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    Wednesday 20.2.

    Karate at uni:

    A new semester started and I was right there. Sensei M didn't talk for long at the beginning, so we got over an hour of training. We did various fun and bodyweight stuff in pairs. For some pushing and pulling each other I was partnered with a girl who could be like, well, much lighter than me, so I appoogized in advance as she had really no chance. We also did some sparring games with various partners, etc.
    - Junbi Undo
    - Practising tsuki and hiza geri
    Sensei's M favourite finale workout: we make a circle holding each other's shoulder and squat on count - everyone counts to 10 in various languages, if in Czech the count is to 15. So we ended with probably 160 squats. People looked pretty destrayed including sensei. However, since crossfit, squats aren't really the stuff that gets me to that point now. I really wonder. I didn't really even need to brath through my mouth, but I reached the 5th HR zone (barely, but still) with the squats.

    The training wasn't as relaxed as it may sound though, and I enjoyed it :)

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:15
    Max HR: 173
    Average HR: 135
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training, long
    Kcal: 597
    Fat burn: 31 %
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    Thursday 21.2.

    - Footwork and avoiding strikes by the body and foot movement practise
    - Junbi Undo
    - Kicking and striking combinations in pairs - the same three we did on the last seminar
    - Work-out in between: 40, 30, 20, 10 push ups (I feel like I am getting progressively worse at them), then something along 150? half sit-ups
    - There had to be something else at the end, but... I just can't remember!

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:59
    Max HR: 160
    Average HR: 112
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 639
    Fat burn: 44 %
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    Friday 22.2.


    When I retuned to crossfit, I knew there was this Open competition that took place roughly at the beginning of the year and that before it, the classes were "in preparation for the Open" and during meant that there is always a WoD announced globally and in the next training every week for god knows how many weeks that WoD is done in class. I was kind of hoping to return to crossfit when this was over. Well, guess what just started today....

    - Warm-up: 4 rounds of:
    - 100 m row
    - 10 single leg glute bridges per side
    - 45 s plank
    - air squats

    - Then we did two very relaxed rounds of 30 s rowing and 8 wall balls.
    I couldn't start measuring the training on my chest strap as it said it was low on battery, but when I saw they won't be in the way today, I ran to grab my Polar watch at least and only started them now

    The WoD was: (OPEN)

    - 15 minutes of:
    - 19 wallballs (14 lbs ball for women)
    - 19 kcal burnt on a rowing machine

    Since there weren't enough machines available, there was no other exercise today, instead, we made pairs, where one person works and the other counts the reps, prepares the rowing machine for the next round, counts rounds and cheers him up, basically. I was with a guy I don't really know personally, but I saw him around. He wanted to go first, so I let him, since it didn't matter to me if I die now or later. The coach asked generally if we had any strategy and it kind of made me happy that me and my partner answered in unison: "Survive!"
    I wasn't a particularly good cheerer, nor did I have many advises for him, but one other women came around, who was free at the moment and also helped with that :) Honestly, he was pretty cool, he went without stopping. Like at all. He finished 6 rounds, all the 19 wallballs and 3 aditional kcal. Which, when added into a score number = 250. Cool. When I saw that, I set a goal for myself to finish 5 rounds. I thought it will probably be hard to finish, but I had to set a realistic goal even if maybe a little out of reach. Everyone dreaded the rowing, honestly, to me, the wallballs were actually the scarier thing. I mean, for the rowing, you can always slow down, but the wallballs can't be cheated. Nor always be done in one go in my case. Anyway, my partner knew his stuff and he advised me constantly where to keep my tempo, not to go faster, etc. After the first round, he changed the load on my rowing machine from 5/10 to 7-8/10, which meant the pull was more difficult, but got me further, therefore I didn't have to go as fast. Which indeed is closer to my preference. He then asked if I seem comfortable with it, he can push the weight higher, but I told him he'd better not, because, while it may help with the rowing, I'd have no strenght left for the wallballs. I took breaks between the wallballs starting in the second or maybe third round. When nearing the end, it seemes like I should be able to actually finish the 5th round, so for the final rowing I tried to push it. Unfortunately, my pushing it caused me to still have a minute left for wallballs. I had time, but no strenght left. So I struggled, a lot, took more time catching my breath than throwing, but my partner pushed me to finish 10. And I just finished 12 s earlier, but seriously, there was nothing left in me that could throw the ball for the 11th time XD
    I took my time lying on the floor catching my breath. I finished 5 rounds + 10 wallballs = 200 reps. Not a particularly good result, but there were girls who had only over 160. On the other hand the woman next to me finished 7 rounds. How, I have no idea.

    The Polar results would be less precise today, as they were measured only with the watch, started after the warm-ups and stopped during my partner's work-out.
    Still, As I mentioned this Wednesday, when doing squats at the faculty class, my HR was high, but my breath calm. Today, according to the watch, that could be less precise, but usually aren't terribly different from the strap, showed my max HR today only 168, when I was catching my breath and would swear my HR went through the roof. No idea how this works :D
    Time: 0:37
    Max HR: 168
    Average HR: 138
    Training benefit: Steady state & Basic training
    Kcal: 293
    Fat burn: 28 %
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    Monday 25.2.

    So, last year, I was trying to quite succesfully lose some weight - it was a slow process, but I got around 7 kg down. However, lately and over Christmas and after, I was slacking an got all that weight back, sadly :( So basically now the plan is to lose it again. I started crossfit, which I think should help quite a bit and I started counting calories. I think nearly all days since Thursday 14th or around the time, I stuck to the plan, except for one day. And the result? I gained 1 kg :D Awesome! I am trying to be optimistic, since I just got back to my routine of 5 trainings a week and since I could swear my biceps has grown noticeably right after the first crossfit class, but a nagging voice in my head tells me that even if I miraculously gained a 1 kg of muscle mass, it still means that as for fat, I didn't lose any :D But I am not discouraged, I am going to fight!


    - Warm-up: Five minutes of:
    10 jumping jacks
    10 ...whatever the name was squats
    (aaah, I really wanted to remember!) - basically like a sideways lunge, but going deeper - legs wide apart and always squatting on one leg
    8 kips - I give up, I can't do them properly even when it come to lightly swinging
    20 s wall climb and hold (in a handstands by the wall)

    - Stretching

    - Stretching and preparatory exercises for hang clean

    - Find two rep max of hang squat clean. I went up to 45 kg, but then couldn't do even 1 rep of 50,nor 48 kg when I tried to compromise. The coach said that it is just my mind stopping me. I would agree it did play a part, but still don't think I could lift more
    - Going down to 80% -> 35 kg and we did 5x1 hang squat cleans when we stayed in the squat position for 3 s.

    - WoD: 12 min time cap:

    21 - 15 - 9 reps of:
    - Toes to bars
    - Power cleans (30 kg for women)
    - Handstand push-ups

    Definitely not a work-out that would suit me. First I can't do ttbs - I wouldn't try them properly because of my hamstring, but even if I wanted to, I am absolutely terrible at kipping, which is probably due to the fact that I just can't hold on the damn bar. Instructor came to help me with the kip, but it was no use since I could only hold there for 2 or three tries (that was at the beginning, at the end, I could barely do one rep of knees up). Aaaah, I am so bad at this! And after my fingers and forearms were so tired that I had a hard time with the cleans, too, and always only did 5 at one go. I can't drop the bar down with this kind of weight yet, so I have to put it down and it becomes hard on my hands. The last thing I did the scaled version from the box, which was more or less ok, but I took breaks, too. As for the last round, I took about a minute to do the 9 knees up, one by one with rest. And was really frustrated. The 12 minutes were up when I was at the second power clean.

    After I went to the instructor and asked him what he thinks about me tying myself up to the bar as anohter instructor advised me before, so I bought the equipment. He had other idea for me - to take the thin gloves (min are thick, which makes it worse) and wrap them just around the bar so they have a bit of a give. He said he'd bring them next Monday for me to try. Yeeeah, it's not going to help :D I can tell. A tiny bit maybe, but... he proposed several exercises, but they are not really the kind I can do at home and something like a year or two of crossfit didn't help, either, so...
    I just like exrcises where I can keep my feet nice on the floor :D

    Since I was waiting for my hands to recover enough for the next rep on the bar, I didn't burn as mayn calories (it must be par tof the reason!)

    Time: 1:04
    Max HR: 177
    Average HR: 132
    Training benefit: Tempo training
    Kcal: 488
    Fat burn: 31 %
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    Oh no, I completely forgot to log the trainings of the last week as I was busy in the evenings!

    Tuesday 26.2.:

    Kids class - we did some basic techniques review and added age uke for the new ones. Some games, too. ( forgot to start my Polar training in the kids class so I only did so for the adult class)

    Karate adults:

    Game of tag for the warm-up and stretching, after which sensei arrived. He focused the class on bunkai of Gakisai Dai Ni. We started with several exercises practising hiki uke before moving to bunkai. A focus on Tora Guchi, too.

    Polar results (only adult class):
    Time: 2:06
    Max HR: 163
    Average HR: 115
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 710
    Fat burn: 45 %
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    Wednesday 27.2.:

    Uni class:
    - Fun type of a game of tag for a warm up.
    - Junbi Undo
    - We focused on break falls today. Starting with mae and ushiro ukemi (with ushiro, I struggle still), followed by falling sideways and forwards
    - Then there were some partner drills towards the end, in which I did not participate, but helped sensei walk around and correcting since there was an odd number of us.
    - 145 squats holding each other's shoulders and around 100? calf raises at the wall

    Polar results (only adult class):
    Time: 1:24
    Max HR: 169
    Average HR: 126
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady Starte training, long
    Kcal: 581
    Fat burn: 36 %

    There were no trainings for me on Thursday and Friday. I moved to a new place more than a month ago and finally the carpenters arrived to build me a kitchen. They were putting in together for 2,5 days and I didn't make it to training because of that. But hey, I can finally cook and bake properly! :)
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    Monday 4.3.


    I got a slight cold. But still feeling good, and I can't miss any more classes as my permit is time-limited.
    I was feeling fine, though, until we warmed up and did the stretching :D I was sweating a bit too much for doing mostly nothing and breathed more heavily than I should have been. So I decided to take it easy.

    - Warm-up: 27 goblet squats (with 8 kg kettlebell) and 2 rounds of: plate jumps (well, jumping like 5 cm on a disc), 10 russian twists with that kb and 2 wall climbs

    - Stretching

    - Warm-up for a snatch with an empty bar - a few exercises
    - Find 1 RM of a hang squat snatch. I didn't feel up to it, honestly, so I just went up to 30 kg and practiced technique with that, which was another option. It probably wasn't my max, but I could do several reps, even if I went one at a time, so I may be able to do with heavier weight, but definitely not too much. Hang squat clean is probably as tricky as a barbell exercise can get :D After we found the 1 rep max, we were to take 80% of the weight and do 3x1. Since I wasn't looking for a max, I just kept that 30 kg there.

    - WoD: 15 min AMRAP
    - 20 wallballs (6 kg)
    - 15 American kettlebell swings (16 kg)
    - 10 box jump-overs (50 cm)
    - 5 strict hand-stand pushups
    - as usual I only kept my feet on the bo instead of doing a handstand

    - I wasn't feeling terrible, but not the best, either, I got myself breathing heavy way too easy. I took it slow with frequent breaks. I finished 3 rounds and did 20 wallballs of the fourth. Which was surprisingly only a round or so behind the others and compared to the morning training I still wasn't the worst. So I guess I thought it was worse than it was actually.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:06
    Max HR: 177
    Average HR: 132
    Training benefit: Tempo training
    Kcal: 496
    Fat burn: 31 %
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    Tuesday 12.3.

    Karate Kids:
    We did some games, practised footwork and age uke, made competitions out of it, but didn't get time to practise in pairs, mostly thanks to some boys who start to give me headaches. He's really difficult to handle. Last class I played Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down and we did sumo squats. Those are rather easy, so the kids managed. Today I wanted to continue with a belly exercise - lay on back, and bring straightened legs up and down (but never touch them down). I thought this would be easy, too, but... apparently I was very wrong :D No one lasted more than like a 30 seconds and that is me giving them credit :D Even the strongest guy. Well, I need to have them work on their belly muscles a little more, I guess O:)

    Adult class:
    Sensei couldn't make it today, and asked Sett to teach the class. Luckily in advance so he could prepare. He prepared some kumite drills - combinations from a senior IOGKF instructor he explined on YouTube. We spent most of the class with them. And at the end worked on bunkai - using any bunkai we knew that could deal with a chudan tsuki. A good class, though very relaxed. Which was good for me as I wasn't feeling extremely well, yet, with my cold.

    Polar results:
    Time: 2:52
    Max HR: 143
    Average HR: 96 (very relaxed O:)
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 581
    Fat burn: 57 %

    I didn't make it to faculty. My carpenter came to do some final touches on my new kitchen and I didn't have enough time to finish all my work + the cold...

    I didn't train on Thursday, either, again cause of work and because I took my bike to service (yes, I saw one springtime like day, so I thought it is time to prepare for the season! :D). In the end, sensei was ill, so he was absent again, so I wasn't even sad I missed out on some potential Shisochin practise etc.
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    Friday 8.3. 2019

    I am already feeling fine, even during the workout I had no trouble at all. Except for a runny nose.
    As usual, the Friday training was to be focused on the Open Games, mening we'll be doing a work-out they release globally and who wants can enter their results in the competition (definitely not my case, though :D)

    - Warm-up: 10 mins AMPRAP:
    - 200 m rowing
    - 10 air squats
    - 10 lunges
    - 10 kb swings (12 kg)
    - 20 s plank

    I think we did 3, or maybe 4 rounds? Probably 3


    The rest of the class was spent on the WoD. Because in the end, we actually made pairs again, although we didn't need to today, but just so one partner can count the reps and cheer and push the other :D
    I was with the only other girl there. I was pretty sure she is significantly better than me. And I went first.

    The WoD was:

    - 61 m walking lunges with a dumbbel overhead (15 kg rx for women, but most guys took 15 kg and we took 10. 15 kg would be overdoing it, I think :D)
    - 50 box step-ups with the dumbell and on a 50 cm box
    - 50 strict handstand push-ups
    (scaled version with mats below head, but I just did them formt the box :D)
    - 61 m handstand walk (scaled: bear walk)

    No one actually got to the last walk (except for my partner, she was awesome!) as the time cap was 10 mins.

    I did up to 27 push-ups, although I did them in my like scaled scaled version :D

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:04
    Max HR: 184
    Average HR: 139 (I was only cheering for 10 mins, after all)
    Training benefit: Maximum training
    Kcal: 543
    Fat burn: 27 %
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    Monday 11.3.


    - Warm-up: 4 rounds of:
    200 m row
    10 air squats
    8 sit-ups
    1 lap run around the gym

    Then 2 rounds of 10 kips on the horizontal bar, 10 squats fcing the wall, toes nearly touching it (must have been fun to watch us doing this :D) and 30 s wall sit

    - Some hip mobility exercise
    -Then warm-up for cleans with an empty bar involving deadlifts, high puls, muscle cleans, front squats, power cleans, front squats and squat cleans, everything 8x

    - Then we had some time to find out 3 rep max for a squat clean. I finished at 50 kg. I was able to do one more rep with 53, but not three in line and with a bad technique. I tried again, with instructor watching me, but I wish he didn't XD I was able to do something like one rep, but it was actually something like a muscle clean + front squat and I felt it was too much to try again. Instructor agreed with something like: "What was that?" :D
    After we found our 3 RM, we did 3x1 rep with the same weight

    WoD was a 9 min AMRAP:

    - 12 alternating snatches with a 15 kg dumbell (I though 15 kg may be too much for me, but I actually managed in the end)
    - 9 chin-to-bars = in my case some wannabe pull-ups with a thick band
    - 12 box jump-overs (50 cm box)

    - I finished 3 rounds, all the snatches and 8 pull-ups (= 3+20).

    Today we didn't really even have time to stop and calm down, like during stretching normally
    It was a nice class, though.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:03
    Max HR: 188
    Average HR: 146
    Training benefit: Tempo & Maximum training
    Kcal: 582
    Fat burn: 24 %
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    Tuesday 12.3.

    Kids class:
    Unusually lot of kids. Around 7? A bit of a history and theory quiz for which they received a paper with all the information. They were surprisingly knowledgeable today, despite half of them losing said paper. And since they knew, some were super eager to answer everything :D
    Game of pushing other people off the four tatami square arena in various ways. Junbi Undo. Then we did some hiza geri and mae geri. I wanted to end up with a combination of three kicks in a row, but there is never enough time. Some kids were fairly misbehaved, but they got better for the techniques somwhat. And a workout when everyone thinks of an exercise we'll all do 10 reps of at the end. Multiple kids said something about being exhausted after this class. I did everything with them and didn't find it that difficult, but that isn't counting the penalty push-ups, squats, burpees and other stuff some had to do.... :D

    Adult karate:

    Sensei arrived unusually early today! In fact even during hte kids class. He was sick last week so he didn't plan anything harsh for today. Some stuff seemed like it wasn't as relaxed, but... after checking my training on Polar, my HR was fairly low.
    We did some movement + technique exercises, Junbi Undo and then worked in pairs with some body padding, practising 5 combination. I was with the only other girl, a friend who is sort of nervous and doesn't really hit hard, so it wasn't a very exhausting exercise. Towards the end sensei had to leave for his other class and we went through all our kata, only slowly and then demonstrated one kata in front of everyone to receive one piece of critique.

    Polar results:
    Time: 3:07
    Max HR: 163
    Average HR: 97 :(
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 663 :(
    Fat burn: 53 %
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    Wednesday 13.3.

    Karate at uni:

    - Some partner and three-person body weight exercises. Also a couple of rounds of getting the opponent on their back from seiza. My first partner was the biggest guy there, but in the end I won (yay!), the other one was my BJJ friend O, who's smaller, but he's got good technique. But the fact that he focuses a lot of the technique to use some lock to get me on my back actualy tends to shift his focus from what the goal is. So he got himself to my back and caught my neck, but through the struggling, we ended up on the back both - me on him, but he on the floor. I was happy that I obviously won, but he was happy, too, since he hand me in his hands. Well... it depends on the point of view, I guess.

    - Sensei then had me do the Junbi Undo after which we did kakie and with some locks and techniques form them. There was an even number of us including sensei, so I partnered up with him and we only demonstrated and then went around helping others.
    - At the end we did again something like 160 squats in a circle, several dozens of calf raises and then I proposed a wall sit, since sensei was obviously thinking of another exercise. He liked the idea, but unfortunately made it into a contest, who lasts the longest. Well, sensei was the first one to give up :D :D :D I followed not long after, though, together with O. So... we weren't exactly a good advertisement for how fit martial arts mekes you :D All the other girls lated much longer then me and one guy among them, fighting for the men's honor :D He lost, though :D

    Didn't use my Polar as it was acting up and probably connected to my watch in the bag instead of my chest strap. And I didn't have time to solve it.
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    15th-17th March 2019

    Spring Gasshuku in Bratislava, Slovakia with sensei Ernie Molyneux and sensei Raoul Vögel

    Friday 15th

    We finally for once managed to make it to the first evening training. This one was from 19:00 to 20:30. We arrived, although maybe 5 mins or so late? The other two cars from the Czech Republic were already there, participating in Junbi Undo. As per proper etiquette (at least I thought this could be the way), the four of us sat in seiza near the entrance to wait for sensei allowing us to participate. However, there were a lot of people and it was uncertain if sensei would actually see us anytime soon. So we decided to, ehm, just get up, take a spot in the last line and participate. Just at the time sensei beckoned at one of us, so I hope it was ok O:)
    After Junbi Undo we did some kihon partner drills. Sensei Ernie is fond of combinations. There were quite a few. I can't remember, however, if we did anything else, too.
    There was a break for drinking so at least two of us went to greet sensei properly. We used to go as a whole group of our country or at least dojo, led by our sensei, but since sensei actually arrived on time.... Sensei Ernie was very nice to us regardless. This is what always surprises me. That the senior senseis of IOGKF like sensei Ernie with 8th dan don't pretend to be something else and are always very warm even in greeting the kyu grades like us. It just makes me feel welcome.
    Sensei Vögel was also present, but I think he arrived late, so we didn't get to greet him. He also, as usual it seems, didn't teach. He tends to stay behind and goes around helping with techniques.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:35
    Max HR: 172
    Average HR: 129
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady state training, long
    Kcal: 685
    Fat burn: 35 %
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    15th-17th March 2019

    Spring Gasshuku in Bratislava, Slovakia with sensei Ernie Molyneux and sensei Raoul Vögel

    Saturday 16th

    Today we started at 10 AM (black belts at 9) and were training till 3 PM with a 10-15 minute break after each hour, marking a block.

    After Junbi Undo with some kihon and footwork (my gosh, the floor was so uncomfortable for sliding! My feet hurt after the whole day). I can't honestly say what exactly did we do in each block, but I think after Junbi Undo it was 3 blocks basically of various combinations in pairs. I trained with Sett the whole time. It is usually beneficial to try foreign people to practise with, but we weren't changing partners and it was very technical, so I think getting someone familiar to train with was beneficial in this case as we could discuss the techniques and can adjust easily to one another.
    The last block was all about pads. 4 hand strikes and 2 kicks in the kick shiels, always 20 for each side, then a few combinations for the small pads. And a bit of iron body conditioning at the end. This was the only part where I was paired with another friend from a dojo, a women. She partnered up with the only other present blue belt who wasn't very soft with her and gave her some nasty bruises throughout the day and she didn't really want to condition with him. Our two pairs were standing close as we did groups of three before, and the guy was also enthusiastic about pairing up with Sett as he enjoyed iron body conditioning and probably wanted a better challenge.

    Polar results:
    Time: 4:58
    Max HR: 170
    Average HR: 114 (it includes breaks)
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 1624
    Fat burn: 43 %
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    15th-17th March 2019

    Spring Gasshuku in Bratislava, Slovakia with sensei Ernie Molyneux and sensei Raoul Vögel

    Sunday 17th

    Today the brown belts were starting at 9 AM along with the blackbelts. As expected it was a block for practising Shisochin kata. Sensei went with us through details and then had the blackbelts partner up with juniors to critique our kata. Specifically point out exactly two mistakes. My parter critiqued my forst nukite tsukis as I move or wiggle my hand around two much. I never realised that, so it was a very good piece of advise. The second one was the ofte pointed out mistake of not going fast or strong enough for the breaking the elbow technique. Apart from Shisochin we also did a couple of Sanchin katas (at the beginning)
    Now I forgot whether it was today, maybe was on Friday? When we also did Renzoku kumite paired with blackbelts.
    Anyway, after the break, the rest of the kyu grades joined in. There was a block of Junbi Undo with basic techniques again, which lasted longer. Today we were supposed to finish at 2 PM, an hour sooner, and apparently instead of the planned 5 blocks of 45 minutes we did 4 longer blocks. Again, most was about various fast paced combinations, with tsuki, kicks, locks, takedowns, some San Dan Gi practise and at the end kata practise. From Gekisai Dai Ichi to Saifa, then we were divided into three groups. Our bleck belted group were to practise Seiyunchin with both senseis spending some time with each group. Then we returned and did all the kata from Gekisai Dai Ichi through Suparinpei. When we didn't know the next kata, we'd go sideways and either watch or practise by ourselves. I planned to leave for Sanseru. I may have been able to figure out the steps perhaps, but wasn't sure and it wouldn't be very nice anyway. So as I told my strategy to a friend I passed when running sideways, he joined me in trying Sanseru, but out, to the side. Yep, I screwed up and copied the nearest blackbelts. I just watched and enjoyed the more advanced kata. It was pretty nice.

    Polar results:
    Time: 5:11
    Max HR: 159
    Average HR: 104 (it includes breaks)
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 1354
    Fat burn: 49 %
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    Monday 18th was a planned crossfit day. But I woke up with a cold and we spent the morning transporting a new coach from a shop by a borrowed truck. The downside was that we had to carry it in two people for some 150 m. It was only in two pieces and considerably heavy and it didn't have the best shape for carrying. I think I got some exercise there. But lost time for work, so I didn't make it to crossfit.

    Tuesday 19th

    Karate kids.
    Out of 5 kids, 3 were absolutely terrible today. I wanted to do one easy combination we did with sensei Ernie, but it was pointless. The three were always running around, shouting, lying around, and doing anything except for what I wanted them to. Getting them to form pairs and actually practise a tsuki and a block was basically impossible, so I ended the training with that and only did some bodyweight exercises instead of games as there was no time as I spent it dealing with their behavior and they didn't deserve it anyway. I am trying to be strict and follow through with anything I say so that they know I mean what I say and am not easily swayd. I try to be nice usually, I say please when I want them to do something. I try explaining, why I want their cooperation. I let the boy deside whether he is willing to make a group with the couple of nice kids he didn't want to be with or leave the dojo room, because all he did was a mess or lying around watching the others and I really didn't like that. There have to be soem rules. Either stay and practise or leave. I explained the two options calmly, I explained what the exercise is going to be in the groups, why I want him to join this group and why he can't stay and just watch. He decided to stay and practise in the end, but he just attacked his group when I was turned. He is just too much for me, I guess.
    As another strategy, at the end, I told the class that I am a bit dissappointed when they don't want to cooperate, but I realise the mistake may be with me, too and I would like them to just tell me about what they like or dislike about the training or about what I do, etc. A couple kids said they would like more fighting. The other wanted more advanced combination, another to do the combinations fast. I explained I would like to do all those things, too, but for combinations to be done fast or do more complex ones, I would first like to see that they can do a basic punch and block. Which was completely impossible today. I guess I need to learn how to handle kids. I gave out more burpees and push-ups and squats as punishments, then I'd like. I tried all the strategies, but they were useless. :(

    Karate adults:

    I started the class as sensei was nowhere to be seen 10 minutes in. We did a cf-inspired warm-up when sensei M (who teaches at the faculty) arrived. He wanted to do a kumite class. So we changed pairs, did a couple of exercises (with gloves)
    1. fight with hands only, standing on a spot, not moving feet for maybe 6 rounds
    2. Add legs and you can do a step in any direction
    Then we did 4 rounds of free light kumite. I went really light with a girlfriend. Then I was paired with two brownbelts, guys, and successfully taken both down, which was allowed. I didn't know what to do with the first, honestly, especially with the super thick gloves I couldn't even grab him in or anything. The second one fought me off of him, but only for a while when I regained the good position and was able to wrap my arm around his neck. I twisted it a bit and laid down sideways on him. I tried to keep everything light, but he was determined to get away and fought hard, so I had to hold him down by force, when the round ended. Hmph, tiring me out needlessly :D For the last round I went with sensei. I didn't attempt a takedown as I kind of expected him to do that, but and also because he kept his distance. Sensei loves head kicks with a faint I always fall for, so I was careful. And went I went forward in an attack, I stepped in his toes to prevent him from kicking :D It onl worked once, though. We exchanged some hits and kicks - well, mostly his kicks, I am still a bit aftraid to kick with my previously injured leg and didn't want him to use the opportunity to take me down anyway. The round ended quite early, as well as the whole class. I went home early at that time too, as I was planning to leave early today as well, as I still have ome work to do.

    Polar results:
    Time: 2:25
    Max HR: 177
    Average HR: 107
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 678
    Fat burn: 41 %
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  17. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    that sounds like a good alternative CrossFit routine: the chair carry over 150m :D
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  18. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Right, but I hope I won't have to do that again anytime soon :D
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  19. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thursday 21.3.


    Junbi Undo, all our kata once, then we were practising some of the combination we did last weekend. Pretty much for the whole class :) And one final kata at the end.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:51
    Max HR: 161
    Average HR: 111
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 575
    Fat burn: 46 %
  20. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Friday 22.3.

    I have moved to a new place with a yard a couple of months ago and I just love it! It was a nice sunny weather today, so I took my kettlebell out in the grass and did a kettlebell on bodyweight workout. And Shisochin kata at the end. Since my previously injured hamstring has still short range - I can't kick high, I can barely touch my toes etc., I decided to stretch it properly after it has been warmed up and worked on. And it totally worked! I could just stretched it further then before! I really should stretch it properly after ideally any training or work it our specifically, too.

    Polar results:
    Time: 0:35
    Max HR: 175
    Average HR: 143 (including the stretching at the end)
    Training benefit: Tempo training
    Kcal: 305
    Fat burn: 24 %

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