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    OKINAWA - 22nd July - 4th August

    2019 WORLD GISHIKI & IOGKF 40th Anniversary celebrations

    Thursday 1st August

    Today's Junbi Undo was led by sensei Kazuo Terauchi. After that we again split into our groups, this time we had 4 blocks, each lasting not 40, but 50 minutes + a 10 min break.

    Luis Nunez sensei (8th dan)
    I attended sensei Nunez's block in a couple of seminars already - at the European Gasshuku in Prague and in Okinawa 3 years ago. Both of the times, I enjoyed his lessons very much, as we were doing Seiyunchin and Shisochin and sensei was explaining very interesting details and hidden techniques sort of etc. Therefore, we made our way into the first line this time, to hear the most of it. Since there were quite a few lines and I am not of the tallest people, either, so....
    Unfortunately (and this was so depressing), sensei wanted the people in the back to hear him, too, so whenever he was explaining the details of Shisochin, he went in the middle of us, so we made a circle around, and he was talking to the back lines. So... I heard nearly nothing :'( There were just too many people I guess... If only we had staed somewhere in the middle as usual :D

    Tetsuji Nakamura sensei (7th dan, IOGKF's Chief instructor)
    Another block I was really looking forward to! Well, I was looking forward to all, but sensei Nakamura is always really awesome, and a really charismatic and cheerful person. And his karate is very inpiring. Although that is true for all the teaching senseis. He decided to teachn us about Seiyunchin kata and spoke about the importance of the opening an dclosing ceremony in katas and mental state during karate etc. And badmouthing his dauthers a little bit :D Really a nice lesson, too.

    Pervez Mistry sensei (8.dan)
    This was like with sensei Nunez, my 3rd opportunity to train under sensei Mistry. Sensei Mistry is very knowledgeable and also wrote a very detailed book on Sanchin kata. He is among the older senseis, but from what I saw so far, is fitter than me D: I saw him doing some crazy hojo-undo and yoga like exercises on the trx on a video and I couldn't do that in a million years. He can also do push-ups on his thimbs only.
    Today, he was a little confused. In our first block he arrived to us as he was searching for some brown belts he was supposed to teach. And only found us :D Sensei Nunez helped him find his group, though. And although he's been to our group in the morning, he was obviously struggling to figure out where the 1st kyu group was. So everyone already started and we stood prepared, but sensei was nowhere to be seen. Until senseis close to us noticed and sensei Lambert, who normally only teaches kids arrived to our rescue and started a training with us until sensei Mistry arrives. He indeed showed up after 12 mins or so, smiling as he was confused by the layout of the groups, apparently :D Sensei Mistry let us go through Gekisai Dai Ichi kata, normally, then backwards, then in the mirror side etc. and we spent most of the block trying out the first bunkai as a start to a more complicated technique like a choke, or a joint lock and similar things. We practised those in lines of attackers going for a defender in front. We were supposed to try several and choose which technique fit us best in the end.

    Jorge Monteiro sensei (8th dan)
    Sensei Monteiro, likewise, is great, and visited us in Prague not ling ago. I think he often like to teach a bit of kumite or some combinations. He seems very agile to me. Today we practised kakie, which was something I welcomed, especially before today's grading. I got a chance to practise some chokes etc. I had prepared for kakie kumite etc. We did some takedows, too.

    Overall today wasn't particularly physically challenging, which was great as we were planning to save our strenght for afternoon.
    After the blocks ended, we had about an hour long break before the grading. We changed into our new gis we just picked up in Shureido yesterday, we snacked a little and relaxed.

    Time: 4:44
    Max HR: 152
    Average HR: 94
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 918
    Fat burn: 57%


    There were around 70 people grading from Shodan up to 6th or 7th dan, divided into 3 groups, each being graded by a pair of senior IOGKF instructors, 7th-10th dan (including Shihn Morio Higaonna, who, however, graded the most senior black belts). Our group of Shodan and Nidan was overseen by sensei Ernie Molyneux and sensei Hernik Larsen (both IOGKF's vice chief instructors).

    The grading took around 2 hours and I tried to do my best and honestly felt quite good about it, I think I didn't do any major mistake in the technical part, although of course, how I performed generally is hard to judge. I somehow even pulled the 100 push-ups, 100 crunches and 100 squats, and tried to do them all the way up and down (except for push-ups which were a struggle). However, right after the beating, our sensei, as our country's chief instructor, who was allowed to watch, beat me with a plastic bottle as I apparently misunderstood the instructions that I can alternate between the exercises, as he claimed it is always finish a hundred of each, then go to the next exercise. Not my great strategy of doing 30 of each, then 20 of each, etc....:oops: However, I was at least able to do the exercises properly! :D

    Now we would have to wait till Sunday for the results...

    Time: 2:25
    Max HR: 184
    Average HR: 131
    Training benefit: Tempo & Maximum training
    Kcal: 1075
    Fat burn: 28%
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    OKINAWA - 22nd July - 4th August

    2019 WORLD GISHIKI & IOGKF 40th Anniversary celebrations

    Friday 2nd August

    Finally, today the stress from the upcoming grading faded away and we could enjoy the training. Or so we thought.
    The Junbi Undo was led by sensei Larsen and then we again split into groups.

    George Andrews sensei (8th dan)
    I was kind of expecting a class about knife defence as that was what sensei taught both times I had a training with him, but we did a lot of San Dan Gi. 10 different variations very quickly just so we can remember to give us inspiration for our own training. I realised I am not as relaxed as I thought and I had some trouble standing in low stances as apparently, yesterday's grading had worn me out.

    Morio HIgaonna shihan (10th dan) & Yonekazu Uehara Shihan (then 8th, now 9th dan)
    This was, of course a long awaited session! We did several combinations from several kata. Various kicks, always also to jodan level, etc. I managed to wake my legs up with this, until sensei had us do a flexibility exercise, where we sit sideways and kick our leg with foot not moving away from the floor. From what I could see this was easier for women and I could do it too, although the position wasn't particularly comfortable and we sat on one side for quite a long time. And then, when we were to change sides, my tired body said no. I got a cramp in my hip. I tried to do as if nothing happened as I was quite close to sensei and everything, but continuing through the pain that was just subsiding wasn't the best idea. Since then, for the rest of the day I had real trouble moving the leg in general, rotating it in any way impossible. So I tried to move as little as possible and the I got a sharp pain in the hip otherwise, projecting some sort of numbness into the rest of my leg, which then became very hard to move. Dang.

    Bakkies Launscher sensei (9th dan)

    This was very unusual as we did not kihon, as usual with sensei Bakkies, but Saifa kata. Well, I just couldn't do the transitions or really any moving of the legs. I was limping now and tried to do what I could, but kata without moving around just doesn't work. I secured a spot further in the back, though, so that I couldn't be seen too well. Although as people were figuring out their positions and sometimes there appeared and empty space in the line - why in front of me? I got at least a couple of lines to the front... I didn't enjoy this block in particular as I was thinking about my leg and kind of fortgot to listen to some of sensei's explanations, which is really a pity as sensei Bakkies is a great teacher and has a lot of interesting stuff to say.

    Kazuo Terauchi sensei (9th dan)
    Sensie arrived a bit later and he gave us plenty of time to practise a couple of combinations in pairs. Well, I could somehow cheat in solo exercises, I wouldn't bother anyone with it, but working in pairs was different, I wouldn't be a good partner to anyone. Even if I partnered up with Sett and he was fine with going easy, I had a hard time doing any step at all, so I decided it's not worth it and I went to appologize to sensei Terauchi that my leg hurts and if we are going to continue with combinations, it would be better if I sat down. Sensei was understanding, but told me to "just punch". So I thought it was ok and went back to just do whatever where I don't have to move. It just hurt too much and I simply couldn't put my weight on the hurting leg when kicking mawashi geri or rather, any kick at all. I'd just fall over. Sett in the meanwhile partnered up with a guy from the UK and when I arrived, the guy wanted to keep him, apparently, as he was previously partnered with his female friend and it looked to me like he wanted to punch someone a bit more :D The women seemed fine with me being ehm... not the best partner and willing to accomodate the exercises. I tried my best, did some short steps and at least attacked so she could practise the combinations normally. She was very kind and I am grateful she didn't seem angry or anything about getting a partner like myself. When I was taking it easy, the leg was slowly getting better and I could move a bit more. At the end, we went through Shisochin kata a few times. I somehow pulled through the whole day, which made me happy :)

    At the end of the day I visited the japanese physiotherapists from Rendo Sugimoto sensei's group, regular participants at these big seminars, who massaged my head, near the groin, calf, ankle and really eased the leg! It didn't ease the pain completely, but I could feel the muscle relaxed a bit and it was slowly getting better.

    Time: 4:55
    Max HR: 165
    Average HR: 14
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 1266
    Fat burn: 49 %
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    OKINAWA - 22nd July - 4th August

    2019 WORLD GISHIKI & IOGKF 40th Anniversary celebrations

    Saturday 3rd August

    I was all better today, but was ready to skip a block or two if I felt like I am way too exhausted. Actually even sensei was fine with that, which was surprising. Sett felt the same, so we decided we won't be shy and will just skip if needed
    The Junbi Undo was led by sensei Ernie.

    Katsuya Yamashiro sensei (8th dan) and Paul Nolan sensei (7th dan)
    We didn't yet have the opportunity to properly greet sensei Paul as we didn't meet him. He was very nice and came to say hello to the two of us when teaching our group. Which made us feel rather bad as we should have been the ones to approach him. But sensei Paul is really nice.
    The two senseis split our group into two and each taught each half for half a block. We first had sensei Paul who taught us excapes, than added kakie and some locks and chokes. He wanted to do as much as he could with us in the short time we had, so he showed us a lot of nice, not overly complicated techniques.
    After senseis switched the groups and we had sensei Yamashiro. We went through several kata or rather just their beginnings with sensei wathcing us carefully. He pointed out some mistakes, but just went to the next kata. He isn't fluent in English and it kind of seemed like he found it pointless to try to go through details of the kata with us since it wasn't at high enough level in general. He talked about the importance of correct posture and transitions etc. He told us every person practices their kata at a certain level. Like there is a Gakisai Dai Ichi kata at yellow belt level, but it is completely different from Gekisai Dai Ichi at 7th dan level for example. As sensei was watching us, he evaluated our kata (of our group in generat) to be at a green belt level. Yeah, we should work hard!

    Henrik Larsen sensei (8th dan)

    We practised footwork for quite some time - different slides and evasions and based on them we did a few combinations or bunkai and some locks. At the end sensei also talked about the difference between a sparring of a fight vs. self defence, how to be prepared, what a martial arts class should prepare us for etc.

    Linda Marhant sensei (7th dan)
    We were sure just from knowing a bit of sensei Linda and from hearing from other groups as well as seeing the black belts on the other side of the gym "suffer" under sensei's Linda watchful eye, that this session won't be very relaxing. We thought if we should just skip this block or end it for today, but... while this session was going to be difficult, it was inevitably going to be awesome, too. So we stayed. It would be a pity to miss sensei Linda's or any of the teaching sensei's block...
    It was ok at the start, we did a lot of combinations in pairs, but then sensei Linda transitioned to some crazy kicking combos that were not very easy technically and impossible to do as fast as she counted. But she just wanted to pump us up. Kicking mawashi geri with one leg to the leg and without putting it down kicking it to the head of our partner simply takes more than a second. Well, to us, at least. I quite enjoy these kicks so I tried to push myself and luckily my still a bit stiff leg let me. Sensei Linda was going around and gave me a tip to lean a bit backwards, since my partner was nearly a head taller than me and it was then easier to reach. Then sensei Linda even praised my kicks, which honestly made me really happy :)

    Britt Larsen sensei (7th dan)
    The only other woman among the teaching senseis was sensei Britt. COming from a slightly different - competitive background and perhaps being a bit less "senior" as this was only her 2nd time teaching at the Budosai, she gave us a good intro about herself and talked about her views and practices etc. I remember sensei Britt's block at the last Budosai and I really enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to see what was coming now. We practised kata, only up to Saifa, but from different points of view - so something a little similar, yet quite different to what she taught 3 years ago. She showed us how to use kata as a cardio practise while simultaineously working on our kata, obviously, and talked about the importance or where our eyes go or what mode to get into during kata or some of their parts. I found it very interesting and I learned something new.

    There was a final etiquette and we said our goodbyes to anyone we'd meet. Most people will still see each other at the Sayonara party, however, our flight didn't allow me and Sett to go.

    Time: 4:41
    Max HR: 173
    Average HR: 95
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 980
    Fat burn: 52 %

    However, we hoped that one day we could go for a dinner with our acquintances from different countries, especially sensei Paul and sensei Peter from the UK. We asked our sensei, who was reluctant as he thought sensei's would have plenty other people to spend time with and things to attend to. So I was determined I will ask sensei Paul as soon as I meet him, but when we did during his block teaching our group, our sensei was faster and already asked senseis to come for a dinner with us and sensei Paul confirmed. We were to meet on Kokusai Dori - the main lively street in Naha. When we arrived, we already saw a group of people and I couldn't shake away the feeling that the person who's back we saw looked way too much like sensei Ernie to possibly be anyone else. And it turned out it really was him. Which was pretty cool and our sensei was also happy and honored he joined us. There was 7 of us or so and 3 senseis form the UK with a group of their students, too, so we made for quite a big group, around 14 people. Luckily, the English knew about a place such a big group would fit in and where we could eat for a good price too. A very nice place in the basement with cheap beer.
    We had a long table along one side of the corridor. And after a while, the table on the other side was filling with other English karate-ka. Being a senior IOGKF instructor must be hard at times as everytime another person arrived from the other group and noticed sensei Ernie, they always greeted him with surprise and bowed in respect. When there was a large group occupying the next table, their final guest also arrived, sensei Linda. So many senseis with such high grades in one place! That was kind of cool :) After that the evening became a strange sort of competition of who'll be the most cheerful group or so. Sensei Paul and Peter are essencially very loud and laugh all the time. To which the other table answered by singing Happy Birthday for someone apparently celebrating at their table. For some reason though they sang the song like 20 times at random throughout the evening, until sensei Peter couldn't take it anymore and got up, went over to the next table and showed them how to sing! Lol :D

    After we were done with our meals, sensei Paul took out his deck of cards. I suspect he never goes anywhere without it. He knows some tricks and now he proposed to play a fun bar game where everyone could play at once and it was mostly about luck and, well, about strategy, too. I was lucky and was able to keep all of my 3 lives for the longest. I lost one by my stupid mistake, but I still made it into the finale with sensei Paul and sensei Ernie, who both probably played many times before. But I was lucky with the cards and actually won the game. Such a nice feeling! We played another round, with slightly different rules and only one live and due to bad luck I was now the first to die. But the evening was really fun :) I tried to figure out a way to sneakily make sensei Ernie tell us the results of our grading, as he was the one grading us and we won't know until the Sayonara party, to which we unfortunately can't go, becasue we'll already be in Tokyo by that time... But sensei just wouldn't tell :(

    The next day we flew back to Ishigaki and from Ishigaki to Tokyo, where we had 20 hours between flight, so we booked two beds in a cute capsule hostel. We only had one evening free, so we went to the nearest attraction, which was the Tokyo Sky Tree. While waiting in the queue, we got a message from sensei who was at the Sayonara party, that we both passed our Dan grading! Woohoo!
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    After Okinawa, I took time off from all training. I went to our family cottage for a while and had stuff to take care off and I neglected physical exercise for a while...

    Sensei made a training on 14th of August in the dojo. Right now I don't really remember what we did, but I think it was mostly about bunkai.

    Time: 1:30
    Max HR: 158
    Average HR: 112
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 486
    Fat burn: 42 %

    I've been to the dojo once or twice more, but that was to help with a general cleaning before the season started.

    I made another thread about a visit to an annual tea festival in Prague, where a Chen Tai chi school had a demonstration I really liked. I realised I had their business card from last year already, but I really felt like trying this time around. I found their website, but unfortunately found out that their beginner classes collide with my karate trainings. :( And they were happening at three different places in Prague, none of which was close. Considering the class would only take an hour, I would spend more time travelling there. I still wanted to try, so I wrote an email, but in the meantime found out the main teacher of that school comes regularly to learn at the Taiji Academy, which was another school in Prague. Obviously it was the same style and since it was led basically by the teacher of this teacher... I checked it out. The location is a bit better, there are more classes to choose from in general and they take either an hour or an hour and a half, like the beginner course. So I went to check out the trial class on 2nd of Semptember. I ejoyed it and decided to pay for the three month beginner course, really looking forward to it starting. :)

    I told my parents when I met them that I am going to try a Taichi class for free. Their reaction was right away: Isn't it the exercise the old people do in parks? Why would you do that? I explained that well, it is, but it is really not just an exercise for old people. And I got a call from my dad the next day right after I returned form the class. He asked how it was, how old the students there were, where it was, what time, how much it cost and if he could try a class, too :D Hahaha, that really made me laugh. Long story short, he went and actually decided to go for the beginner course with me :D And he just had his first class yesterday and seemed to like it. It is a bit unusual hearing my dad talking about any martial arts at all, but I am looking forward to sharing this journey of sorts with him :)
    My course starts tommorrow, I can't wait :)
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    Tuesday 10.9.19


    The timetable of our trainings is the same, except that sensei added a class for kids aged 4-6, which luckily is led by a friend, not by me. That one I found very mentally exhausting. :D And there are supposed to be trainings every other Sunday, too. Once in Prague, the next time in Sedlčany, a dojo an hour drive from Prague, which was led by a friend who I think passed her 3rd kyu grading, but is now expecting a baby, so the main instructor will be an 18-yo bo with a blue belt, who is the most senior there. By belt and perhaps by age, too, actually. So we are going to try to help him and come teach the classes at least once a month.

    Karate kids

    Anyway, today was started by my first kids class of the new season. There was one yesterday, too, with 5 new kids, but several of the older ones not showing up. Today I had 4 boys show up, who were training with me last season, too, and one more, who was coming to the class for the youngest 2 or so years ago. And a tiny sister, who did all she could to try and sneak in and participate, but she just turned 4, so her mum had to explain she would come to a different class on Thursday.

    I repeated some of the theory with the kids, played a game for warm-up that would get their hearts pumping and tried to watch over them so their not slacking with their tasks too much. Then we did a quick stretching, hiza geri and tsuki. And a short game at the end. The class was ok, excpet for the two usual troublemakers ... making trouble. I just sent them out for a moment and tried to be firm, but wanted them to train so I allowed them to come back when they calm down. Well, they really didn't. The watching parents praised my patience with them, but... honestly I am a bit at a loss about what to do with them. :/ Ah, this year's gonna be tough, too :D

    Karate adults:
    I had a snack, so I came a bit late, but sensei was just saying some organization stuff about the next season, most of which I knew already. At least I hope so :D
    We did Junbi Undo and then various combinations in pairs, practising techniques at once with a partner to be a theoretical target and a real target when we practised some kicking. I enjoyed karate class with our sensei after a while, but the problem was too many people in a small space, closed window and the fact that I wasn't feeling all that great since a couple of days ago. I had headaches and felt like some cold was coming on me, but today was already ok, until now. I started feeling a little dizzy, but was fighting it for at least an hour before I gave in and took a chance when someone was leaving, appologuzed to sensei, and left too. My dizziness was surprisingly quite ok when actually doing techniques, but showered over me when we stopped, changed partners and sensei was explaining what to do next. And it was slowly getting worse. When my vision was worsening, I just waited for an opportunity to get out. It was pointless to stay as I was paying attention to how to look like I am ok, not how to improve my technique.

    Time: 2:13
    Max HR: 170
    Average HR: 134 - all unusually high for a usual karate class and not a very physically exhausting one on top of that
    Training benefit: Steady State training
    Kcal: 1025
    Fat burn: 31 %

    For that reason I also unfortunately skipped the Thursday classes. I still had a feeling like I am only almost ok, not completely, and I thought there's no rush in easying into the karate routine. Also with me not having y drivers licence at the moment (ehm, I kind of found out the expiration date was last year, ehm) as I wait for the new one, the training together with travel and everything is a matter of approx 5 hours or a slightly less... so in the end I prefered to do the chores like mowing the lawn (which is quite a good training in itself) etc.
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    Friday 13.9.19

    Tai chi

    Today was my first class of the three month long beginner course. We were a group of around 15 people I think and an instructor I hadn't met before. He first spoke about what Tai chi is and a bit about its history etc. Then we went out on a terrace with a nice view over the city to practise the basics - the standing like o pole. Or that is the only name I remember the instructor mention. We were to just stand in the stance, trying to relax the correct parts, keep back straight etc. Aaaand there comes my problem. No matter what I do, I just can't get my lower back straight. Just can't. I was trying to do it, but both times the instructor went by, he adjusted my posture there. Wow. And honestly, after a few minutes of that posture not dissimilar from Sanchin dachi, my back really hurt. :D Which is a good sign, I'd say. If they manage to straighten my back, that would just be awesome :D
    Later we moved to the other room with another group practicing and we did a bit of a window to the future - to see what we'll be learning and continued with the one handed silk reeling. The instructors then switch and e were just trying to do as the teacher. I stood in as low a posture as he did and did feel my legs a little, but I had a feeling I got the movement somewhat. Just the movement, though. Not sure about my general posture and definitely did nothing about the internal, which is pretty important, I guess.
    At the end the other group showed us the first 6 forms of the 74 forms taught as the first for if I understand it. That was all for today. Nice :) I should try to find time and motivation to practise at home as we were told to :) Unfortunately I again got headache now, but hopefully tommorrow O:)
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    Tuesday 17.9.

    Again I was feeling just a little off today. Not anything that would stop me from any daily activities, but I was wandering if I could weather the whole training today.

    Kids class:
    The last two kids from my class last year showed up today, along with a new small and shy girl. The little one ran to mum and cried as we played a game for a warm-up I thought was pretty universally known, but she didn't know it and it apparently depressed her. I went to check on her, explained the rules and asked if she was willing to try to play if she and I work as one person. Which she did and in the end seemed to have fun. We did the Junbi Undo and I continued with kihon ido. I really didn't want to go too advanced for the two new kids, but wanted to challenge the older ones, too, so I had the new ones just do a step and punch, while the older ones step with a kick and punch. At this point sensei arrived and joined the class and he offered to get the older kids and leave me with the two newcomers so both groups get proper instruction, which was good. At the end of the class sensei called for the kids to line up for the final etiquette, at which point the new shy girld ran away to her mum crying again. We didn't force her to come back, however, I went to ask how she liked the class. I was wandering why she ran away at the end, as she had no trouble with the etiquette at the beginning. And it occured to me: "Why did you run away? Did the big man scare you?" And she nodded right away, haha :D I guess she won't be visiting our sensei's classes all that much :D

    The first hour was spent doing hojo undo after a while. I really feel weak after weeks of not working out. But we could go at our own pace, so I pushed myself just enough. Even then I started to feel dizzy at around the middle of it. After hojo undo I asked sensei if we're going to be doing anything resembling cardio. If that was the case, I'd probably just bow out. Sensei said no, we're going to work with chi ishi for a while. And kicks and for the rest of the time we did kihon ido - practising yose ashi with various techniques, also kicks lately and pads toward the end. I didn't feel particularly well at the beginning, but shook the dizziness off eventually. Wow. I was just thinking if I should again skip Thursday, but I'd really like to do more than one training a week now, and I was encouraged when sensei told us at the end that today was hojo undo and the more difficult stuff, Thursday will be more technical. Perfect! :)
    At the end, since I was the highest grade with a gi on, I led the etiquette. When we lined up, sensei came to me asking if I can also do the dojo kun. Meaning reading the seven rules from the dojo kun at the front. I said: "Almost" and just ran to grab my glasses I just put down.
    I knew sensei wanted us to start reciting the dojo kun as in Okinawa, after a training in honbu dojo, sensei said it was time to recite. And it seemed at least a majority of the higher grades were fairly confident in reciting it in japanese. So it was our sensei's plan to start to practise this too. Not in japanese, at first, luckily :D I am not that far that I could read it or recite by heart. Luckily in Okinawa every country was given a new official dojo kun with the rules now written not only in japanese, but in English, too! Honestly, I was a little nervous as I was supposed to recite them confidently out loud and in Czech, but I had a roungh idea, so I did it without a glitch or thinking too much about the exact words in the end. Still, this was really unexpected :D

    Polar results:
    Time: 3:10
    Max HR: 175
    Average HR: 129
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training
    Kcal: 1362
    Fat burn: 33 %
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    Thursday 19.9.


    The trafic was really bad today and I departed quite late to be honest (though on my bike after nearly a month! - Earlier in summer I kind of found our my driving licence has expired last year... ehm. But since I was already waiting for the new one that was being processed for tha past three weeks, I decided not to drive, because I didn't know if it would be save to play dumb that I didn't know if I already had the new licence being prepared... :oops:).
    I arrived just as the rest were warming up though with randori and then partner exercises - footwork and hand techniques. We stretched individually and made groups of three. Ours was me, my girl friend with a brownbelt and sensei. We did a few different exercises with two people usually attacking from opposite sides and the middle person using bunkai or any given combination to defend. We did this for th rest of the training, actually. And sensei decided we'd do 39 burpees (without the push-up, so only sown-ups but with a proper squat) as today was the last day when his age begins with 3 :) it was quite exhausting (wow, my fitness level has really gone down...), so sensei had us rest while switching of the lights and playing his favourite Enya song. When it finished, he only switched on the light in the corridor so we could see a little and not suffer a shock, while we do the final etiquette. Damn. I really didn't repeat on try to memorize the dojo kun that sensei wants us - me again - to recite! Translating straight was stressful enough, and now in the dark there was no way to read anything! was confident I more or less remember it, probably. Maybe not word by word for one rule, but the rest seemed fine. Except, for the life of me, I could only remember 6 and couldn't come up with the last. So I did a little "ehmmmm.." when I finished reciting those I remembered and... ended the etiquette. I was really curious what the seventh was as I was angry I couldn't recall it. When I checked the dojo kun later, it turned out there really were only six rules.... :eek:

    No Polar results today, my chest strap's battery had died.
  9. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Friday 20.9.

    Tai Chi

    My second class today. There was less talking and more practising. The teacher emphasises how we are shown things and should practise at home mostly. I actually did, only for a few minites nearly every day - I suppose a few minutes is better than nothing.
    We started with the just standing still thing with relaxed upper body, having our back straight. Quite a challenge for me, honestly. I have figured out how to get it mostly straight, but it is not relaxed standing at all. At least the first few minutes. I can then feel the muscle pain when I stand straightened like this for a while. However, as we stood for quite a few minutes, getting out of this stance makes my lower back really hurt. And more and more after each attempt. It is not a debilitating pain in any way, but still quite annoying. Enough that it kind of forced me to try to stand with the back straight, or straighter for the rest of the class.
    Trying to improve my posture is one of the goals I went to taichi for. Haha, I guess I can just really feel them straightening :D I should probably practise this posture more at home. Try to find time...
    Apart from that we practised the silk reeling quite a bit, getting instruction and practising from the bow stance and transferring weight, through moving in it in a circular motion sort of, to using our torso and a hand. We did practise several times for a few minutes. I tried to get the posture as low as the instructor showed us and could definitely feel my legs after a while. It would be less of a challenge, though, if the floor wasn't as slippery and didn't make my stance wider and wider as time progressed and forced me to try to use more muscles to keep the feet at the same distance.
    It looks like the three month beginner course will probbably be about teaching us just this - the silk reeling - the very basics and perhaps a tiny bit of the form in a couple of months of so. I don't mind this, though, I imagine the foundation is as important as the teacher always tells us it is.
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  10. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Tuesday 24.9.

    Karate Kids:

    5 kids today, including the two newcomers. Played game of tag for a warm-up, the stretching was led by the oldest boy who always pleads with me. For the main part we did some kihon - every of the kids who've been coming for a while was to show a tehnique we'd do 20x. Of course, they just had to pick the most complicated ones like flying kicks to make it hard on me to try to explain to the new ones :D We also did a game of turning the partner from laying on their belly to their back. The new smallest girl had no chance to turn the bigger girl she paired with, who's been doing karate for a while and is bigger and stronger, so... I just helped her a little :D Unfortunately the older one then didn't want to do her squats everyone who lost had to do. She just couldn't grasp that life is simply not fair and what the teacher says, goes :D There is no "No" in karate, only "Hai, sensei!" :D So she got more squats, which made her argue even more. Kids these days! :D The dialogue basically continues throughout the class and when we finished and she went to her father waiting outside, I could just hear her complaining: "Dad, this was so not fair!" Lol :D I will make her work herself out properly next time and chase this attitude off her :D

    Karate adults:
    Sensei wrote on my way to the dojo he has something in work and is not sure when exactly he'll come. Which is something I translate as: "I won't be coming today."
    Me and Sett then led the class. Well, honestly, Sett took my ideas and taught it mostly.
    We did a game of tag warm-up with variations, Junbi Undo, a few types of San Dan Gi, inspired by the UK ones sensei George showed us in Okinawa to use for our practise or for practise when we teach kids etc.
    After I wanted to practise Sanchin kata, as we haven't for a while, which was nice. In the remaining 30 mins I thought it wouldn't be bad to do some kata, since we haven't since the beginning of the season in September. We split the remaining people in two groups (the younger ones often leave at 7 pm, in the middle of the training, because school and whatnot. I practised Seiyunchin with the 3 brownbelts and Sett taught a beginner and a yellow belt Gekisai Dai Ichi. Both kataw with bunkai. We finished just a few minutes before 8, at this time, sensei was already here for a short while, but only watched the remainder of the training. So I had an idea to look up the great Brign Sally up song to do not push-ups, but laying on the back raising both legs up and down, only a few cm above floor without putting them down. I find this rather easy and really doable for the lenght of the song and maybe even a couple of songs could work (I'll have to try) and thought I was being nice not doing push-ups, but... there were like three of us who lasted till the end, keeping the legs out and not putting them down, but apparently this was quite easier for me than others, which is surprising as my legs aren't exactly thin and light, lol :D
    As we were teaching, the etiquette today was done by someone else, a friend. I wanted to be not nice and switched the lights off to make someone else go through the ordeal, but... the sempai about to read the dojo kun said he simply needed light to read the rules, so... :'(

    Polar results:
    Time: 3:09
    Max HR: 181
    Average HR: 126
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training, long
    Kcal: 1294
    Fat burn: 34 %
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  11. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Wednesday 25.9.2019

    Tai Chi

    I normally go on Firdays, but there are classes on Wednesday, too, and since I won't be able to go on Friday, today was my day.
    For the whole class we again practised the standing, and mostly the silk reeling with moving in the legs and hips. We always practised for a while, were told some nuances or a bit new info and left to practise by ourselves for a few minutes. The explained some theory, reminded of how we should practise at home a lot etc.
    I finally got to know some details I was a little curious about - like how far the arm stretches and how we breath. Although we were only told where to breath in and out, nothing more. And I am pretty sure there has to be a lot more to it!

    The instructor pointed out some mistakes he noticed in us. And my way that it is not that great to have too low a stance, since it's impossible to move well in it (or that I don't move sideways too much). I did all I could, though. This stance was comfortable to me as I just went for the width of shiko dachi, so I was able to grasp this easier. WHen told this, I narrowed my stance a little. There wasn't too much difference I could find in the technique, but just as before my feet were going further and further apart as the floor is very slippery. So when my stance got too wide, I had to adjust.

    To be honest I hadn't practised much since the last lesson, only once I think, as I spend the weekend in the south at sensei's birthday party and I just didn't find time on Monday and Tuesday as that is a day of a lot of training and time spent with it. I will try to practise more, although I am worried the Friday and weekend will be too busy, too.

    Anyway, after a while practising the silk reeling, I got a feel for it. Not saying I got it correct, but I started to feel really comfortable in it and was able to get sort of immersed without thinking too much about details. And felt like, hmmm, feeling the "calm energy" or sorts, just like when I tried meditating for a while. Which felt really good! My legs also didn't really hurt anymore and I could just stay in the stance and really sit into it without having to shift my attention to any discomfort. Which was very nice. I would like to aim for that kind of feeling :)
  12. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter


    Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura, sensei Ernie Molyneux, sensei Henrik Larsen

    I had an big event in my former High school and couldn't leave on time to be in Slovakia at 5 pm when the Friday trainng started. Actually, I was only ready to go at 5:30. Our car was also picking up a girl from a dojo some distance from Prague, so we traveled around 450 km and in not the perfect traffic, so we arrived by midnight. This is my 5th Gasshuku in Trenčianské Stankovce in Slovakia, organized at this time every year. However, the organizer said there will probably not be anymore Friday trainings next year since most people can't come in time anyway.
    For the weekend there could have been around 70 people training, I think a bit more than usual, which wouldn't be surprising since there were three senior senseis invited.

    Saturday 28.9.

    When we arrived we first met sensei Nakamura, who seemed to recognize Sett and myself, taking his guess whether we were from Slovakia. Well, close enough :) We then went to greet all three senseis as a group from the Czech Republic and I seemed to have been recognized by sensei Ernie, too, as he waved at me. That is nice.

    This was our first seminar as black belts. Since there were three senseis, they always split us up in groups, usually kids, kyu grades and black belts and when the kids training ended, the black belt group was split into 1st dan to 2nd and 3rd dan and the senior dan grades.
    Training lasted from 9 am to 1 pm, with an our for Junbi Undo and kihon and then each group had a nearly an hour long block with each sensei, with a break in between each.

    Junbi Undo and Kihon were done by sensei Ernie today. I tried to do my best as for the first part - the Junbi Undo, sensei Nakamura was standing right behind me and... of course I didn't want to embarass myself or screw anything :D For kihon we did some tsuki, kicks, and I honestly don't remember the particulars.

    Sensei Henrik Larsen (8th dan, IOGKF Vice chief instructor)

    I am not completely sure about which sensei we had first, but I think it was sensei Larsen. He taught us Seiunchin kata. We tried a few times and got some corrections. Sensei pointed out how we are blackbelts and therefore should be rethinking our kata and bunkai about how they could work well, why they would work this way and which way is the best for us personally, etc. He showed us also some applications of techniques in the kata, which are not in the official bunkai. Some stuff worth taking notes of!

    Sensei Ernie Molyneux (8th dan, IOGKF Vice chief instructor)
    Just as usual, today he taught us Yakusoku kumite - a few combinations practised in pairs, involving a few tsuki and a kick or two or a take down to finish with. It is sometimes rather hard on my head, but obviously, I have the highest chance of success in performing all those techniques just as they should be if I simply stop thinking about them. I think it went quite nicely, if I don't count hitting sensei when he was standing right behind me. O:)

    Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura (7th dan, IOGKF Chief instructor)
    Sensei Nakamura arrived, we bowed and he simply announced: Tensho! Dang. Tensho kata is something we should be learning by now, but in fact, I've only done it once or twice and honestly don't remember! So I decided to do the best thing I can - copy. It is always crucial to pick the right person to copy from - someone who seems to know what they're doing and at the right pace. There are, however, no turns in the Tensho kata and the hand movements which are done to the front are hard to copy form someones back. But it looked like sensei Nakamura is going to show the kata, too, turned to us! Perfect! So I copied after him, until... I realised I am starting with the wrong side. and switched quickly as soon as I realised, which was someting, of course, sensei Nakamura saw and nodded in acknowledgement XD Dang, when I screw up, how comes I am nearly always seen?
    Anyway, I am glad tensho kata was taught and I could learn something new. Sensei Nakamura was also explaining the mechanics of the mevement and had us try to move our arm from our hips while relaxed as a whip and in that way do all the techniques of the one arm do as fast as we could. Sensei is really good at it, but I hardly remembered how the techniques are and ended up just jerking my arm like crazy at the end and just had to laugh at myself XD

    Today wasn't a particularly physically difficult. But I decided to just ask our sensei if he could teach us stuff like Tensho better as it is rather likely we will stumble across these more advanced kata in the black belt groups on seminars.
    I will still have to revies this kata according to some videos at home to remember all those techniques if not how to breath properly in this kata.

    Sett didn't really remember the kata, either, which was a bit of a relief, though. He likes his kata and will practise them at home as soon as we learn any bit of it. Like Sanseru, the next kata in line for us. We did it a few more times, and I know the steps roughly, but didn't focus on it since it was a more advanced kata than I needed for my grade and wasn't taught to us regularly, therefore no mistakes corrected etc. And as for Saipai, the next kata, for 3rd dan actually, that was taught to us once, I thing a year and a half ago. We went through the steps quickly in one seminar, because the higher grades in our group needed to learn and practise it. I thought I wouldn't bother trying to really learn this kata by myself as I forgot the steps by the end of the seminar and learning by myself would be pointless - we wouldn't be practising it in the dojo anyway and I thought we'll be taught the steps when the time comes and will be able to get corrections. And just for those corrections, Sett told me he'd really welcome if these kata like Sanseru or even Sepai were taught. Well I hope not XD At least for Sepai. I don't know a single step.

    Polar results:
    Time: 4:27
    Max HR: 166
    Average HR: 108
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 1277
    Fat burn: 44 %
  13. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter


    Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura, sensei Ernie Molyneux, sensei Henrik Larsen

    Sunday 29.9. 2019

    The same format of training as yesterday. For the shugo - when we line-up, our friend J, who is coming from the UK when he's staying now and has also passed his dan grading with us in Okinawa, although he graded for 2nd dan already, mingled among us 1st dans in order to be able to partner with us. His karate is really good as far as I can judge and he is unhappy if he gets partners who don't hit him or challenge him too much and moreover don't like when he hits them. Great. Basically he stood next to me because he wanted to beat me :D Haha, he's a good partner, though, so I like to be able to practise with him, too :)

    Junbi Undo led by sensie Larsen.
    It was a normal Junbi Undo, with some work out with variations of push-ups and squats at the end, and crunches of some belly work-out stuff. Which already made it a bit more draining than yesterday.
    Then can San Ren Tsuki and San Dan Uke Harai - three tsuki and three block on count. Then we practised these with a partner. We were told to turn back to the line behind us to find a partner, which for me would be the kyu grades - probably some orange belt behind me. But since the kids already left for their training, I only found a huge gap in the lines behind me, so I partnered up with J. Then we practised these three techniques in movement - San Dan Gi Ichi. Next we solo practised three open handed blocks, then in stances - always Neko Ashi Dachi this time as opposed to Heiko dachi, Hanzenkutsu Dachi and Shiko Dachi in the first variation. We also practised in pairs and then fast back and forth in motion. Then sensei chained all teh techniques together, where one side does the three tsuki in the three stances twice in a row, while the defending sides defends with the three blocks (age uke, yoko uke and harai uke) in the three stances and the next three steps are the open handed blocks, all in Neko Ashi Dachi. Then right away, the defending sides attacks back, the former attacked defends. And we do all of this twice on one count. And sensei wasn't waiting too much to count, so basically sweat was pourign out of us by this time and when we thought it was the end, sensei had us continue this as fast and best as we can for a minute. Phew. This is where I reached my max HR for the whole day, I think. It was fun, though :)
    I noted the details down a bit more detailed, as this is a pefect exercise to use when teh time comes for us to teach an (adult) class in our dojo.

    Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura (7th dan, IOGKF Chief instructor)
    Sensei taught us kakie this time and three locks. Then these three locks practised from a strike, then from a bit kumite-like drill and adding transfers from one lock to another if one or the other doesn't work on our opponent. We built up more combinations of these and got to practise them all well. I was partnered with a woman from Germany and enjoyed this block.

    And then my stress levels just kept rising from there:

    Sensei Henrik Larsen (8th dan, IOGKF Vice chief instructor)
    We were a group of 1st to 3rd dans now. Sensei arrived and announced: "Saifa kata!" When we did that, he called out: "Seyunchin kata!" Then came: "Shisochin kata!" and after, a bit to my dismay: "Sanseru!"
    Ok, I thought I could probably figure the steps out at least, but was fairly unsure, messed up a few time along the way and then completely forgot about one technique and just couldn't chain the techniques anymore, so I screwed up even more than I would. Sensei was obviously overseeing how we fare and was checking how we know each kata and I guess his goal was to stop at where we have trouble and practise that, so his block was a practise of Sanseru kata. Which was good in a way, but I really didn't wan to screw up too much. After a few exercises or repetitions of the kata, I just copied from my neighbors and was reminded of the steps and techniques in the kata. And sensie had us work on several details in different exercises, which were often a nice little work out :)
    I do remember the steps now and I guess I should practise at home also and also ask sensei to sometimes go through it with us, if possible. It is time we started working on this kata after all, so I hope there will be some opportunities :)

    Sensei Ernie Molyneux (8th dan, IOGKF Vice chief instructor)
    I though the worst was behind me now, until sensei Ernie arrived and announced: "Sepai!" Oh my gosh,, what have I done to deserve this?!
    Sensei was however aware that this is the kata not all of us necessarily know, so he said we'll go through it with explanation from the beginning and who doesn't know the kata, just copy. Sensie Ernie was luckily always there for us to show the kata and was the perfect person to copy from, however, this kata isn't exactly short and has one weird technique followed by another. And even if sensei was explaining step by step, in the 45 or 50 minutes we have, this wasn't going to be any detailed explanation, of course. Sensei devided the kata into four parts. We were then taught not step by step, but part by part. Repeated one part a few times, then the next of and then the two from the beginning, added third etc. Oh my gosh, I felt like my brain was cooking in its own juice. Honestly I didn't see anyone who'd seem as clueless about the kata as I was. I tried copying and more or less managed, although of course after some turns I ended up witht he wrong foot at the front and when sensei saw my stance was opposite or anything, he'd just hint me. Anyway, this kata learning process was way too fast and without people around to copy from, I just wouldn't be able to chain the techniques one by one. And for those hand technigues done on the left, I had no idea what they exactly looked like as I was standing to the right and could never see then well on sensei or other people. This was draining.
    At the end, sensei asked those who knew the kata to sit down and those who learned today, to stay and do the kata again, on senseis count. "Just learnt" my butt! These were the people I copied from and obviously totally knew what the techniques were, and there was Sett, also, who was all happy he'd get to try this kata in a training with sensei. :mad: It felt like I was the only one screwed. At least out of the people closer to me whom I could see. Honestly though, we drilled so much that I maybe could have do the kata step by step in the end. My brain will not hold this for long however. I planned to practise inthe evening when we get home, however, we arrived at 10:30 pm or so, so... I basically just took care of a few things and went to sleep then.

    Ok, so the list of the kata I should practise at home, preferable every day just grows to a bit too much. I don't feel like learning three kata at once since so far in my six years of karate I learnt six so far -_-
    But I guess I'll just have to as this can very well become a regular occurence in the international seminars now that we'll be in the black belt groups.

    Polar results:
    Time: 4:32
    Max HR: 185
    Average HR: 123
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training, long
    Kcal: 1767
    Fat burn: 37 %
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  14. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    oh, I know how that feels, in my kungfu years (8) I learnt 30 Kata,20 that I can still remember (10 years ago).

    If you can, next time, get it on video, if you know you have a seminar, try and get approval and get the Kata recorded. It will help a lot in the recollection.

    If it's not "approved" then record yourself or whoever from your club that recalls the kata best (I always found who ever ran the seminar was happy to run over the kata, but I can understand this may not always be the case).


    Edit: in the information age, you probably can find a version of the form on a video hosting site.
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  15. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Oh my gosh, how can you remember that many? :O

    That is not a bad idea at all! Although it would mean taking part of the sensei's break and although I do think he'd be happy to show the kata again, I am not sure how this is looked upon. And I really don't want to bother sensei too much.
    On the other hand, there are indeed some videos on YouTube from senseis in our organization, so I indeed just looked up sensei Nakamura's Sepai. And yesterday evening wrote down everything I could remember from the seminar and see in the video down.

    And as you say, I can ask our sensei later in the dojo if he could show us the kata, he'd probably also prefer that as opposed to asking sensei in the seminar after class.

    But now I do have the resources to learn the steps of the kata, at least roughly, as I don't know the details, but that doesn't matter too much at this point. I also believe sensie wouldn't be against teaching us a bit of these kata. That way we won't embarrass our dojo like when it came to Tensho kata we probably should theoretically know :D
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  16. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Tuesday 1.10.

    Karate Kids.
    I don't even remember the last time there were 9 kids in the class! Unusually many (although it doesn't sound like it, I know :p ). Including all the troublemakers. We played a game for warm-up, stretched, worked on two basic blocks - age and yoko uke. Did the attacking part of San Dan Gi Ichi, a sparring game, some work-out in between and finished with a brief introduction to some and practise to others of Gekisai Dai Ichi kata, Gekisai Dai Ni for the most advanced student.

    Karate adults:
    I kind of expected this today. Sensei called during the day asking for help as he won't be coming to the dojo. He hasn't felt healthy since the weekend, enough that he skipped the Sunday part of the seminar, although present. I therefore let Sett know, too, that we'll be doing the training today again. Well, I came up with ideas what to do, but he just took the training, and I just participated. We actually had a new guy come to the dojo, who found us online when looking for a martial art class. He said he did no sport for the past two years and would like to get into it.
    After Junbi Undo and a bit of kihon, we started with hojo undo. There were 12 of us, I think, so we made six stations and worked in pairs. I paire up with the new guy to help and explain the exercises. The rounds lasted until the pair doing the Miyagi garden crossed the dojo in shiko dachi six times. It was always surprisingly fast.
    We started with kongoken. I showed my partner how to do the lifting exercise. When it was his turn and he lifted the kongoken on his shoulders for the first time, he uttered something I'd rather not translate here :D It looked like he won't be able to lift it above head as intended so I proposed we do this exercise together, each holding the kongoken at one end. It would be better for him to practise the technique. I did 15 lifts by myself, then 15 lifts with the guy. And before I explained the breathing etc. it was time to change locations.
    Miyagi's garden was about carrying a stone in shiko dachi.
    Then Chi ishi. We only had time for a couple of basic exercises - the most common one (at least in our dojo) and one easier to relax a little.
    Then we had the belly work-out station. I proposed my usual routine starting with 100 half sit-ups (only lifting shoulder blades, with legs up). The guy was up for it until I mentioned the number... He took breaks as needed and when I was done we tried a few dozens of full sit-ups, but it was then already time to move again.
    Next for us was the makiage kigu and a 7,5 kg kettlebell. After two roll ups of the makiage kigu we would switch with the partner and do sumo squats with the kettlebell just adding a little bit of weight to them. I had time to do 4 roll ups. These are really hard for me.
    Nigiri Game - the vases. We did one and a half kata before the end of the round.

    Between changing the rounds, we always did one basic technique around 30 times.

    After that I proposed we could do a bit of Ude Tanren (iron body conditioning) which is often done with hojo undo, but Sett was against and instead had us line up and partner up for three combination partner drills inspired by what we've done on a seminar a few years ago.
    We had around 15 minutes till the end of the class and Sett asked if I had any idea what to do. I said I had plenty, but none of them would likely like any of them :D (I wanted to get some exercise or do something challenging). So I was asked again - if I had an idea suitable for the end of the class that already included hojo undo. Unfortunately, I guess from this general point of view, I had none :(
    Sett the came up with a short exercise which involved a bit of running and 30 push-ups, but still had 5 minutes left - just enough to do a little Tabata! When I finally got the say to also do something. I found the Tabata song and only proposed to do proper squats for all 8 rounds. Thinking the miminum should be around 15, but it is definitely possible to do 20 or so. I did around 21-23 for most rounds, then was tired and did two or three rounds with 18-19 and only caught back up in the last round when I did 20 or 21. Guys didn't give me very nice looks, but hey, we need to get fit a bit!
    The newcomer seemed to like the class and said he'd be coming on thursday again. I really hope his legs will allow him XD

    Polar results:
    Time: 3:06
    Max HR: 178 (tabata)
    Average HR: 115
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 1048
    Fat burn: 40 %
  17. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Wednesday 2.10.

    Karate at Uni:

    The karate classes at my university just started. This year, sensei M decided to actually make two classes - 75 mins for the beginners and 75 mins for the adults.
    I made sure to be there on time when I got a call from sensei that he's stuck in the traffic. He arrived around 15 mins late, his crazily running silhouette conspicuous from afar. I just gave the message to the waiting students in the meantime and navigated some newcomers to the changing rooms etc.
    Sensei did a brief introduction, then we played the typical game of tag, did a few push-ups, did a sparring game. A few variations, too - slapping shoulder and thigh, trying to hug someone from a specific position and starting from seiza trying to get the partner on their back. Then we did Junbi Undo and practised hiza geri. Solo and in a group. Towards the end, sensei had us do his favourite work-out - make a circle and hold your neighbors around the shoulders and everyone counts to ten to do 10 squats together. We did around 130. My legs hust only a tiny bit from yesterday, as I haven't been squatting much lately, but I managed just fine.

    I skipped the advanced class today, as I had planned the taichi class later today. I went by a bus, tube and a tram and the bus was running late, so I had to go fast several flights of stairs - from teh tube, then to the tram station and to the third floor of the school, my legs tired.

    Also I feel a bit tired in general and I had my heartrate unusually high since yesterday evening. I had the min HR at night 59, while I usually get 41-50. And teh lowest during today was 62, which is quite high, too. I hope I am not about to develop some cold or anything.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:14
    Max HR: 179 (the sparring games it seems)
    Average HR: 122
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training
    Kcal: 480
    Fat burn: 34 %
  18. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Wednesday 2.10.

    Tai Chi:

    We did a bit longer standing in the position we practise and one-handed silk reeling. Then the instructor always said a bit of a theory about it, mostly resuming what he told us before and we practised again. That went on for the whole class. Towards the end he had a longer talk, and finally told us a little bit about breathing, which is something I've been curious about. But basically we were only told to breath to the belly (which I kind of expected to be the case, so I tried to do that until now already) and that and how the breathing correspond with the posture. The approach is we first need to learn the physical movements of the silk reeling and such and fix our posture, as without it, we simply can't breath properly.
    Next class is apparently going to be not learning much new, but again practising the silk reeling. We also did a bit more of double-handed variations of it today.

    Nice class, but I had a hard time relaxing my muscles and well, mind too. I felt stiff and not as well as last time. Probably due to the training before and how I hurried here and hopefully not any upcoming cold.
    After sitting in a tram on the way home and getting up, I found my legs really really sore. Ouch :D Too many squats in two days and I guess the lower stance we spent half the Tai Chi class in didn't help much, either...
  19. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Tuesday 8.10.

    Kids class:

    Two newcomers today, and two kids missing, therefore the potential just rose to full 11 kids! Cool. It's been a while since I had a class this big. I played a game of tag using the colors on the tatami, did Junbi Undo, the turning game - turn your partner on their back. And then we practised mae geri on the spot, I was checking their guard, then held a pad for the kids to run from one side to another and kick. Sensei arrived slightly earlier and came in to be a second pad holder. That was it for today. Most of the kids were really well behaved, but one of the usual troublemakers was seriously having his day today. It was tough and what made me a bit mad was that I had to pay too much attention to him as he was being noise, troubling the other kids, etc. etc., so I couldn't pay so much attention to ohters who'd need it more. Ugh, it was difficult and I felt quite exhausted and wondering if I'll make it through the adult class.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:29
    Max HR: 154
    Average HR: 93
    Training benefit: Recovery training
    Kcal: 284
    Fat burn: 57 %

    After the kids training I had to do something on my talet, only for a few minutes, but as I sat down I suddenly felt really tired and gradually started feeling like not joining the class. I just didn't feel all that well. I nearly fell asleep after a while, but since I was planning something after the training, I should stay, but didn't want to fall asleep there. I just took a shower, made myself a cup of tea and relaxed.
    After the training a few of us went to a restaurant.

    As for the rest of the trainings, I couldn't make them this week. Didn't feel all that great on Wednesday, either, and on Thursday, I had an appointment with the dentist and had little time left to finish my work. And... I will have a lot more appontments in the coming months it seems :/ My old dentist was just... not doing his job. I complained about a couple of hurting teeth for like 3 years now, preventing me from chewing on the right side, talked the dentinst into taking an X ray of them, but he would still tell me they were fine. Now a new dentist told me one of those teeth is practically hollow and could indeed break at chewing anything a bit firmer, the other is bad too and has an inflammation in the bone below. Both will have to have the nerves taken out and I will get crowns for them, I think. And many more smaller problems throughout my mouth. I kind of thought it would be the case :/ Makes me quite angry as I was visiting my old dentist regularly, but he very rarely found any problem. Now I am at a private clinique and will likely pay a small fortune for the repairs for the defects old and new :/
  20. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Friday 11.10.

    Tai Chi

    Finally back to my Friday group. There were only a few of us beginners, but more advanced students, who pracise the form at the other side of the gym. We practised the usual, standing with a correct posture and silk reeling. As for the standing... for the first time, despite trying to get my back straight just as hard as usual, this time, my back did not hurt! I thought it was a proof I was doing something wrong, but despite standing like that for 10 minutes, when finishing and I just curved my back as usual, I could just do that! No pain! Before it really hurt and I had to be a bit more careful and actually was forced to tra to keep my back straighter with a bigger effort throughout the class. I think this may be a good sign! Getting my back straighter would simply be awesome!
    We practised the silk reeling most of the class. I tried to keep my stance a little low, as usual, but made sure I can still shift the weight as we were told and I think it kind of worked. If I don't cound me adjusting the posture every once in a while, as I could always see my foot slipping more to the side widening my stance just too much.

    Towards the end the instructor started to teach us how to step - to 45°, and we practised how to do that without shifting the weight. We did a couple of lenghts of the gym together witht the advanced students. The instructor told us this was a taste of what we're going to practise next and that he thinks he will also start teaching us the beginning of the 74 forms by the end of October. That would be nice, too :)

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