end of the street. They first thought "who are those weirdos" when they found out and tears started streaming down their faces as well. Aww, that was awesome! :D But I hope I won't ever lock Sett in the garden again. I have a feeling he won't be laughing as much next time again :oops:
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    Sunday 14.3.

    Morning Taiji - only did the form once, my hip hurt a little.

    Online Taiji - instructors - today, there were only the teacher and four of us - two senior instructors, me and a junior friend. We started with a short silk reeling with fajins. I am still bad at them. We then went through the first 8 forms that the junior - R - knows and got some corrections, then R was left to practice those forms while the three of us worked up to what I know and got corrections again - well, mostly me. I got several. Then I was left to practice this while the senior worked on the more advanced cannon fist form. We then were given some common corrections together or separately told ather things the teacher noticed. Gosh, so many corrections for me again...
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    Oh, I've been slacking with logging!

    Week 15.-21.
    I did a bit of taiji every morning with the exception of Monday. Unfortunately I skipped all of the karate classes - I struggled with finishing work in time.

    I went to three Online Taiji classes, though

    We practised the 9th form most of the class, got a few corrections.

    Wednesday - We worked on our 26th form most of the class.

    Saturday - A 3-4 km walk in the forest with Sett's parents. When Sett's dad saw I was able to cut Sett's hair, he invited me to cut his, as well. I was again fairly nervous, but managed, I think :D Lol, this pandemic is making me learn new skills! Hair salons have been closed since October and I am pretty sure it will take at least a month, or more for them to re-open.

    Sunday - Sett and his friend went for a 15 km run (to fulfil a Garmin challenge). they usually go for 5 km runs and this was their first. I tagged along as an accompanying vehicle on my footbike. It's been a while since I last rode it and it tired me out fairly. I burned nearly as many kcal as Sett running, lol :D ยจ

    Time: 2:31 (breaks not included)
    Distance: 16.54 km
    Average speed: 6,5 km/h :oops:
    Ascent: 175 m
    Descent: 170 m
    Max speed: 26,1 km/h
    Max HR: 173
    Average HR: 134
    Training benefit: Tempo training+
    Kcal: 1236
    Fat burn: 36%
    Training load: Extreme, recovery: 2d 6h

    Sunday online taiji - instructors - there is less and less people coming lately. Today it was only two seniors and me (+ the teacher). I worked on the few last forms I learned, while the others also wroked on the Cannon Fist form etc. I was told to work on me putting the arms in correct, maybe a bit relaxed positions and keep my back straighter, chin tugged in. The teacher also said something along the lines that There is one more form for me to learn and what ensuits are several forms in a row with kicks in them, which he said I would enjoy. It looks like the teacher has me all figured out :D I haven't done any taiji kicks so far, but I've been looking forward to them!
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    Monday 22.3.

    Online Taiji - we practised the 9th form today.
    Skipped online karate - was a bit tired from yesterday and just not feeling like going... :oops:
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    Tuesday 23.3.

    IN our karate association, we have two senseis with the highest grade, who have been doing the online trainings - our dojo's sensei on Thursday and a sensei from a different city on Tuesday. Plus another, smaller dojo has taken Monday and Wednesday, but apart from me and Sett, sometimes one other friend, no one except from people from their dojo have been attending for some reason, so the main trainings remained on Tuesday and Thursday. At the moment, our sensei is back from hospital, but is still far from where he should start doing any exercise and he really should just be resting for now. The second, Tuesday sensei let us know that he just caught Covid as well. I am not sure how serious his symptoms are, but I think it is a given he should take a rest, as well. Therefore this week's trainings Sett and I decided to split between the two of us. Tuesday was my turn.

    Online karate kids - teaching
    Today I thought I could focus the whole training on kicks. Sett was teaching the kids on Thursdays for a few weeks now and due to his painful hips, he doesn't do that much kicking, so I thought I could fill in the gaps. Also Sett warned me that some of the kids tend to do whatever, but exercise when the training happens, so I was worried how it'd go. But I went for my favourite strategy - not give them the time to start slacking off, keeping the tempo from beginning to end. We warmed up witha run on one place, stretched the legs thoroughly and practiced only hiza geri and mae geri for the rest of the class. After every 10-20 kicks I changed the kicking exercise and threw in some work-out (I always asked one of the kids to give us an exercise to do, which worked surprisingly well). Generally I was really happy how the training went, even the two sisters, whom Sett warned me about worked the whole class and tried hard. Great :)

    Now as for the adults....
    Online karate - adults - teaching
    ...I did the same. Well, similar. We warmed up with Sanchin instead, stretched thoroughly (I was suddenly able to get really really close to do the full splits - closer than I've ever been, I think! A couple of centimeters, perhaps, and I'm there!) and started a simiar routine with hiza and mae geri, alternating the exercises, but I wanted to do mawashi geri as well and ushiro geri shortly at the end. For this class, Sett joined me as he would normally come to training, but as soon as we did mawashi geri a couple of times, his hip acted up again, so he stopped there :(
    At the end we did 3 Sanchin.
    There were only four people and me - even less than the kids, but I am happy that at least some people came. Not that many are coming to the online classes in general. Taiji classes are much bigger than that, but well, the whole school is much bigger.

    I got a good exercise - I always, for some reason, sweat the most when I do the training. I wonder why...

    Time: 2:07
    Max HR: 176
    Average HR: 140
    Training benefit: Tempo training +
    Kcal: 1105
    Fat burn: 26%
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    Wednesday 24.3.

    Skipped morning training again as I had to take my car to a service again.
    Online karate for today was cancelled.

    Online Taiji
    Today, as Sett was sitting sideways and listening in, unfortunately, the one he would laugh at the most today, was me. I told him before that I am worried, I haven't really practiced since Sunday, and therefore didn't practise the form we're learning. And I was worried the teacher would find out. The fact that the teacher started the class with: "Today we'll continue learning the 26th form. I hope you practised properly." didn't really ease my worries at all... This isn't the first time I was left wonderign if the teacher could read my mind, actually. As for the new form, I didn't do too well, but it was also because we were trying new things. The teacher was rather strict with me today (did he really find out I wasn't practising?): "Nachi, don't rise up from that stance when stepping sideways, ok?"... "Do you know what it means to not rise up?" .... "Ok, no, look, do it like this.... that's what you get for doing everything in low stances." Etc.... Relatively low stances aren't generally much of a problem, but keeping the same low stance with my feet together and my back straight and rotating hips at the same time... that is a whole different matter. I will have a lot of figuring out this week. I'd better be prepared for Sunday....
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    Morning Taiji a while on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

    Sunday 28.3.

    We spent about 5 hours digging and enlarging my garden bed for veggies :3 My legs were a bit tired, back hurt a bit. After some cooking it was time for:
    Online Taiji - instructors
    I really really hoped today's class won't be focused on the form I am learning at the moment as I still haven't practiced much and it would generally end up bad. I logged in (only) 3 minutes late, happy about how I am nearly on time with Sett's asking annoyingly: "You call that on time?" But I was, indeed, there was no one there. Only me and the teacher. Wait, ... no way! No way there's no one else coming. While I started panicking Sett was laughing at me from the side. Indeed. There I was... alone with the teacher. And I was really hoping for a relaxed and talkative class today. I started of demonstrating all the forms I know to receive corections. It was what the teacher always tells me - back and hips. However, as there were only the two of us, he got plenty time to stop me and tell me: straighten your back, chest in, shoulders back, head straight, sit back... and push me into a posture that was nearly impossible to stand in. I was leaning way back and when I straightened myself as instructed, it was like my whole body was nearly cramping. Just standing like this made it feel like I can't possibly move in this posture and my whole body was shaking and sweating. Low stances are one thing, but like this, it wasn't my thighs hurting, but everything else. All the weird muscles I had. Wow, this was tough. I tried going through the forms slowly, listening to instructions, reminding me to straighten back and all those things, my heart rate while moving at this snail pace was over 140, I was shaking, seating and breathing disproportionally hard. I am supposed to learn to do everything like this? My gosh.... Yeah, and I shouldn't forget to be relaxed :D It was tough.
    We also worked on one form where I know I have trouble with some movement but can'T figure it out no matter what and the teacher gave me some useful tips. I still wasn't able to do that, I could tell, but I was able to get it a tiny bit better....
    Luckily! Half an hour in, another person - a senior instructor joined. Phew. Now most of the attention was on him and the teacher spent the next half an hour working with him mostly, while I was trying to practice what was just corrected to me.
    I was thoroughly exhausted afterwards.

    I was wondering what private classes with the teacher look like. I know several people who have private classes refularly. But now I know it must be hell! :D Still, I can see how it can help one progress faster.

    Time: 1:03
    Max HR: 155
    Average HR: 128
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training, long
    Kcal: 475
    Fat burn: 35%
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